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This post is all about random first apartment products I seriously can't live without.

first apartment products

These are definitely not products you NEED but I can promise you, you will love them!! These are the random products I bought for my first apartment that every single time I use them I think about how great of a purchase it was.

...and they're extremely reasonable since I know how much apartment essentials costs!

This post is all about my all-time favorite random first apartment products.


1. Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

This is one of my favorites and it's pre-cut parchment paper. 

This is definitely unnecessary BUT I would always get out too much parchment paper, it'd burn in the oven, and end up with a mess and wasted paper (I know... first world problems). 

These are awesome. They're cut perfectly to the pan size so I never have to worry about wasting. They are super affordable too! 

2. Food Chopper

I love to cook but chopping vegetables has never been my strongest skill so it takes up so much time when I'm preparing a meal. 

This food chopper can literally cut any vegetable in 2 seconds. It has saved me so much time and effort when cooking! 

This would also be a really good gift idea for anyone that likes to cook. 

Watch me show my favorite random apartment products: 

3. Security Bar for Door

Living alone, I sometimes get a little freaked out. This security bar makes me feel soo much better and safe in my apartment. 

You just shove it under your door and no one can get in. It's super easy and quick to do and helps secure my doors at night. 

4. Turntables for Bathroom Storage

I use these turntable organizers in my bathroom for all of my hair products and I'm obsessed with them. 

These make it so easy to find things in my bathroom while also keeping them organized and clean. 

5. Couch

first apartment products

When I was searching for my couch, I was very specific about what I wanted. I wanted two spots to put up my feet and didn't want to spend a ton of money on it. 

I ended up finding this one at Ashley's and it's sooo comfortable. It's definitely one of my favorite purchases for my first apartment! 

6. Mattress

When I was moving into my first apartment, I was trying to be as budget-friendly as possible. So I searched all over Amazon and found the one with the best reviews for the least amount of money.. which was this one. 

I'm telling you, this mattress is incredibly comfortable. 

7. Mattress Topper

I don't know if it's the actual mattress, this mattress topper, or the combination of the two, but my bed is literally heaven. 

This mattress topper is also amazing and has made the biggest difference. It seriously makes it feel like a hotel bed. 

8. Laundry Products

As some of you may know, I have a weird obsession with laundry products and making my clothes and bedding smell amazing

First, Down Wrinkle Releaser. If you have never heard of this, you are truly missing out. This product is literally life-changing. 

If you don't have an iron, or you're short on time, this can get wrinkles out with just a few spritz onto your clothes. It's incredible.

Second, the Downy Calm in Lavender and Vanilla Bean is to die for. This is definitely one of my must-have products. It smells soooo good. I promise you will love this! 

9. Cleaning Products

First, the Sprayway Glass Cleaner is the best glass cleaner I have ever used.. and it's only $1.99! 

A little goes a long way, so spray less than you think. AND a little hack for you - use newspaper or a coffee filter with this so you don't get that little lint on your windows you get when you use paper towels. 

Next, Magic Erasers are especially great for apartments. They can get scuff marks off of anything and do such a good job. I always keep a ton of these on hand just in case I accidentally mark something up. 

Lastly, Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover is great for removing stains. I originally was looking for a carpet remover to use on my white couch because I knew I was bound to stain it. People raved about this one on Amazon so I bought it. 

People were right.. this stuff is seriously so good. I use it on everything and it has taken every stain out! 

This post is all about first apartment products.

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