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Searching for a new white couch for your living room? Here are 15 sleek and stylish white couches you can afford on any budget.

white couches

When I was moving into my first apartment, I knew I was going to buy a white couch. White couches are hands down the best way to brighten up your living room plus, they basically provide a blank canvas for decorating. 

I was set on buying a white couch but in reality, I had no idea which one I wanted. After hours of searching for the perfect living room centerpiece, I ended up going with this white sectional from Ashley’s Furniture.

While I obviously only ended up buying one couch, searching for the perfect one for me gave me alllll the knowledge on the best white couches out there. Whether you are a college student on a budget or a homeowner searching for the best white couch on the market, here are 15 of the best white couches that are sure to accommodate any budget.

This post is all about white couches for every budget.


1. White 3-Seater Tuxedo Sofa with Square Arms

white couches under 1000

If you haven’t been looking on The Home Depot for white couches already you definitely need to start! They have a ton of furniture options in all different sizes and price ranges. 

This white 3 seater sofa is the perfect size for a small apartment living room that can fit you and two others comfortably. Plus, it is under $650 which is a great price to pay for a sofa! Finding white couches under $1000 can be difficult so this is definitely one to consider.

2. Jericho 90'' Recessed Arm Sofa

white couch living room

Wayfair has an endless selection of home decor and furniture so it should be no surprise that this piece made the list of best white couches to buy. I’m personally not the biggest fan of rounded couch arms so I love this couch with square arms. Plus, this couch has removable seat and back cushions which makes it super easy to clean if you have pets or kids.

3. Nest Sofa In The Color "Anders Ivory"

white modern sofa

Other than being under $1000, the best part about this white couch is the sleek design that the arm shape, fabric texture, and loose back cushions provide. If you are thinking about buying a white couch but are worried about it getting dirty, a couch like this one is the perfect option.

Of course, it won’t hide all spills but the ivory polyester upholstery on this couch is easy to clean and hides imperfections much better than a standard white couch.


4. Cambri 2-Piece Sectional with Chaise

white fabric sofa

This sectional from Ashley’s Furniture is actually the exact couch I have in my apartment living room right now. I seriously spend 99% of my time in my apartment cuddled up on this couch. 

If you are an avid BSL reader you know just how picky I am with my furniture and decor so when I say I love this couch you can guarantee it’s a good one. It ended up being the perfect off-white color that I was looking for and is the perfect size to host friends and family. Definitely recommend this couch if you are looking for a stylish but reasonably priced white sectional.

5. Derbyshire 90'' Sofa

white sofa chair

How sleek is this white couch from Birch Lane? If you are in the market for a simple but stylish couch for a small living room this is going to be your best bet. Birch lane makes super high-quality furniture so grabbing this couch for under $1500 is a steal!

6. Ave Six Russell Sofa

Last but not least in the white couches for under $1500 section is this amazing white sectional from Amazon. It actually just missed the cutoff for under $1000 because it is priced at $1001 so this couch is on the lower end of the budget! This couch is the perfect size for an apartment living room to comfortably seat you and your roommates or friends. 

Sofas with a chaise are hands down the most comfortable couch option if you plan on spending a lot of time in your living room. This couch not only comes with a chaise to spread out on but the chaise is also movable so you can change the position of it based on the layout of your room.


7. Lazar 128" Wide Right Hand Facing Sofa & Chaise

white sofa sectional

While the couch pictured here isn’t exactly “white” this piece can actually be ordered in a ton of different fabric colors including ivory and white. 

This couch is sold by Wayfair but is actually manufactured by Birch Lane which is a company that makes insanely popular and high-quality furniture. Seating all your friends and family is convenient and easy with this 128” couch, but even if you don’t plan on hosting guests frequently, you will love the size and comfortable fabric when it comes to relaxing to watch TV.

college planner

8. Miami Right-Facing Sectional Sofa

white couches living room

The Miami sectional sofa from Poly & bark is hands down one of the most stunning white couches on the market right now. The best part is, it honestly isn’t as pricey as many other white couches on the market!

This white couch is made from high-quality linen so you get upholstery that is equally as soft as it is durable. And who could ignore the stunning brass finish on the legs? If you are looking to incorporate a hint of glamour into your furniture, this couch from Poly & Bark is the way to go.

9. Modway Restore 4-Piece Upholstered Sectional Sofa In White

If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture for your living room, this couch from Amazon is a great option. This couch sits low to the ground for comfort while bringing a minimalist style to any living room. Neither you nor your guests will be able to resist sitting back to relax on this plush white couch.

10. Leisure 121" Wide Left Hand Facing Sofa & Chaise

off white couches

Joss & Main really hit the nail on the head with this white cushioned sofa and chaise. If you are looking for a sleek and minimalistic couch for your living room, this is an option to strongly consider. 

The couch pictured above is upholstered with the fabric “classic bleach white” but there are over 35 other upholstery options you can choose from! There is no doubt that you will 100% be spending lots of time relaxing on this insanely comfortable cushioned sofa.


11. Jake Upholstered Grand Sofa 96" In The Color Twill White

white linen couches

Now for the couches over $2000. Yes spending this much money on a couch may seem unnecessary but if you are willing to budget for it, spending the money upfront will guarantee a piece of high-quality furniture that will last you for years.

Pottery Barn is known for its high-end decor and furniture so it should come as no surprise that they have amazing white couches. The “Jake” upholstered sofa in the color “twill white” provides the perfect bright and airy look that anyone wanting a white couch is searching for.

If you love the shape and size but are looking for ivory or off-white fabric, this couch is made to order so many other fabrics can be requested instead!

12. Plainfield 115" Wide Sofa & Chaise

white couches cheap

The “Plainfield” sofa and chaise from Wayfair delivers a stunning minimalist look through its clean slick lines and fresh white upholstery. With this couch, you are getting ample seating space as well as a bright and airy furniture piece for your living room.

The arms of the couch are slightly curved as well which incorporates a unique and modern element to your furniture. There is no doubt that this couch will be the centerpiece of your living room.

13. Yaritza 36" Cream White Upholstered Linen 3-Seat Sofa

living rooms with white couches

While The Home Depot has smaller furniture options that are affordable on any budget, they also have high-quality larger pieces that you will love in your living room. Ample seating space is provided on this couch and its simple but stunning design is one you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

14. Yaritza 72" Cream White Upholstered Linen 5-Seat Sofa

white modern couches

The “Yaritza” 72” sectional from The Home Depot is basically just the bigger version of the couch above. While it is more expensive, it adds seating space for 2 or more additional people to comfortably relax on your couch!

15. Commix 119" Down Filled Overstuffed Performance Velvet 5-Piece Sectional Sofa in White

overstuffed white couches

Finally on the list of white couches from The Home Depot is this immaculate overstuffed velvet sectional. Comfortable hosting guests is made simple with this sectional so you are guaranteed to love having friends and family over after this purchase.

It features plush velvet upholstery that is even stain resistant so you can check that off your list of worries when buying a white couch.

Overall, this is an insanely comfortable, clean-lined, modern white couch made perfectly for hosting, sprawling out, or curling up to relax.

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