The 10 Best Friendsgiving Ideas For An Insanely Fun Party

Every year I throw a Friendsgiving party. It's kind of become my "thing". I am always researching and testing the best friendsgiving ideas and I am here to tell you the ones that have made the "do it again" list.

best friendsgiving ideas

I am definitely not a friendsgiving expert and I am often looking at the cheapest ways to throw a friendsgiving party while still making it so. much. fun.

I also should note- I am totally over the top when it comes to party planning. No tacky decorations or plastic table covers for me (although I totally get why people use them...I am so not judging you!). 

There are so many friendsgiving party ideas that are circulating the internet that it can be hard to decide which ones are truly worth your time.

This post shows you 10 best friendsgiving ideas for an insanely fun party that will be talked about for the rest of the year. 

Best Friendsgiving Ideas

1. Send a paper invitation.

friendsgiving invitation

I know what you may be thinking... online invitations are so much easier!!

Let's be honest, they don't hold as much importance as the traditional paper invitations you can get in the mail. 

Paper invitations can be done really cheaply. They also can then be taped to the fridge of the guest and it creates anticipation for the event. 

I've listed my favorite FREE friendsgiving invitations in this post.

2. Assign everyone a dish to bring.

This is key to having a stress-free friendsgiving party.

Trust me, your friends won't mind bringing a dish and it will save you so much time/money.

I always come up with a menu that I like (also included in this post!) and try to leave the more complicated menu items to me (aka turkey). In their invitation I add that they are being asked to bring mashed potatoes (or anything- just using that as an example!).

I leave the more complicated/important items to friends I know I can trust to bring them. If I have a guy friend who maybe isn't so much into cooking, I just have him bring a pie or cranberries that you can get at the grocery store.

3.  Give each person a place card.

I always have seats assigned and put a cute name card on their plate of where they are suppose to sit.

Now, I will say that I have never NOT assigned seats. It's just something that I do. But the formality of putting a place card on their table setting is so fun!

It's not something that usually happens so it adds a special touch. Last year I used kraft paper as my table cloth and I wrote their name in cute calligraphy with a gold sharpie marker.

My favorite place card I've seen this year is this one (a easy DIY for you!). 

4.  Opt for (cute) disposable plates.

Believe me, when all is sad and done you will have enough dishes to clean that you will be so thankful for those paper plates you decided to buy!

There are so many cute friendsgiving plates available that you can easily order from Amazon and have shipped to you very quickly. 

These are my favorite because they look like fancy glass plates but they are actually plastic so they can be thrown away!

friendsgiving decor plates
cute friendsgiving plate

5.  Use a banner to decorate.

Friendsgiving decorations can be SO over the top. 

An easy way to decorate the walls around you is to get a cute banner. They are really inexpensive and can be used as a photo backdrop as well. 

I always like to get a funny saying like "get your fat pants ready" or "let's get basted" but they also have really cute rose gold balloons that say "happy friendsgiving". 

friendsgiving decorations pinterest
funny friendsgiving banner
friendsgiving decorations

6.  Serve your food buffet style. 

This is simply the easiest way to serve food because people can just get up and get more food when they're ready.

I always set up a table that is specifically for all the food. It works out great!

7.  Come up with a drinking game.

If you are serving alcohol at your friendsgiving party, it is so fun to come up with a drinking game.

I always create my own game by mentioning funny things that have happened with my friends that year (I go all extremes...cheesy ones and scandalous ones. It makes it more fun!). Whoever it applies to needs to take a drink.

If you and your friends really like to drink, it's fun to put disposable shot glasses at each table setting and you all take a shot together to cheers to friendship. 

8.  Decorate the table.

You don't have to go crazy. You also don't have to spend a lot of money.

I wrote a post all about cheap friendsgiving decor, you can read that here

Pinterest has SO much friendsgiving table inspiration that you can look at. I also like using pictures of my friends and I to decorate!

9.  Have music playing in the background.

Music totally sets the mood and can turn into a fun dance party (truth-- it always turns into a dance party!).

My favorite playlist by far is Hipster Cocktail Party on Pandora. It is definitely jazz vibes so if you want something different, there are a million friendsgiving play lists on Spotify you can choose from!

10. Get a piñata.

Okay, this one I haven't done but I totally want too!

I was scrolling through Amazon and found this turkey piñata and thought about how fun that would be.

I can't even remember the last time I was at a party with a piñata. It is definitely time to bring that back!

thanksgiving pinata

This post was all about the best friendsgiving ideas.

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15 Cheap Friendsgiving Decor That Looks Expensive

Best Inexpensive Friendsgiving Decor

Friendsgiving is something you and your friends look forward to all year. Not only do you get to spend time with your friends, but you also get to eat really good food. Let's be real though, hosting Friendsgiving can be expensive! This post shows you cheap friendsgiving decor that is just as memorable as the good food you will be eating.

cheap friendsgiving decor

I've thrown a Friendsgiving party for the last five years and it's become a celebration that my friends expect (and get excited about) every year.

It truly is a time to enjoy really dang good food while appreciating all the great friends you are surrounded by.

One of my favorite things about throwing parties is getting to decorate everything. But, on top of all the food, decorating for Friendsgiving can be expensive.

I've pulled together 17 cheap friendsgiving decorations that actually look expensive.

friendsgiving party decor

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Cheap Friendsgiving Decor

1. Friendsgiving Balloon Banner

friendsgiving decorations

The trendy letter balloons are perfect for a Friendsgiving gathering and come at a great price.

This also can be a great backdrop for pictures.

If rose gold isn't your thing, they also have these balloons in gold.

2. Cute Friendsgiving Invitation

friendsgiving invitation

If you haven't already sent out your Friendsgiving invitations, this is a really cute inexpensive idea that you can order.

Also, shocker-- it's from Walmart! I'm going to be honest, I used to be completely anti-Walmart (Target fan all the way) but I randomly went in their the other day and was amazed at how cheap while being decently cute their things were!

I always like to send actual Friendsgiving invitations because I think it really puts into motion your friends thinking about the cute friendsgiving decor that will be at your party.

3. Friendsgiving Straw

friendsgiving decor

Aren't these such a fun friendsgiving decoration idea?!

Put one of these in a cup for everyone at the table and you've instantly have a cute table setting.

Mother Nature will also like these paper straws :).

4. Friendsgiving Photo Booth Props

friendsgiving decor ideas

These are some fun photo booth props that will not only give your friends something to do, but will also create pictures that you can have forever to remember this friendsgiving party you threw.

This is the most creative and funny Friendsgiving photo booth props I could find!

