36 Insanely Good Halloween Costumes for Guys

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This post is all about college Halloween costumes for guys.

halloween costumes for guys

One of the best parts of fall semester is Halloween weekend and guys college costumes are just important as girls (well, I mean kinda ?).

Since guys have been guilty with waiting until last minute, I've rounded up the best college Halloween costumes for guys. 

There's a little mix of everything from funny college Halloween costumes for guys to hot Halloween costumes. What more could you ask for?!

This post is all about the 36 best college Halloween costumes for guys.

Halloween Costumes for Guys:

1. Donald Trump 

Okay, if you do this halloween costume for guys PLEASE get the most orange spray tan that you can and hold a diet coke the entire night! It's the ONLY way to effectively pull this off!

2. Danny from "Grease"

Being a TV Character for Halloween is such a classic and easy halloween costume for guys to pull off! And Danny from Grease is always a favorite, especially since girls know how easy it is to put on a poodle skirt and be Sandy for the night. Just make sure your moves and singing skills are up to the challenge! 

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3. Colonel Sanders 

(source @Instagram)

One thing society loves almost as much as TV is FOOD! So why not dress up as one of America' most beloved Fast Food Mascots! This halloween costume for guys is so easy to pull off! Just get a white beard, red apron, wear all white and scream "it's finger licking' good" all night! 

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4. Chick Magnet 

halloween costumes for guys

(source @Amazon)

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TBH I find this halloween costume for guys very clever. And the actual chicks at a party will too! While this might look like a complex costume to pull off, it's actually all one piece and right here on Amazon!

5. Brawny Paper Towel Man

Not gonna lie, I had never seen this halloween costume idea before. But now I have and I think it's genius and SO SIMPLE to pull off! Seriously, grab some paper towels and a red and black flannel and boom! you're everyone favorite paper towel guy! (will also come in clutch and earn you points when you use said paper towels to clean up spills throughout the night. Gotta play the part ya know!)

6. Quailman

Copy this costume:

Ok another incredibly clever costume that I had never thought of! And SO simple! All you really have to buy is a cape and , then print out the elmer's glue label and stick it to your shirt! I think this halloween costume for guys is so clever that people will be "glued" to you all night if you do it! 

7. Ginger Bread Man 

Copy This Costume Idea:

halloween costume ideas for guys

This. Wins. Hands. Down! 

Obviously only gingers can pull this off, but like if you're a ginger and don't do this for halloween now, I'm judging you. Sorry not sorry but this is such a great opportunity that you would be a FOOL not to take it! 

8. Kermit the Frog

college halloween costumes

Here we are with another beloved TV Character that is sure to impress! Especially in this fancy dressed up version of Kermit! And like the chick magnet, this is also a one piece costume on Amazon!

9. Cereal Killer 

This is another great DIY halloween costume for guys that will make everyone laugh! And it looks super simple to actually put together so that's another win! Yay, we love winning! 

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10. Napoleon Dynamite 

This is a halloween costume for guys that will never get old in my opinion. Like, Napoleon Dynamite was part of our childhood. Everyone will love it and it's so easy for a guy to pull off! 

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11. Sherlock Holmes 

halloween costumes for guys

(source @Amazon)

Another great TV character that you can't go wrong with impersonating. And pro tip: if you did this, try to act like you're solving a mystery throughout the evening to really play the part! 

Copy this costume:

12. Guy Fieri  

Copy this costume:

If I saw a guy at a Halloween party dressed as Guy Fieri, I would absolutely die! This is SO funny to me! And it's another easy and simple DIY Halloween costume for guys. 

And to really get into character, pretend to critique all the food and candy around you at the party! 

13. Jon Snow from "Game of Thrones"

Copy this costume:

RIP Game of Thrones, gone but never forgotten. Honor Jon Snow and mourn his terrible ending in the series (he was robbed and we all know it) by being him for Halloween! 

And as an added bonus, girls are really into Game of Thrones since it ended this year so you'll be sure to get a lot of compliments from the ladies! 

14. Gru from "Despicable Me"

Copy this costume:

This is such a funny halloween costume for guys! And the cool thing about this costume is that yes you can order the whole outfit, but if you wanted to just get the mask then you can easily get a scarf and black jacket to complete the look. But just make sure you practice his accent to really be in character! 

15. The Most Interesting Man in the World 

Copy this costume:

This halloween costume for guys will guarantee that you are the most interesting man at the party, I'm sure of it! 

16. Super Man

This Marvel character is another halloween costume for guys that will be super relevant this halloween because End Game ended it all. So if you wanna look like a hero, definitely go for Captain America! 

17. Harry Potter

How perfect is this costume?! This will definitely be a major hit.

