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This post is all about Friendsgiving ideas.

friendsgiving ideas

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If you love celebrating your friends, then I'm sure you're a huge fan of Friendsgiving.

It's one of my favorite celebrations of the year, and I'm always looking forward to planning and executing a Friendsgiving that tops last year's party.

All of us have those moments when we get stuck in the party planning process and feel like we're completely out of ideas. I have definitely been there, which is why I like to remind myself of the basics that will always stand the test of time and go from there.

I've compiled a list of the best essential Friendsgiving invitations, foods, drinks, decor, games, etc. that will guarantee you an amazing party!

I hope you find inspiration and have the best Friendsgiving 2020 edition.

This post shows you the best Friendsgiving ideas.


Let's talk invitations.

I love a good invitation and find it's the best way to get everyone into the festive spirit. Invitations are also a great way to let people know which dish they need to bring if you're planning a potluck style party.

There are so many different templates out there that are fantastic to use. I've included links to a few of my favorites but if you are looking to really customize a Friendsgiving invitation then I highly recommend using Canva. It's free and I use it all the time!



Definitely the most important part, I mean what's Friendsgiving without food?!

I wanted to make sure we covered all the categories. For real, if you just make (or assign to your guests) the dishes I've included then you will be set!  You can't go wrong with any dish so have fun and make them your own.



1. Charcuterie Boards

Recreate this charcuterie board:

Charcuterie boards are all the rage, and what's not to love? I am completely fine with this trend staying for a while... forever actually.

When I host anything, I always make sure to put together a little charcuterie board, so this was an obvious essential to my Friendsgiving essentials list.

These snack boards have a little something of everything, which means everyone is almost guaranteed to like something on it.

I love them, can't you tell?

2. Dips

I'm a dip girl (spinach artichoke dip is my favorite if you're wondering), and I think every Friendsgiving deserves one or two.

Since it's fall, I would recommend going for a warm dip, but if there's a cold dip you just love, go for it!

3. Biscuits

Biscuits make people happy and happy people have fun and are fun to have around. Need I say more?


1. Mashed Potatoes

I have talked about Bob Evans mashed potatoes before, but I will do it again because they are the best. I truly do not make "homemade" mashed potatoes anymore; they just don't compare to how amazing these are, and all you have to do is microwave them.

I will say they go out of stock fast, especially during the holidays, so stock up if you're thinking of trying them this year!

Oh, and after you finish microwaving them, put them in a nice dish so you still get that homemade feel, lol.

2. Casseroles

What's any Thanksgiving-themed event without a casserole?

A lot of families have casserole recipes they've handed down from generation to generation, so if you are one, obviously feel free to use your family recipe!

3. Stuffing

Recreate this dish:

Everyone appreciates a great stuffing, and they don't have to be complicated to make!


The turkey can be daunting, but if you're hosting, I recommend keeping this task in your own hands, having to transfer a turkey from one house to another can be just as tricky!

I highly suggest watching a video or two on how to roast a turkey before starting.


Most of the time everyone is way too full for dessert, but that doesn't mean they don't keep eating (I'm definitely guilty of that).

If you plan on having a pie, always make sure to have vanilla ice cream on hand!

1. Pie

Recreate these pies:

Pie, a classic of the Thanksgiving tradition; pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie you can't go wrong!

2. Cake

If you're not a lover of pie, or just want something a little different, then a cake is perfect for you!

Coffee cake is delicious (with vanilla ice cream as well), and anything with apples in it, like the apple cake below, is always accepted at a Friendsgiving.


Drinks! The one thing that stays with you the entire party.  Having cute drinks will take your gathering to the next level, so have fun with them!


1. Apple Cider Moscow Mule

2. Pumpkin Spice Moscow Mules

Recreate this cocktail:

If you're over 21, the Sparkling Cider and Pumpkin Spice Moscow Mules I've included are fantastic. Not only do they taste great, but they look super cute and fit the festive theme.


If you aren't over 21 or have friends who don't drink, I still think it's important to have a festive drink!

Although I drink, my younger sister doesn't, so I love to include a cute drink for her and others in case they decide they don't want an alcoholic drink either.

1. Honey Crisp Mocktail

2. Caramel Apple Mocktail

Recreate this drink:


Decorating, yay, one of the (if not the) most exciting parts. 

If you have hosted a Friendsgiving before, try to do something different, think of it as a fun little challenge! I love seeing the ways that I can top last year's Friendsgiving, and my friends always look forward to seeing what I put together. 

You could also invite a few of your friends to co-host with you; that way, you'll have a plethora of ideas at your disposal. I've co-hosted with my girlfriends before, and it has been so much fun!

1. Friendsgiving Balloon Banner

Recreate this banner setup:

As of now, I feel like a "Friendsgiving" type banner is a necessity for any Friendsgiving celebration.

If you want, you can make it a funny quote or stick to the classic "Friendsgiving" either way, it will look great.

2. Table Decor

Recreate this table decor:

Friendsgiving can get messy, so I always suggest having some sort of table covering.

I love this brown paper table covering, this way you can customize the table and then roll up and throw away when the party is over.

3. Festive Bar Cart

Recreate this bar cart:

If you have a bar cart, you should definitely use it to your advantage for Friendsgiving!

Adding a few festive decorations and putting some pre-poured drinks on it will look great.


Before or after eating (or during, I am not here to stop you), I highly suggest playing a game or two! They're always entertaining and spark hysteric laughter.

1. Drinking Jenga

Drinking Jenga is so much fun and perfect for a group of friends; it's hilarious, and you just can't go wrong with this game.

2. Speak Out

You can't play this game without laughing, you and your friends will have a blast!

3. Never Have I Ever

Get ready to hear some crazy stories while playing this game!


Ending the night with a movie is the perfect way to wind down the party.

You should tailor the movie selection to whatever you and your friends love, so please only take these movies as suggestions! You know what you and your friends love.

1. Scary Movie

You can't go wrong with Scary Movie in fall; this movie is truly hilarious and outrageous!

2. This is the End

This movie is jam-packed with celebrities randomly popping up every second. 

A fun game would be trying to see if anyone can name every single celebrity who in the movie.

3. Harry Potter

Although I am not a crazy Harry Potter fan, this is a movie most people like and is great for any fall party!

If you're looking for a movie to have playing in the background, this would be perfect! Almost everyone has already seen it before, it's a classic at this point.

This post showed you the best Friendsgiving ideas.

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