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This post is all about the best weekly cleaning schedule.

weekly cleaning schedule

I am all about routines and I knew when moving into my apartment that I wanted to have a weekly apartment cleaning routine, a monthly apartment cleaning routine, and 6-month apartment routine that I could follow so that I knew I was staying on top of everything.

I'm a list and paper type of gal so I created a printable cleaning schedule for me but I wanted you to be able to use them too so you can download them for free below and use for your own apartment. I tried to make them as cute as possible so that it would look good on a fridge or something!

I am going over my weekly cleaning schedule that helps keep my apartment clean enough between the big cleanings.

This post is all about weekly cleaning schedule.

Best Weekly Cleaning Schedule:

I almost always do my weekly cleaning schedule on a Sunday so that then I begin my week off with a fresh start. I have this cleaning routine down to about one hour. It's quick, easy, and will make you feel so much better!

1. Go around and pick up everything.

I first go through my apartment and just give a quick little tidying and put everything away where it belongs. That way when I get actually cleaning, I have a fresh canvas to work with.

2.  Put sheets in the laundry.

I almost always do my weekly cleaning on Sundays so I love being able to start the week in fresh sheets. I've always been obsessed with making my sheets fresh and smell amazing. 

I always use the Downy Calm Fabric Conditioner in Lavender and Vanilla. I talk about this all the time but it's seriously the best.. like I'm so obsessed with it. 

My favorite laundry products:

Watch My Weekly Cleaning Routine: 

3. Go around and dust everything.

weekly cleaning schedule

I like dusting BEFORE really doing anything else because I can get all the gunk onto the floors and then vacuum it all up.

I just use my Swiffer duster for this and it does the job well. 

4. Now the bathroom... 

weekly cleaning schedule

I first spray the bathrooms down with multipurpose spray and add toilet bowl cleaner. Then I like to sit and let it marinate. While I let the toilet bowl cleaner sit, I'll step away and begin cleaning the kitchen.

After coming back from the kitchen, I do my normal toilet cleaning routine and simply wipe down the cabinets and showers with a microfiber cloth. I clean the mirrors real quick and then we're done.

So, for the bathroom: 

  • Spray counters, sink, and toilet with multipurpose spray
  • Apply toilet bowl cleaner & let it soak
  • Change out towels
  • Wipe down cabinets and showers with microfiber cloths
  • Wipe down mirrors

5. In the kitchen, I keep it simple.

I spray the counters down and then check over cabinets, fridge, and stove to see if anything needs to be cleaned and give those a quick wipe down.

I then finish off the kitchen by cleaning the sink. To clean the sink, I use vinegar that I have in a 99 cent spray bottle and spray around the entire sink. I then put a light coating of baking soda around the whole thing. I give the baking soda a good scrub over the entire sink. This is where you really need to use some manpower. Then, spray the vinegar again and you'll hear a reaction. anything that didn't come off, spray it with water and wipe the sink dry.

In the kitchen: 

  • Spray counters 
  • Spray cabinets, fridge, and stove (if needed)
  • Clean the sink with vinegar and baking soda
  • Empty trashcan
  • Vacuum and or Swiffer

6. Finishing touches...

weekly cleaning schedule

Now, we are finally finishing up. I empty every trash bag and take them down to the trash.

The last thing I do is the floors. I give everything a vacuum and then clean the floors with my Swiffer mop.

Put your sheets back on your bed and you're DONE! 

This post is all about the best weekly cleaning schedule.

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