5. Gold Friendsgiving Balloons

friendsgiving decor party coty

This will instantly give your party "trendy vibes" while staying within a super tight budget for Friendsgiving decor.

Gold is the staple Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving color so these balloons go perfectly with the theme.

6. Funny Friendsgiving Banner

friendsgiving decorations pinterest

Isn't this so cute?! 

I love funny banners and this friendsgiving banner is perfect to be hung up with your friends.

I also love this one that says, "Let's Get Basted". It's only $9.95!

7. "Friends Are The Family We Choose" Cups

friendsgiving decor

These are such sweet cups and will perfectly finish off a Friendsgiving place setting.

Best part for you-- you don't have to clean them when the night is over! Unless you want to try to use them another year (they are durable plastic so I do think they would last!).

8. Friendsgiving Cake Topper 

friendsgiving decoration cake topper

I am obsessed with this and might opt to put this into a pie than a cake. You've got to stick with the Thanksgiving theme, right? 😉

This little Friendsgiving cake topper (or pie!) really shows that you put effort into making this a night with great friendsgiving decor.

9. Fancy Plates

friendsgiving decor plates

These plates look like really fancy glass plates... but guess what! They are actually plastic.

We purchased these for Christmas last year and they we're really great quality. They would be just as nice for Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving!

P.S. Easy cleanup... you will so appreciate this later!

10. Friendsgiving Drinking Game Cards

cheap friendsgiving decor

Would it truly be a gathering with friends if you don't incorporate a drinking game?!

11. Funny Friendsgiving Napkin

friendsgiving party decorations

These napkins are perfect for any Friendsgiving party that involves watching some football games.

Even if you aren't watching football, I love these Friendsgiving napkins!

12. Paper Placemats

cute friendsgiving decor ideas

These Friendsgiving place mats keep your table from getting dirty and can easily be thrown out at the end of the day.

They also are the perfect cheap friendsgiving decor and come in a pack of 50 for just $12.99!

13. White Pumpkin Table Setting

thanksgiving place setting ideas

These will take you through the whole fall season but how fun would these be on each place setting?!

The gold and white pumpkins are the perfect friendsgiving decor ideas.

cute friendsgiving decor ideas

14. Friendsgiving Banner

friendsgiving banner

This is a large banner that doesn't cost a lot of money!

Hang it where you are hosting your Friendsgiving party and you easily have a cute decor piece.

15. Friendsgiving Piñata

thanksgiving pinata

Okay, this one is kind of a joke...but then I started thinking about how fun a piñata would be at a Friendsgiving party!

What could be better than tipsy adults channeling their inner child with all their friends?!

This post showed 15 cheap Friendsgiving decor ideas.

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The Best Christmas Dorm Door Decorations To Copy This Year

Cutest Christmas Door Decorations for College Students

Bringing the Christmas spirit into a dorm room can often times be hard. You don't want to go too overtop because you really aren't going to be there for Christmas. BUT, you definitely want to add a little holiday spirit and Christmas dorm door decorations is the perfect way.

christmas dorm door decorations

One of my favorite memories living in the dorms was seeing how creative my hall-mates would get with their Christmas decorations.

The decorating would start early (we're talking a few weeks before Thanksgiving) and the whole feeling of the dorm changed to feel like the holidays.

People would get really creative with their Christmas door decorations. It was a BIG deal!

This post shows you 10 of the best Christmas dorm door decorations that you can copy in your own dorm this year.

dorm door christmas decorating ideas

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Christmas Dorm Door Decorations:

1. Fireplace Christmas Decor

Bring the cozy fireplace feeling into your dorm room.

This fireplace really wouldn't be too hard to do, even though it looks complicated. All you really need is some wrapping and construction paper and your good to go.

This Christmas dorm door would be really fun to put together and you even can customize a stocking for you and your roommates.

2. Dirty College Christmas Door

Okay, I feel like an idiot but this door took me SO long to figure it out. I actually even added it to this post "15 Trendy Christmas Dorm Decorations" and just figured it out while putting it into this post. 

You would think as a Junior in college I would realize that the saying on this door doesn't mean to know on it... and the ho, ho, ho wrapping paper! DUH!

It is really funny and perfectly fitting for college students. Their message sure isn't wrong ;).

3. Snowman Door

This is such a good idea and really creative!!

I would have never been able to think of this snowman christmas door decorations but now that I see it... I'm hooked.

4. Chalkboard Door

How cute is this?!

For some reason this is totally giving me Fixer Upper vibes. 

This door is really easy to recreate and only needs a few supplies.

5. Origami Christmas T​ree

If you want a simpler Christmas dorm door, think about doing this origami door.

The folding they did for this door is actually really easy and their are a million "how to" videos on Youtube that you can search for.

6. Present Door

I love this one because its all things that can be taken down before you go home for Christmas break and use them for actual gifts. Win-win!

7. Christmas Tree Door

A lot of these dorm door christmas decorating ideas are WAY over the top. This one is so reasonable though!

Remember making those paper streamers as kids? This is a fun way to bring it back as a Christmas tree.

8. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Door

How cute!!!

Your dorm would be highly talked about if you went with recreating this Christmas dorm door! 

9. Wrap The Door

This one is SO simple. Pick up some super cute wrapping paper and you are done.

10. Gingerbread House

Last but not least, a gingerbread house college Christmas door decorations!

This took a lot of creativity to come up with but it turned out so good.

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This post showed 10 dorm door Christmas decorating ideas.

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Best 21st Birthday Ideas | 33 Insanely Fun 21st Birthday Ideas For A Night That Will Never Be Forgotten

This post is all about 21st birthday ideas.

A 21st birthday is something that is thought about for years before the big day and talked about for years after.

The birthday girl/guy can finally legally go into a bar and no longer has to worry about that terribly fake fake-ID failing them.

Whether you are celebrating your friends 21st birthday or it's your own birthday, there's a lot of pressure to nail this birthday.

Of course you can just hand over a bottle of alcohol and call the birthday celebration complete, but there are so many 21st birthday ideas that can make this birthday a memorable one (at least in the beginning ;). 

This post shows you the best 21st birthday ideas for a night you will never forget.

21st Birthday Ideas

21st Birthday Decorations:

1. Beer Pong Cake

These cupcakes with mini red solo cups with jello shots in them are the perfect 21st birthday dessert.

These look so easy and could even be made with store bought cupcakes. You can get the mini red solo cups here and use this recipe for the jello shots.

This will be a major hit at a 21st birthday party.

2. 21st Birthday Balloons
21st birthday balloons
21st birthday balloon set
gold birthday balloons for 21st birthday

You can't have a 21st birthday without getting the big balloons, can you?!

