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This post is all about Halloween costumes for guys.

Halloween costumes for guys

One of the best parts of fall semester is Halloween weekend and guys college costumes are just as important as girls (well, I mean kinda lol). Since guys always seem to wait until the last minute to come up with costumes, I've rounded up the best college Halloween costumes for guys. 

There's a little mix of everything from funny college Halloween costumes for guys to hot Halloween costumes. What more could you ask for?!

This post is all about the 36 best Halloween costumes for guys.


1. Where's Waldo

hot halloween costumes for guys

credit: @alyscruggs

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

Where's Waldo is such an easy and funny costume! If you already have a red and white striped shirt on hand, you're practically done with your costume. This also makes a great group or couple costume if you have a partner in need of a costume.

The best part is that you can order this set on Amazon for only $22.99! 

2. Danny from "Grease"

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

Being a TV character for Halloween is such a classic and easy Halloween costume for guys to pull off! Danny from Grease is always a favorite, especially since girls know how easy it is to put on a very similar outfit and be Sandy for the night. Just make sure your dance moves and singing skills are up to the challenge!

3. Colonel Sanders

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

One thing society loves almost as much as TV is FOOD! So why not dress up as one of America's most beloved fast food mascots! This Halloween costume for guys is so easy to pull off. Just get a white beard, red apron, wear all white and scream "it's finger licking' good" all night!

4. Chick Magnet

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

I actually find this Halloween costume for guys very clever. And the actual chicks at a party will too! While this might look like a complex costume to pull off, it's actually all one piece and right here on Amazon!

5. Brawny Paper Towel Man

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

Not gonna lie, I had never seen this Halloween costume idea before. But now I have and I think it's genius and SO SIMPLE to pull off! Seriously, grab some paper towels and a red and black flannel and boom! You are all set for the night.

6. Astronaut

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

This is such an awesome hot Halloween costume for guys. Even better if you have someone who wants to be your partner or an alien ;).

Either way this one is definitely not done that much but it is so sick that I think we should be seeing it way more!

7. Ginger Bread Man

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys:

This. Wins. Hands. Down! 

This is actually so funny, maybe a little bit hot, but still so great. Super easy for guys too. I feel like every guy loves a simple one piece costume so this would be perfect.

8. The Hangover

Recreate this Halloween costumes for guys: