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by sophia lee living room

If there's one space in my apartment that I really love, it's the living room. I have definitely spend the most amount of time decorating in here and I love it because it doesn't feel so "apartmenty". I have been able to put all of this together on a really big budget butttt all of this adds up so I highly recommend buying things before you move into the apartment so that way it doesn't seem like you're buying everything at one time.

There was one major thing I wanted in my living area that I could have all my friends over and entertain. Plus, I realllyy wanted a couch that had two "L's" so that I could stretch out my feet and watch tv haha. I love how it turned out and it's the perfect space to hangout with my friends or just relax after a long day.

Links to everything is at bottom of this post!

Before I moved in, I put together this mockup of what direction I wanted for the room...

by sophia lee living room

Here's the before of the living room...

by sophia lee living room

Here's the after of the living room...

by sophia lee living room
by sophia lee living room
by sophia lee living room
by sophia lee living room

Here's how I turned $27 Ikea picture lights into really expensive looking lights...

by sophia lee living room
by sophia lee living room

I used gold rub n' buff to do this!! loveee gold rub n' buff.

by sophia lee living room

Here are links to everything in my living room...

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by sophia lee living room

We LOVE this couch. Never ever buy this couch at full-price. It's on sale allll the time. 

Coffee Table:

by sophia lee living room

I am SO sad!! I can't find this coffee table in stock anywhere :(. I'm trying to find ones that look similar!

Console Table:

by sophia lee living room

I could not find a coffee table that I liked that wasn't $1,000+. I found this one at Home Depot and Ben and I stained it a black color and added small gold knobs. It is perfect!! We love it and it looks a lot more expensive than what we did it for.

I used these gold knobs.


Gold Circle Mirror:


White-Washed Baskets:

Picture Lights:

Large Canvas: I DIYed this! You can see my instructions and the products I used in this blog post.

Picture Frames on Wall:

Gold Curtain Rod:

White Curtains:

Baskets Under Bench:


The pillows on my couch came from Woven Nook, Target, and American School of Charm. 🙂 Most of them are sold out but all of them are rotating the cutest new places all the time (especially Woven Nook).

Blanket (similar):

Candlesticks on Coffee Table: I got these gold and wood candlesticks from World Market. I can't find them on the website anymore but I love a lot of the candlestick options World Market has!

Tray on Coffee Table (similar):

Drink Coasters:

Decorative Beads:

Gold Candlesticks on Console Table:

White Lamp:

Wood Box: The wood box on my console table came from HomeGoods!

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