Here are three levels of bathrooms that you can choose from. They go slightly up in price but the most expensive is still under $30 dollars. 

The balloon sets are the best because you get so many things a long with it that these balloons can be the only decorations you need.

3. Jello Shot Tower

How fun would this be?!

This can be done super easily and the little shot glasses can just be put on a cupcake stand.

I included jello shot recipes in the 21st birthday ideas above, but here is another jello shot recipe that looks amazing.

Here are 100 plastic shot glasses for $6 dollars.

4. "Let's Get Wasted" Cake

This "Let's Get Wasted" cake with the barbie throwing up and the other barbie holding the hair is too good.

This cake is so easy to make and any friend can handle making it.

You can order Barbies from Amazon for less than $10 dollars here.

5. "Finally 21" Birthday Sash
21st birthday sash

Not only will this sash make for very cute photos BUT it will also lead to many free shots.

Everyone should know it's your 21st birthday, right?!

You can purchase this sash here.

6. 21st Birthday Photo Booth Frame

It wouldn't be a true 21st birthday without a million pictures right?!

Every celebration needs a photo op and this is perfect for the big 2-1.

This rhinestone ribbon can be found here.

7. Birthday Checklist

This is a great way to make the traditional 21st a little more exciting.

Just imagine how fun it would be if you actually were able to do all of those! And it gives you something to do which is nice instead of just waiting for things to happen.

8. Birthday Banner
21st birthday banner
21st birthday banner funny

Birthday banners are the perfect decoration without spending a lot of money. 

Both of these are under $10 and can be used over and over again.

Here are more fun 21st birthday banners.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas:

9. Alcohol Bouquet

This alcohol bouquet is the perfect gift for a 21st birthday. 

Here's what you need to make this:

  • Alcohol (duh)
  • Metal Bucket (this one is in pink but there are a ton of colors you can choose)
  • Styrofoam ball to put alcohol sticks into
  • Wood sticks
  • Wood Numbers (These are links to Amazon ones...Michaels has them for WAY cheaper so I'd recommend going there if you can)

This present would be a hit for all 21 year olds (and might become your signature present with the amount of people wanting you to make it for them!).

10. Alcohol Cake

If a alcohol bouquet isn't up your alley than how does an alcohol cake look?!

These are SO cute! If you made one you would really be going all out (that's a GOOD thing!).

Here's what you need for this project:

11. Bedazzled Beer Bong

This right here will be my new go-to gift for all my friends 21st birthdays.

Isn't this so fun?!

This would be very easy to make and a really funny gift.

Here's what you need to make this:

12. "Oh Shit" Kit

Every newly 21 year old needs an "Oh Shit Kit"after their big night.

Also, take a look at how cute that note is!!

These are all things that can be found at the grocery store (besides the birthday can find that here!).

13. Glitter Alcohol Bottle

How cute is this?! This is a favorite for 21st birthday ideas. The good thing about this gift is you KNOW it will be put to good use.

To make this you need:

14. Let's Get Trashed

This 21st birthday gift is a really creative idea.

All you need to do is fill a small trashcan up with alcohol and many some wine glasses and you're good to go!

15. Birthday Tiara
21st birthday crown

Every 21st birthday girl needs a tiara, right?!

This is the only time wearing a tiara isn't extremely tacky so it's a must.

You can find 21st birthday tiaras here.

16. First Legal Shot Glass
21st birthday shot glass | 21st birthday ideas

Would a 21st birthday really be a 21st birthday without receiving a shot glass?

This "1st legal shot" is the perfect glass to use on your birthday.

You can find it here.

Things To ​​​​Do On Your 21st Birthday:

17. Attend a bartending class

How fun would this be?!

Learn how to make all your favorite drinks and learn some really cool bartender tricks that you can pull out at your next party.

This is a great idea because it fits the 21st birthday theme perfectly but isn't something that most people do.

18. Night at the Casino

Go to the casino!

How many times have you been at the casino, stepped on the red carpet, and was asked to leave? (Okay, maybe this one just happened to me)

Now you finally can legally go to the casino and have the night of your life.

(don't go broke though 😉

19. Go on a trip with friends

Going on a trip with friends sets you up with days of memories and celebrations.

Some of the most popular travel destinations for 21st birthdays are Las Vegas, Miami, LA, and Nashville.

I went to Miami for my 21st birthday and it was amazing.

20. Clubbing

Go clubbing!

Visit a bunch of your local clubs and have a great time with all of your friends.

Remember though, don't binge drink right away! That would lead to throwing up WAY too early which would be no fun.

21. Bar Hopping

This is an obvious thing to do on your 21st birthday but so much fun.

Check out all the top bars that you used to never be able to get into and explore how fun they really are.

Going bar to bar keeps the night exciting which is  a must for a big birthday like this.

22. Paint wine/shot glasses

If you are not a crazy drinker, than this is the perfect 21st birthday idea for you.

Go to the Dollar Store and get a bunch of wine glasses for all of your friends. Head to Michaels and get the painting supplies and you have just created a relaxing night with your friends!

Here's a tutorial on how to paint wine glasses.

23. Have a nice birthday dinner

Invite your friends and family to your favorite restaurant.

You can enjoy spending time with them and celebrating your big day!

Plus, you usually can get free dessert (and many even a free drink!).

24. Hotel Party

Rent a hotel room and have a hotel party!

This can make for some crazy times because people won't have to drive home.

Splitting the cost of a hotel room among friends can make it really reasonably priced.

25. Go on a bar on wheels

Have you ever heard of this?!

They have this everywhere in the city I live by and they look so fun. 

It is literally a bar on wheels and to move the bar everyone peddles on a chair like a bar.

Burning as many calories as your drinking...I'm in!

26. Go to the beach

Have a boozy nighttime campfire by the beach.

Bring s'more ingredients and jello shots and your in for the perfect night.

27. Go camping

This is another great cheap idea to celebrate your 21st birthday where you don't have to worry about anyone driving.

Going camping with your friends is so much and can lead to memories you will remember forever.

28. Go to a concert

See if there are any local concerts you can go to to celebrate the big night.

Concerts are great to go to because they give off such a good energy.

After the concert, hit up some local bars.

29. Spa Day

Need I say more?!

Spa days are the best and exactly how I would want to spend my 21st birthday (with a mimosa in hand of course).

A spa day is also a great relaxer before a crazy night out.

30. Have a themed party

A themed party is so much and can lead to some really creative costumes.

The best themed parties I have seen: 1920s, Vine themed, and Hawaiian themed. (Check out this post for 101 more party themes).

31. Go on a booze cruise

Rent a boat and go on a booze cruise with all your closest friends.

Booze cruises are so much fun and can lead to some skinny dipping in the middle of the lake.

