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Looking for the best Roommate Cleaning Schedule? Here is a cleaning schedule like no other to keep the peace with your roommate(s).

roommate cleaning schedule

Living with roommates can be tough. No matter what type of living environment you’re in (a dorm room, apartment, or house) it’s nice to have a roommate cleaning schedule to keep the workload balanced!

Let's be honest, there's nothing worse than being the only roommate who cleans. With this roommate cleaning schedule, you will never have to have that awkward conversation asking them to clean. This is a lifesaver! 


chore chart for adults

I have heard some major roommate horror stories about living with people who have never had to clean for themselves before, or people that just don't clean. Maybe that's you, but at least you recognize it and know you're in the right place!!

This cleaning schedule is so straightforward, you really can't go wrong. There's nothing crazy on here, just basic tasks to keep your space clean and functioning! When you occasionally do need to mop the whole house or completely dust the whole space, that's when you split up the work and write in the tasks in the blank spots! 

You should hang this cleaning schedule in a central location, like on the fridge or maybe by the calendar. This way, your roommate will see if you write in tasks for them, or you can see if they write in any jobs for you! Plus, even if you get into a really good routine, it's nice to glance at the schedule and remember that it's your day to take out the trash! 

roommate cleaning schedule app

This cleaning schedule will save your life!! I honestly should use this with Shelby ?. It's super straightforward and has a ton of blank spaces for you to add your own tasks!

The blank spaces are a game-changer because there are always those little random tasks that need to get done. You could let your roommates fill in their own specific tasks in the blank space (kind of like a to-do list) or you could write stuff in there that you want your roommate to clean.

Here's a closer look:

roommate bathroom cleaning schedule

If you haven't caught on to how this works, I have Monday through Sunday mapped out with chores, and two columns for the two roommates. I have the chore days alternating so you aren't stepping on each other's toes while cleaning. This should make the cleaning process as smooth and easy as possible! 

Another thing that you will love about this cleaning schedule is that it can be used by more than two roommates. Just because it is split into two columns, who says you couldn't break it up amongst four roommates and just write a roommate's name on each day of the week. There is a perfect amount of space (to the right of the day listed on the schedule) to write in a name!

Click here for the Roommate Cleaning Schedule printable. 

roommate chore chart maker

This is seriously the easiest way to make sure you and your roommate are working the same amount. You don't want one of you to be working harder than the other!

If you want to be a little less intense with the schedule, you could always spread out these tasks with a day off in between each day. Maybe you really don't make that big of a mess and just need to follow this checklist biweekly or even once a month! Feel free to alter and use this checklist as little or as much as you need it. 

Personally, I like to have a schedule like this so I know exactly what I need to clean for the day, and I can do it whenever I have a little bit of time! Try it out as a normal, weekly schedule, and if it's overkill, work with your roommates to modify it. I know when I was living with roommates, this needed to be a weekly thing. It was not the cleanest space before this schedule came along! 

The best part... these are all free!! Plus, you could even put these in a frame and check them off weekly with a dry erase marker. It will save you a ton of paper and ink!!

Download the free Roommate Cleaning Schedule printable. 

college chore chart template

Trust me when I say this, you need to print this out ASAP! If you are living with a roommate in an apartment, dorm room, or house, this schedule will make your life so much easier!!

When I was living with roommates, I would get annoyed because I felt like I was cleaning every single day, but my roommate felt that way too. When we finally came up with this foolproof schedule, we both felt like our jobs were balanced and we were contributing equally! 

roommate chore chart pdf

I don't know how many times you need to hear it, but you need this roommate cleaning schedule no matter how clean you already are!! When you ask extremely successful people what their trick is, they will all tell you structure and routine. I know it's just cleaning, but if you really want to have a perfectly clean space without any stress or full days committed to cleaning, this schedule is for you!

Even if you don't complete the tasks every day and just use it as a checklist throughout the week, at least you are doing something! You will never have to worry about being angry with your roommate that you're the only one cleaning, or be stressed that your roommate is contributing way more than you! Just take my word for it, try this roommate cleaning schedule (did I mention you can download it for free?) and watch your space magically stay clean consistently!

This post showed you the best roommate cleaning schedule.

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