18. Captain Morgan 

Copy this costume:

This costume makes senses for a college halloween costume for guys because its the mascot of many's favorite rum: Captain Morgan! And all you have to do is find a pirate costume to fit the part, how easy is that! 

19. Jay Gatsby 

halloween costumes for guys

(source @Amazon)

Copy this costume:

Ever girl is convinced that they need their own Jay Gatsby in their life. Be what the ladies think they need for a night by dressing up in this sophisticated men's halloween costume! 

20. Mickey Mouse 

Ah yes, the childhood character we all know and love. Mickey Mouse would be such a good halloween costume for guys, just make sure you've got the voice and perkiness down! 

21. Goofy 

Copy this costume:

I chose to incorporate this halloween costume for guys not only because it goes along with the Mickey Mouse idea that I just mentioned, but because it also is a costume that you can do while wearing normal clothes! Best of both worlds and saves money, that's a win win if I've ever seen one! 

22. Step Brothers 

Copy this costume:

This would be one of the funniest duo costumes at any party. Like seriously! And if you do this with your best guy friend, GET A PICTURE LIKE THIS AND POST IT ON THE GRAM!

23. The Joker 

Copy this costume:

This is such an easy DIY Halloween costume for guys that you would be a joke if you didn't consider it! 

24. Buddy the Elf 

funny halloween costumes for guys

Okay, this is a great Halloween costume for guys because Buddy never gets old. 

Like seriously, I might get this costume and be Buddy for Halloween BECAUSE I would love the opportunity to walk around a party and say "Buddy the Elf What's Your Favorite Color?" 

25. Fred Flinstone 

guys halloween costume

Ok, honestly if you wanna be extra and make the cart around this guy, then like go for it. But I'm really only focusing on being Fred Flinstone here. 

It's a classic TV Character that everyone will enjoy. And let's be honest, being a TV Character is so common but people are only going to think of CURRENT characters. Be vInTaGe and ~old school~ and go with Fred! 

26. Jesus 

funny guy halloween costumes

No doubt about it, some might not fully agree with this halloween costume if you decide to do it. But honestly you're gonna get more laughs than disses if you get this costume! 

And bonus, if you get a steering wheel or at least take a picture behind the wheel, you can totally make a joke about Carrie Underwood's hit "Jesus Take the Wheel" that will get you a ton of likes and comments! 

27. Netflix and Chill

Does it get more college boy than this?? ;). Super easy and cheap costume to put together!

28. Maverick from "Top Gun"

Copy This Costume:

This halloween costume for guys is sure to make all the girls go wild! 

Seriously, it's a classic costume you can't go wrong with, and it's one thing you order from Amazon and then you're done with! So simple that you can't not do it, ya know? 

29. A Taco 

Copy this costume:

Taco bout a great costume! Ok yes, I know that was a very cheesy and punny joke but I felt like I just HAD to include it!

Seriously though, how clever is this taco costume! And you literally ORDER it and then you're done! Ugh we love a simple sister costume . . . oh wait sorry delete that James Charles is canceled apparently. 

30. Mr. Incredible 

halloween costumes for guys

(source @Walmart.com)

We all know that the hype surrounding the Incredibles skyrocketed last summer when they FINALLY released the 2nd movie.

That's why this costume is a perfect halloween costume for guys! It keeps the love our generation has for the movie going, and gives you a chance to show off your superhero skills around your friends:) 

31. Twister 

Ok when I ran across this halloween costume for guys I was FLOORED and knew that I had to share! 

Like seriously, who thought of this? They deserve an award. It's so clever and SO EASY! Literally a white t-shirt, some craft paper cut into circles and glued on, and BOOM! you're a game that people love to play! 

32. Lazy Costume 

THIS is the most genius and lazy halloween costume for a guy that I've ever seen! And honestly, it might work for girls too so I just might have to try it out!  

Seriously,  grab a white t-shirt and write this on it and then BOOM! a costume people will find genius but you will find insanely easy and lazy! 

33. Bob Ross 

This Halloween Costume for guys is one that is sure to make whoever is around you laugh! 

Seriously, 2019 might be the best year for a guy to pull off this costume because who knows if Bob Ross will be relevant in 2020? I mean I hope he will be but jump on this opportunity while you have the chance! 

34. Cop  

Choosing to be a cop for your halloween costume can actually be pretty genius!

I mean, for one, it ensures that you aren't messed with at whatever party you're going to, and second, it's a classic that's easy/cheap to throw together! 

35. Robber  

Or if you're a guy who likes to be the bad guy during halloween, then a robber's costume is not only super easy, but the perfect halloween costume for you! 

36. Jim from "The Office" 

This is the perfect halloween costume for guys who love the Office. Being an iconic character for Halloween never gets old! 

This post is all about the best college Halloween costumes for guys.

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