32. House Party

Invite everyone over for a house party.

These can great crazy, but what 21st birthday isn't?!

Make it a themed party and you're in for the best night.

33. Go to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is fun AND Las Vegas is cheap to get too.

Going to Las Vegas for your 21st birthday is the epitome of birthdays and really can't be beat by anything else on this list.

What is your favorite way to celebrate 21st birthdays?
21st birthdays can be so much fun but the anticipation to make them perfect can get a little stressful.
These 21st birthday ideas gave you so many ways to have a night you and your friends will remember forever.

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College Care Packages | 68 Best College Care Packages Ideas All Students Will Love

This post is all about college care packages.

college care package for freshman year

One of my best memories of college is when I would receive an email saying I had a package waiting for me in the mailroom.

My mom has always sent amazing college care packages and I always tell her how receiving those packages can brighten my whole week. She loads them up with things that I wouldn't usually buy for myself but really want and it truly is the best.

Whether your a parent, aunt, grandparent, friend, boyfriend, or whatever relation you are to the college student, they will be so grateful for a little package in the mail!

This post shows you 68 college care packages ideas that any college student would love.

College Care Packages Ideas

For the Homesick

homesick candle | college care package

​​These candles by the brand Homesick are all the rage and offer the known "smell" from all 50 states. You can find your state here.

Of course, candles aren't allowed in dorms so make sure to also get a candle warmer if you decide to get this college care package idea.

2. Treats from home 

There is nothing better than receiving some of your favorite treats from home as a college student.

Whether the college student is thousands of miles away from home or only an hour, treats from your home or hometown can make that homesickness a little better.

state poster| college care package

 State posters have become very popular and are an easy way to add a little decor into a dorm room. 

These retro state posters are available for every state.


Simplify your college packing with our amazing FREE Dorm Packing List. Simply click the button below to get your College Dorm Packing List delivered straight to your inbox!

4. Gift Card to Amazon

Gift cards have always been and will always be the most wanted gift from a college student.

With the amount of products Amazon offers, it is the perfect gift card for a college student. They can get everything from game day apparel to food (and everything in between).

You simply cannot go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

long distance mug | college care package

This mug can be customized to have the state where the college student is from connected to the state where the student is in school.

Coffee/tea is a big thing with college students and this mug is a sweet reminder every morning that someone from home loves them.

It also can be customized on the back with some nice words or quote.

For the Health Obsessed

swell water bottle | college care package

S'Well water bottles are the "it" thing right now because they are cute but also keep water cold for days (not an exaggeration-- I have one and love it).

The most popular colors currently for college students are matte black, gold, black crocodile, and marble.

college care package gift idea

Can you ever have enough headphones? For the college student, the answer is no. 

Headphones always go missing and having a backup pair is never a bad idea. Bluetooth headphones are a game changer (especially if you workout a lot) and a decent pair can be found on Amazon for less than $20.

8. Workout Gear

best college gift ideas

There's nothing quite as motivational about getting new workout clothes to wear to the gym.

Let's be real though, workout clothes are a staple in college no matter if you're going to the gym or not. A new workout top or leggings is guaunteed to be a hit with college students.

If it's in your budget, Lululemon is by far the most popular workout brand for college students. If you are looking for something cheaper, check out these super cute workout clothes

9. Massage Giftcard

Help release some stress and give the college student a gift card to get a massage. This gift is guaranteed to be highly appreciated and will be talked about for the whole year.

10. Gym Bag

backpack for college students

Lugging your gym clothes across campus can be a pain but a cute gym bag will make that much easier.

This cute waterproof backpack is perfect for storing all your gym supplies and sweaty clothes after the gym. It's also less than $25.00.

For the Fashionista

cute necklace for college care package ideas

These necklaces are extremely popular on college campuses. It comes in many different colors and is the perfect gift for any stylish girl.

This necklace will become the students daily choice.

phone case for college students

Everyone needs a phone case and it is a cute way to update your daily life. Students are loving these cases and these marble cases.

These monogramed cases are also very popular.

beauty items for college students

These are the BEST hair ties in the world and leave no kinks in your hair. 

Pony tails always go missing and this is something perfect to put in a college care package. (you can never have too many, right?)

14. Rings

necklaces to include in college care package

Picture from Astley Clark.

It is extremely popular to wear rings and this dupe is a must for anyone that loves a little bling.

My sister and I both purchased this ring and wear it daily.

Amazon also offers a variety of ring sets that are very inexpensive.

hat for college care package

Covering up undone/greasy hair is a must for college students which makes hats very popular. 

These hats are made with your hometown airport code and will be a go-to for years. They also offer hats that can be customized with your area code.

For the Sports Fan

cute college girls

These are all the rage for game days and make the cutest outfit. These cheerleader skirts can be found in all colors and are available on Amazon.

(the picture above is actually my sister! These skirts really are SO popular)

16. Game day Shirt

college tailgate shirt

Etsy has the cutest game day shirts that are perfect for college students. 

The shirt above can be purchased here.

knee high socks for college game day

These socks are another popular game day go-to to wear with skirts.

These socks are very inexpensive and will be worn over and over again.

winter hat for college care packages

Winter quickly arrives and before we know it, it's time for a winter hat.

From walking to classes to tailgating, a hat will be put to use.

This hat is offered in many different school colors.

19. School Sticker

laptop stickers for college students

It is so fun decorating your laptop with different stickers and receiving a sticker with your college logo would be a great gift.

RedBubble is a website that offers inexpensive stickers and you can search and find almost any college.

For the Home Decor Obsessed

college care package ideas

Twinkle lights are the perfect little decor piece to add into a box because they are not too expensive and can easily be taped on a wall.

You can find these twinkle lights for $15.99.

21. Quote Art

college care packages

This Etsy store has the cutest quotes that can be printed out and put in a frame.

These frames are very motivational which is perfect to be placed in a college dorm or apartment.

22. Light Board

light board to include in college care package

Light boards are very popular and so fun because you are able to change the words put on the board from season to season or how you are feeling. 

You can find this here.

23. Scent Diffuser

college care packages

Dorm rooms can smell really bad and it's hard to get the smell out since you are not allowed to have candles. 

These scent diffusers are allowed to be in dorms and will make the dorm room smell fresh.

For the Technology Lover

computer case for college care package

A college laptop goes through a lot and it's not uncommon for them to accidentally get dropped (been there, done that :/). 

If the student you're considering sending a college care package too doesn't have a laptop case, than this a must.

You can purchase this marble case here.

headbuds for college student

I talked about this above also because it is such a good gift for college students!

Here's what I said above:

"Can you ever have enough headphones? For the college student, the answer is no. 

