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This post is all about the best stores for cheap apartment decor.

cheap apartment decor

I've now been living in my first apartment for almost 5 months now and I now know first hand how dang expensive living in an apartment can be.

I wanted my apartment to look like it was decorated really well but also knew it was an apartment, so I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for it. These are the stores that I've shopped at for the majority of the pieces in my apartment. 

This post is all about the best stores to shop at cheap apartment decor that doesn't look CHEAP.

Best Stores for Cheap Apartment Decor:

cheap apartment decor

1. Target

Honestly Target was the store that I bought the most from for my first apartment. I know that's so basic but I seriously bought a ton - lots of decor and kitchen stuff, my bar stools, lots pillows, etc. 

They always have trendy things that are more affordable but still look really expensive. However, Target online can get really pricey so be aware of that. 

But they really do have a variety of lines that have tons of stuff for the fraction of the price than what you would think it would cost. 

2. HomeGoods

I know, super basic again BUT I got sooo many things from HomeGoods. Plus, it's just fun to go here 😉

Many of the pieces for my apartment balcony I found here. I also love finding candles at HomeGoods - Sensationals and Sand & Fog are my favorite brands for candles. 

Throw pillows and blankets are also something that you can find great options for at HomeGoods. 

3. World Market

World Market is definitely a more under-the-radar store but I love it. They have so many really great decor and furniture pieces. 

I got my outdoor patio table and desk, as well as my olive oil dispenser

I will say, World Market does sometimes lean towards the boho vibes in some of their decor pieces but there are a ton of more basic pieces as well. 

4. H&M Home

H&M Home is definitely on the come up. I just made a huge order of stuff from them.

Right now I just have my plates from here but I love them and always get a ton of questions on them so I'm super excited to get the rest of my stuff in! Highly recommend checking out H&M Home. 

5. Walmart

I find sooo many great home things from Walmart, which I definitely never expected. 

I got my bedroom nightstands (which were actually baby changing tables) and guest bedroom headboard. They were both sooo affordable and honestly good quality. 

Walmart's online is great too - they have a ton of different vendors so it's super easy to find some great options. 

6. Amazon

Amazon just has everything and anything and it's soo easy. I got so many things from Amazon for my first apartment which I have all in my Amazon store:

Click here to go to my Amazon Store.

7. Rugs USA

I got every single rug in my apartment from Rugs USA. They are pretty inexpensive so they aren't going to be the highest quality rug you'll ever own but they are great for a first apartment, college apartment or even a dorm room.

They have a ton of great options and designs and always have amazing sales. 

8. Overstock

cheap apartment decor

I never really shopped on Overstock until I moved into my first apartment but I've found so many cool pieces on their site. 

I got a bench for the nook in my living room as well as my coffee table. And I'm obsessed with them!

This post is all about cheap apartment decor.

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