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This post is all about graduation party decor ideas that are guaranteed to 'WOW' your guests. Now more than ever, your graduation party will be a huge celebration for all that you have accomplished and the exciting adventures ahead.

graduation party decor

Picking out all of your graduation party decor, food, and who to invite is so exciting. When I was throwing my big party, I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect!

Picking out your decor is totally up to you and what you like. If you're looking for some great decorations for your graduation party I have got you covered! These are 21 of the best graduation party decor items and ideas I have found.

This post is all about graduation party decor ideas.

Best Graduation Party Decor Ideas:

1. "Oh Snap" Photo Booth

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Guests are guaranteed to take photos at your graduation party but a little photo booth always makes it way more fun. 

I would suggest having a designated photo booth area and created a hashtag for your guests to use when sharing your graduation party photos!

2. Donut Wall

graduation party decor ideas

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Donuts are always a hit at parties and this is a perfect way to display them.

They have large and small ones on Amazon but I would definitely suggest the bigger ones so that you aren't having to spend the entire party replenishing the treats.

This is actually the exact wall I created for my sisters graduation party. I purchased all the supplies at Home Depot and made the flower display on top from a bouquet and greenery in my yard.

3. Flower Centerpiece

Recreate This Graduation Party:

A flower centerpiece is a classic but can be spiced up by adding fun graduation party decor in the bouquet!

They have tons of decor on Amazon and Etsy or if you're more of a DIY type of person, have fun and create some centerpieces of your own using card stock and popsicle sticks.

4. Display School T-shirts

Recreate This Graduation Party:

If you're like me, you probably have TONS of t-shirts from high school. Hanging them up as a banner is a super cute and personal way of decorating for your graduation party and showing off all the activities you did in high school. 

Once you're done using them as a decoration I would totally suggest making these t-shirts into a quilt. There are tons of services on Etsy that will do this for you!

5. Light, Pink, And Airy Theme

Recreate This Graduation Party:

This theme is pretty much how I decorated for my graduation party and it ended up looking so beautiful!

Flowers, leaves, and white and gold accents look STUNNING in photos and look great for an inside or outdoor party. 

ALSO, can we talk about that cake?! I mean, it is perfect!

6. Tassel Photo Booth

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Using a backdrop is one of the easiest ways to set up a super cute photo booth for your graduation party. For my backdrop, I used a curtain and hung it from a rod. Cheap and simple!

Use tassels, balloons, or anything else to match your theme and you've got a photo ready backdrop! 

7. Year Book Photo Display

Recreate This Graduation Party:

If you've saved all your yearbook photos from each grade, this is a perfect way to display them! I know you may hate some of them, but guests will love seeing how you have grown throughout the years.

8. Graduation Themed Candy Display

Recreate This Graduation Party:

A graduation themed candy bar is a classic and a great idea for graduation party goodie bags. I remember one of my friends did this at their graduation party and everyone loved it!

9. Display Awards On A Pallet Board

This is my favorite way of displaying all your high school photos and memorabilia.

I have been looking everywhere for one of these pallet boards and cant seem to find one, so you may have to do a little DIY for this one but it would be pretty simple to make and definitely worth it! 

10. Have A Cute Box For Cards

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Having a separate box for cards will help keep them from getting lost in all the other gifts and you definitely don't want those cards lost because they usually have money or gift cards in them!

11. Display Photos By The Front Door

Here is another idea using pallet boards as photo displays. I think having them by the door is a super cute entry way decoration!

12. Advice Jenga

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Pretty much everyone played this game as a kid and I absolutely love the idea of making it into a fun way to give advice to the grad. This is a way you can keep all that good advice around for many years to come.

13. "Shoot For The Stars" Graduation Party Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

I absolutely LOVE this graduation party theme. Stars are super in right now and "shooting for the stars" fits perfectly for a graduation party.

14. Gold, White, And Lights

Recreate This Graduation Party:

White and gold is a classic and looks so beautiful for a graduation party theme. Fairy lights always make things prettier too! 

15. Have Fun Graduation Cups

graduation party decor

If you want cute cups for guests to use at your party I would totally recommend these. You can have just the graduates use them or they would be great party favors too!

16. Create A Snapchat Filter

graduation party decor

Pretty much everyone these days uses snapchat so what's better than having your own graduation party filter?! This will definitely make guests want to snap a picture with you. 

dorm room essentials

17. "All About The Grad" Sign 

graduation party decor

I totally wish I knew about this sign when I was graduating. This would make for a perfect centerpiece to your graduation photo display.

Surround this sign with high school memorabilia, balloons, and other pictures and you have a super cute centerpiece for your party!

18. Navy And Pink Theme

graduation party decor

This is one of my favorite color themes for any party! Personally I would stick with white table clothes and use these colors to accent.

There are tons of navy and pink / rose gold decorations on amazon, Etsy, and party city.

19. Personalized Cake Topper

graduation party decor

Anything personalized is definitely the way to go when it comes to graduation party decor. This cute cake topper will be a perfect addition to the decor for your big day! 

You could also do smaller versions of these to add on top of cupcakes (which honestly I would suggest cupcakes anyways).

20. Congrats To The Grad Flags

graduation party decor

Sometimes it can be hard for guests to find where the party is. These flags are not only a super cute graduation party decoration for the yard but will let guests know where to go super easily!

21. Personalized Confetti

graduation party decor

Personalized confetti is a super unique way to spice up your graduation party decor! You can order this confetti in all different colors to match your party color scheme. 

This post was all about the best graduation party decor ideas.

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