Headphones always go missing and having a backup pair is never a bad idea. Bluetooth headphones are a game changer (especially if you workout a lot) and a decent pair can be found on Amazon for less than $20."

phone charger for college care package

Coming from a college student-- you can NEVER have enough chargers!!

I ask for these 10ft chargers for every holiday. They are truly the best and I would be so excited to receive these!

great college care package item

This is such a cool clock and would be a fun little dorm decor. 

The clock flips the time by itself and is so different than a regular alarm clock.

You can find this clock here.

For the Party Girl

beer opener for college students

Can a college student be too prepared for alcohol? I think the answer to that is no.

This the perfect gift for the party girl. What college student doesn't want a keychain that can open beer or a wine bottle?

You can purchase this bottle opener here.

29. Small Purse for Parties

party purse for college students

You never know what will get on your clothes at a party so having a designated "party purse" is a must! 

The college student your sending a care package too will love this. 

This purse is available for $19.99.

30. Pedialyte

pedialite college care packages

This is the latest go to hangover cure and any college student would be grateful to receive this. 

iphone case | college care packages

These iPhone cases are the best because it eliminates you having to take  another purse or wallet with you.

These cases allow you to put your debit card, ID, and a little cash so it's the perfect thing for the night out.

(if you have never had a case like this, you also need this!!)

This case can be purchased here.

fun banner for college students

Banners are a very popular wall decor for college students because they're cheap and funny.

There are a ton of different sayings you can find and they are all so cute!

You can find funny banners here.

For the Stressor

face mask for in college

Face masks are the closest thing college students will get to a spa. Believe me, this will be one of the best items to include in college care packages.

This gold face mask is the ultimate luxury face mask (not at a luxury price).

You can find this face mask here.

sound machine for college care packages

If the college student you are getting a college care package for has an issue studying or sleeping with surrounding noise this is a MUST!

Seriously, this is one of the top things I recommend to college students. It cancels out all noises around you so you can study and sleep in peace.

You can purchase this sound machine here.

oil diffuser college care package

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to make a space feel more relaxed and bring in some good energy.

You can get specific oils that will help with stress relief, sleeping, and many others.

These are also great for sicknesses in a dorm.

You can purchase this here.

foot massager perfect gifts for college students

Doesn't this look amazing?!

These foot massager/warmer is the perfect treat while watching TV or writing a paper.

Best part is that this little baby is less than $40.

You can purchase this here.

37. Hot Water Heater

I am the biggest tea fan and when I'm stressed, I always go make myself some tea.

When I went to college, I didn't have a way to make tea. My mom sent me this electric hot water heater my freshman year and to this day, I use it almost daily.

It keeps my tea hotter a million times longer than the terrible microwave dorms have and is one of my favorite items.

You can purchase this here.

38. Pajamas

The go-to college pajamas is a large old t-shirt and a raggedy pair of shorts.

BUT, having a nice set of satin pajamas makes you feel much more puttogether and the perfect way to feel a little more like, "I've got my shi* together and I will ace this test tomorow".

You can purchase these pajamas here.

For the Trendy Girl

39. Big Earrings

Statement earrings are all the rage and the perfect way to step up an outfit on a night out.

Any trendy girl loves statement earrings.

You can find these statement earrings and more here.

40. Dainty Necklace

Dainty necklaces are a cute everyday necklace that college students can wear. This style is very popular among students and is the perfect little accessory.

You can find this necklace here.

41. Tory Burch Flip Flops

These flip flops are the BEST!

I wear these almost daily and they have held up amazingly for flip flops.

These are so easy to slip on and wear around the dorm or anywhere during the summer.

I wore these year round because they are so easy to throw on.

You can find these here.

42. S'Well Water Bottle

I added these above for fitness lovers but these really are so popular.

Your trendy girl will love a S'Well water bottle.

You can find these here.

43. Large Shirt

Oversized shirts to wear with leggings or shorts are extremely popular among college students. Well they may not be the cutest thing in the world, it is definitely trendy.

My favorite place to find oversized shirts is Nordstrom Rack. They have a ton of vneck options with super comfortable fabric for around $16 dollars.

I am usually a size small and I go all the way to large or extra large to really get that oversized feeling.

44. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are SO popular and the perfect way to snazz up a normal pony tail.

This 5-pack from Urban Outfitters is the most popular scrunchies pack.

For the Beauty Queen

45. Face Mask

Repeat from above because face masks are just such a good addition to college care packages!

You can find this here.

46. Eyeshadow Pallette

Isn't this palette so beautiful?

Any beauty lover would love this palette. (also, if you can statch it up--get it! It's sold out so many places!)

They have a few available left here.

47. Dry Shampoo

Okay, this dry shampoo has saved me in college!!

It is truly the best dry shampoo out there (and I've tried a lot!). This seems gross but I can go workout and then spray some of this and I look totally normal for class.

You can find this at Sephora or buy it online here.

48. Ipsy Subscription

The gift that keeps giving!

Ipsy bags are the best and something I look forward to every month.

It is a little expensive at $120 for the year, but then every single month you get to try popular beauty products.

You can look more into Ipsy here.

49. Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are suppose to be amazing for your hair and skin.

You can find silk pillowcases here.

For the Friend

50. Frame

How cute is this?!

The perfect gift for friends that are far away from each other.

You can buy this frame here.

51. Mug

Love this saying.

Perfect drink cup to remind your best friend that you are always together by heart!

You can find this cup here.

52. Best Friend Necklace

This cute little necklace is something you and your best friend can wear together even when your miles apart.

I really like how it doesn't look like tacky like most best friend necklaces.

You can find this necklace here.

For the Boyfriend

53. Couple Bracelett

These bracelets are boyish enough that there's a high chance you can get your  boyfriend to wear it.

This set comes with both of these bracelets for only $7.99. I've seen them in person and they look just as good!

54. Key Chain

How cute of an addition would this be to your/your boyfriends keychain?!

It's the simple reminder that everything you are doing is worth it.

You can find this keychain here.

55. Picture Frame

This frame with a picture of you two would be such a cute addition to a college dorm or apartment.

You can find this customized frame here.

56. Inappropriate Card

Got to keep your relationship spicy somehow, right? 😉

You can find this card here.

57. Chocolate

Who doesn't want chocolate?

You can get A LOT of different sayings with this chocolate (hint gets WAY more inappropriate). It's an unexpected gift that anyone would love.

You can find this chocolate here.

For the Coffee/Tea Lover

58. Hot Water Heater

If you are a tea lover, this is a must in college.

You can find this here.

59. Cute Mug

Who doesn't want a cute mug?! 

There are really inexpensive mugs with all different sayings from Amazon which you can find here.

You can find this girl boss mug here.

60. Travel Mug

Along with a normal mug, a travel mug is always so nice for all the on the go work college students do.

Isn't this one so cute? You can find it here.

61. Tea/Coffee

It's always nice to stock the college student up with some new coffee or tea. If they have a Keurig, k-cups are always appreciated.

Other College Care Packages Ideas

I wanted a section of really great college care packages ideas that didn't fit in a category. All of these are such fun things to include in a care package!

62. Gold Tile

These Tiles are the best thing ever!!

You attatch them to your keys and hook it up to an app on your phone. The app will tell you exactly where your keys are so you never misplace them.

AND they are less than $20! I always assumed they were much more than that.

You can find this gold tile here.

63. Towel Wrap

I've said it before and I'll say it again, towel wraps are a MUST in college!

I used mine everyday and still use it every single time I shower.

You can find this towel wrap in all kinds of colors here.

64. Perfume

What college girl doesn't want some perfume? This is a perfect addition to college care packages.

You can find a ton of popular perfumes here.

65. Steamer

Clothes in college get extremely wrinkled and it makes it hard to wear.

Having a small and easy to use steamer makes it easy to get those wrinkles out.

You can find popular steamers here.

66. Balloons

Large lettered balloons are all the rage right now and there are so many cute sayings you can get. 

You can find this here.

67. "You Are A Badass" Book

Every college students questions what they are really going to do with their life at least once a week (kidding-- buttt at the same time not really ;).

This book is a great motivational book for anyone doubting how great of a person they are and how successful they will be.

You can find this book here.

68. Games

Cards Against Humanity is the ultimate college game and can be SO much fun.

This is my friends and my go-to game and we always have a great time.

You can buy Cards Against Humanity here.

Aren't these all such great college care packages ideas?!
These are all products that the college student your thinking about gifting would love and appreciate. 
What was/is your favorite thing you would receive in your college care packages?

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How I Made $2,149.98 In August 2018 Blogging

Welcome to my second income report ever for August 2018!

August was a really exciting month for the blog because it is the first time I not only passed $1,000 in a month but actually $2,000!!! Majorly freaking out over here.

It really is crazy what a ton of hard work and prayer can do!

This past month I was able to quit my job because my blog makes nearly double what I was making so now I officially blog for my job!

If you are new to my income reports (it is only the second one ;), read below to see why I am sharing how much I make. If you've already read the last one, feel free to skip that part.

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First things first, why am I even sharing with you how much money I am making from my blog?

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After looking at how much college costs, I knew that the money I made from nannying was not going to cut it.

I spent my freshman year feeling bad for myself that I was the only one I knew who had to pay for their own college (which I am sure is not true, I was just in a major pity party). By the time sophomore year rolled around (August 2017) I was ready to stop feeling bad myself and figure out a way to pay for this freaking college debt.

However, I quickly learned that finding a job that pays a lot of money AND will work around your college schedule (that changes every semester) is nearly impossible.

What did I do? I took my search to the internet.

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The good news for me - I already had this little secret blog that I started when I was in high school.

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(I am only reporting income that has actually been deposited into my bank account. This means all the money that I am showing you today was actually made in May 2018, but most of the programs I am making money from take around 90 days to be deposited into your bank account. In August, I actually am estimating to have made over $3,000 from my blog but that won't be deposited into my bank account until November (I REPEAT, I almost made $3,000 with my blog last month! Holy shi*!!)

Proof of Income:

Breakdown of August 2018 Blog Income - $2,149.98

In August 2018, I made $2,149.98 from my blog. Here is the breakdown on where exactly I am getting that money from.

TOTAL: $2,149.98

The total amount above is for the month of August before any taxes have been taken out. To save my butt when tax season comes around, I put 30% of that money into a bank account just for taxes.

how to start a blog limited time deal
My Blogging Stats:

July Traffic: 179,534 page views.

Pinterest Followers: 3,001 Followers (didn't get this exactly on the day the month ended so it is an estimate)

What did I do in August to grow my blog?

*I highly recommend subscribing to my blogging email list. Every Monday, I send out an email that shows exactly what I did the previous week to grow my blog. It is WAY more detailed than I will be able to get in this post!*

I am officially a junior in college!

August was a crazy busy month for me. I went on a wonderful vacation with my family, said goodbye to my boyfriend and all my hometown friends who are now off to college, and started school myself.

For a girl that absolutely hates change, there was a whole lot of that going on!

I am going to be honest, I didn't work on my website a ton in August. Probably around three times a week for a couple of hours.

The biggest thing I did was get a new host for my website. I have been with Bluehost from the beginning and really love them, but they are more suited (and priced) for beginner blogs. I am close to 200,000 views a month (insane) and my website was loading suppperr slow.

I had to dish out $400 dollars a YEAR for this new host (for reference, I paid $100 for Bluehost for THREE years! I guess it takes money to make money;/). However, my website runs SO much faster now so I am happy.

Summary of what I did in August:

  • Updated old posts
  • Got Thrive Architects!
  • Wrote posts focusing on SEO

The time I did spend on my blog this month was almost all put towards revamping old posts.

My Halloween posts were super popular last year and I am hoping that they remain popular this year. I wanted to make sure all links were working and set up the best way for affiliate marketing. I also needed to go back and make sure I have sources for all the pictures (major mistake of me not having done that last year...if you are a new blogger DON'T do that!).

When studying other websites who have amazing SEO, I realized that a lot of them were setting up their blogs in a certain way. I researched forever how to make this happen and found out that the most efficient way was to buy Thrive Architects.

Thrive Architects is basically an editor when writing blog posts that makes setting everything up so much easier. So far I am really happy with this purchase. The only thing I am not happy about is that it does not work with my ad company! So I have to manually place ads which isn't the biggest deal but definitely not ideal.

The last thing I did this month was write posts focusing on ranking for SEO. Pinterest is where the majority of my traffic comes from and while it does great right now, I am nervous that one day it will just stop bringing me traffic. Ranking in SEO ensures that you will have traffic continually coming to your website.

However, that's easier said than done and posts that rank in Google are usually very long. AKA they take a boat-load amount of time to write!

Last months goals for August:
  • I REALLY want to make over $4,000 dollars in August.  If I estimated correctly, I should be around $70 off of making $4,000 dollars in August. I was SO close! Oh well, I am still very happy!
  • Edit SEO on all old posts. Did this!! Whew, this one took a lot of time (almost two months) but I finally got it done! Yesterday I even had 500 visitors to my website just from SEO. If you're wondering, that is a lot for me!
  • Email each subscribers list once a week. Okay, I did this every week but one I am giving myself a go on this.
  • Batch create posts for the month of September. This definitely did not happen. I am scrambling to get posts up because I am so busy with school.
My goals for September:
  • Earn over $2,000 in September from my website. I am going to be honest, I have NO idea how much I will make this month. My posts are almost all on college and the college buying season is over. This is the first year I have had to deal with this so I KNOW my income will go down, I am just not sure by how much. If I could make over $2,000 that would be AWESOME!
  • Get at least one post up per week. I am getting slammed with school work and just don't have the amount of time I thought I would to work on my blog. I am really trying to prioritize my time and need to get at least one post up per week.
  • Upload two Youtube videos. I am planning on starting to do more Youtube videos because I think it will be a lot more relatable for my viewers!
  • Work on Elite Blog Academy once a week. I've been putting this one off but when I work on it my income increases by a ton so I really should be getting the hint to keep working on EBA!
  • Come up with a new email opt-in. My current email opt-in is a dorm room packing list which did great but not that people aren't moving into dorms anymore it is barely converting. I need to come up with one that will convert people into subscribers asap!

More on the YouTube- I don't really use YouTube at all but posted a vlog of my sister moving into her dorm last week and it already has over 100,000 views! So crazy.

You can check out the video here: College Move In Day Vlog 2018 (freshman) | University of Wisconsin-Madison

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I still can't believe I made over $2,000 from my blog in August!

Do you have any questions about what I wrote? Email me at [email protected] I would love to help anyone looking to start (or already have) a blog of their own.

Want to see my last income report? Click here, How I Made $781.88 in July 2018 Blogging

Have you thought about starting a blog to make money? Is there anything holding you back? Did you like this income report?

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25 Genius Tips on How To Do Long Distance Relationships

This post is all about tips on how to do long distance relationships.

how to do long distance relationship couple

Can you believe that over 75% of college students have claimed to be in a long distance relationship before? (source)

With the technology available today, it is not uncommon to be in a relationship with someone who lives miles apart from you.

When you tell people you are in a long distance relationship, you will often get responses like, “With FaceTime available you won’t even feel like you are apart from each other!” Well Aunt Sally, I love the enthusiasm. But even with FaceTime, being in a long distance relationship just plain old sucks.

A long distance relationship tests your physical, mental, and (especially) emotional sides. On top of that, social media likes to point out what every couple is doing on a Friday night together while you and your significant other have to make do talking on the phone to each other.

I am in year three of my long distance relationship with one more year to go. I know first hand just how hard it truly can be being apart from your significant other. However, I also know just how special this time apart from each other can be for your relationship.

Here are 25 genius tips from people that have successfully proven how to do long distance relationships.

First, for anyone in a long distance relationship, you will be able to relate to this video on another level.

It shows the good and bad parts of being far away from your significant other and gives tips that are essential to how to do long distance relationships.

“When you learn to respect, trust and love someone from a distance, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable when you’re together.”

As shown in this video, if you don’t take the steps and time to make your relationship work, it will start to crumble. These tips in this post will ensure that your long distance relationship will be just as strong as if you were together.

1. Have a goal in mind.

how to do long distance relationships couple playing guitar on the beach


It is essential that you and your significant other come up with long-term and short-term goals that you can look forward to in your relationship.

For most long distance couples, they have the long term goal of being married. They know their significant other is the one and they are willing to put up with the distance until they are able to get to that time in their lives.

However, for many couples, that goal is a long time away. Coming up with short-term goals makes it more attainable and gives you both something to look forward too.

For my boyfriend and I, we know that in two years when we are both done with college we will be back in the same city living together. Knowing that it is just two years away, makes all the hard times now seem worth it since we will be together for the rest of our lives.

2. Appreciate the time apart.

It is so easy to dread the times you are not spent together, but it is time to change that mindset and start appreciating the time you are apart.

Go out with your girlfriends or spend more time with family. Make this time about YOU.

When you and your significant other are together, chances are that you will be spending a huge amount of time with them. You will have less time to just randomly go out with friends or to go see a movie with your mom.

Changing your mindset from dreading being apart to appreciate being apart makes a world of difference.

3. Find something you can still do together.

Even though you are far away from your partner, there are still hundreds of things you can do together.

Just recently my boyfriend was telling me how he wanted to start reading devotionals in the morning. I thought this was a great idea and the perfect way to start your day in the morning.

Before he left for college, I ordered this devotional and wrote a special note on the inside cover. Just as he was leaving, I snuck it in his backpack so when he got to school he was able to find it.

I also got myself one and now we are able to talk about it every morning together. 

In the past, we have also watched the same Netlflix and Amazon Prime shows together (we LOVE Suits!) and have been able to talk about those just as if we were watching them together.

4. Always text each other before you go to bed and when you get up.

cute young couple sitting on couch

Letting your significant other know that you are thinking about them when you go to bed at night and right as you wake up in the morning let them know that they are loved and cared about.

It takes less than 30 seconds and can make a big difference in their day. 

5. Truly enjoy the time you do spend together.

When you’re together, you need to TRULY enjoy that time.

It’s time to turn off those phones and talk about random things without being distracted about anything else.

Believe me, this one is hard. My boyfriend and I would find ourselves checking our friends while out to eat instead of putting them away and soaking up every second together.

One of our favorite things to do is ask each other questions that will lead to great conversations.

All of our favorite questions can be found in this post: 42 Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend. These questions are also great to do when you are not together!

6. Send surprise texts saying how much you love them.

Sending a surprise text randomly about how much you love each other is one of the best things you can get during your day.

I’m going to be honest, my boyfriend is much better at this than I am. He will send me things like, “I love you so much” and even “You’re so hot.” (he’s going to absolutely kill me when he see’s this :))).

It takes him little time to do that but it always puts a smile to my face and shows how much he cares about me.

7. Always have your next trip planned out.

It is essential to always know the next time you will be seeing each other.

Many long distance couples refuse to leave each other until they have the next tripped planned out.

It makes it so much easier to know when you will see each other next to not having any idea of how long it could be.

8. Be honest with each other.

This is one (if not the most) important parts of a long distance relationship.

In any relationship, you need to be honest with each other but it is even more essential when you aren’t able to see what they are up to at all days.

Be honest about where you’re going that night, who you’re with, if something is annoying you, etc. The more honest you are, the stronger your relationship and trust with each other is.

9. Share your location with each other.

This might sound crazy to some, but sharing your location with each other is so much fun.

First of all, if you are doing the right things you should never be worried about your significant other seeing where you are.

I love sharing my location with my boyfriend and vice versa because than I can see what he is up too. Also, if he isn’t answering my texts or calls, I am able to tell if he is in class.

My boyfriend likes it because it allows him to see when I get home at night and if I get to where I am going safely.

10. Know each others schedules.

couple riding bikes together

It is great to know what your significant other is up too during the day so you can know when they are busy or when they can talk.

Because my boyfriend and I are in college, we know each others class schedule and can decide the best time to talk to each other during the day.

It is also nice to just know what they are up too and where are they.

11. Send surprise gifts.

Sending surprise gifts is so much fun for both sides of the relationship!

The anticipation of knowing that you have a surprise coming to your partner and your partner being surprised is exciting for the relationship.

I like to send surprise gifts that coordinate with the holiday. For example, for Valentine’s day I sent my boyfriend an all red package. I included all red food, random red knick knacks, and red confetti.

I purchased most things from the Dollar Store so it was extremely inexpensive but my boyfriend loved it.

If your partner mentions something that they’ve been wanting, it’s always fun to also send that to them. It shows that you have been listening to their wants.

This is especially good if your love language is gifts (me!).

{RELATED POST: Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Him}

12. How To Do Long Distance Relationships: Appreciate the repetition.

Long-distance relationships can become extremely repetitive.

You ask the same questions and usually receive the same answers. For my boyfriend and I, this was extremely hard the first year. It came to a point where we would literally repeat the same conversations over.

It is essential to change your mindset about this and enjoy the repetition. What else can you learn about their day? What did they eat for dinner? Who did they eat lunch with? What work did they do that day? How are they feeling? There are always more questions that can be asked!

13. Prioritize your schedules.

In a long distance relationship you need to think about your schedules and make it work with your goals for your relationship.

This is not possible for everyone, but because my boyfriend and I are in college I always try to make sure I don’t have classes on Friday so that I can spend a long weekend with him whenever I want.

Obviously in the working world, this is MUCH harder to do. But, you can think about when you both have a weekend open or to make time every day to talk to your partner.

14. Don’t talk too much.

Talking too much can make you not appreciate your life where you are. Of course, you wan’t to talk enough but their is a mark when it becomes too much. 

This question relates to tip #2. If you are always talking, it doesn’t allow you to live your life and go do things with other people.

Also, it makes the conversations less meaningful because you have already talked about everything.

When my boyfriend and I talk too much, we often start going on our phones or watching shows and at that point we are not even talking anymore! 

We have found the better conversations happen when we talk less (but still enough) during the day.

15. FaceTime each other.

long distance couple having fun together


While FaceTime doesn’t eliminate the distance between you two, it does make it SO much better.

You can see where they are living, what they are doing, and even what they are wearing.

The face to face contact makes it more personal and almost tricks your mind that you are together for a little.

16. Ask about your partner’s friends and family.

Staying connected with your partners life makes it feel like you are experiencing more with him and getting to know his life better.

Ask about his mom, his cousin that just had a baby, what his friends are doing this weekend, etc.

Your partner will appreciate that you are interested in their life and it will also let you in on more things about your partner.

17.How To Do Long Distance Relationships:Give them one of your personal objects.

If you are a sucker for “personal” objects, than this one is for you.

Having your significant others personal objects lets you smell and feel more connected to them.

This might make me sound weird, but when my boyfriend went to college he left his towel at home. The towel smelled JUST like him and I definitely carried it around me for awhile.

I know of a lot of girls who will keep one of their boyfriends shirts and wear it to bed.

18. Pick a “couple” song. 

Having “your” song makes it so special when it randomly comes on the radio.

There are a ton of long distance playlists available on Spotify and so many of the songs are extremely relatable.

My current favorite right now is “Hey There Delilah” by the Plan White T’s. The words to that song hit so close to home and every time it comes on it makes me smile (and occasionally shed a tear).

19. Set rules to know what you are both expecting.

Setting rules about what you want and expect out of this relationship can make it more clear and lead to less arguments.

If you know that your significant other would like to talk at least once a day, you schedule your day to be able to talk to them.

If your boyfriend doesn’t feel comfortable with you hanging with one of your guy friends alone, than don’t. 

Knowing what is expected from each side makes less unknowns which also equals less fights.

20. If someone is upset, TALK it out. Don’t text.

Texting is great for quick communication but if there is an issue, NEVER text. Seriously, don’t. 

Texts can be read so differently than what they may have meant to say. It is very easy for you to add your own tone to texts whereas on the phone you can more accurately figure out what the person is trying to say to you.

It’s similar to the quote, “Don’t go to bed in a fight”. Whatever you do, “Don’t text in a fight”. Such things can exacerbate the squabble and might eventually lead to a breakup. All you’d be looking at would be quotes for broken hearts.

21. Have date nights (it’s still possible!).

couple having fun together


How can you have a date night thousands of miles away?! Well, it is possible and so fun.

Both of you can go get your favorite takeout. Head home and than FaceTime each other and eat your meal together. Once that is done, play one of your favorite TV shows or movies and watch it together.

It is not as ideal as being together but it still can be fun!

22. How To Do Long Distance Relationships: Stay positive.

It is extremely easy to be negative about everything when you just want to be with each other.

Let’s be honest though, being negative all the time is not fun for either of you and can be extremely draining.

Talk about how great it will be when you are done with your long distance or how excited you are to see each other next.

23. Focus on quality communication.

Because long distance relationships are not able to talk all the time, the time you can talk should be quality conversation.

These means don’t be on your phone, talking to someone else, doing work, and whatever else.

Really listen to the conversation and appreciate the time you get to talk.

My boyfriend has a habit of trying to do homework when I am talking to him. The second that he started giving me answers to questions that don’t make sense I know what he is up too and it drives me nuts. We now have a rule that no homework is allowed to happen when we are talking on the phone (and I am a much happier camper).

24. Don’t just live your life around your long distance relationship.

This may seem contradicting to tip #13 on this list but their needs to be a balance.

You can not just live your life surrounded around your long distance relationship.

An example of this for me is that I choose to not follow my boyfriend to college (and he choose to not follow me). We both knew that we wanted differen’t college experiences and that was important to us.

I knew I wouldn’t enjoy his school, and if I would have followed him their I could have regretted it my whole life.

However, because of this decision, I try to always make my schedule able to visit him.

It is always about finding that balance.

25. Get excited about your future together.

Most importantly, get excited about your future!! 

Talking about where you are going to live, how old you will be when you’ll get married, how many kids you want, etc. can be so fun.

It shows that this long distance situation will not be forever and is just a phase in your relationship. 

This post showed you 25 genius tips from people that have successfully proven how to do long distance relationships.

Long distance relationships are never easy, but these tips can make the distance seem more bearable.

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