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Looking for the best ways to throw a graduation part in 2022? Here are the most creative virtual graduation party ideas.

virtual graduation party

With how the world is right now, it can be really hard to throw a traditional graduation party. A lot of friends and family are staying home and getting large groups of people together is a huge no-no. 

But, graduation season is still right around the corner and every senior deserves to celebrate their accomplishments no matter the circumstances. That is why I have come up with a ton of great ways to throw a virtual graduation party.

From how to decorate your background to fun virtual games you can play, here are all the best virtual graduation ideas to use in 2022.

This post is all about virtual graduation party ideas.


1. Virtual Graduation Party Invitation

First things first, to throw a virtual graduation party you need to send out the invitations! There are some super cute virtual graduation party invitations in all different designs so pick ones you love. Then, add your date, time, and how you will throwing your virtual graduation party.

You can either have guests RSVP for a zoom link or print the zoom link and code right on the card! This is a super cute way to make a virtual graduation party feel more traditional.

2. Create A Group Facebook Page For The Graduate

Before the party, set up a group Facebook page and “decorate” it. Make the cover page photos of the graduate and label it “2022 Graduation Party for ___” and insert the graduate’s name. Post tons of fun pictures and add all your guests. This is a fun way to create a virtual photo collage that the graduate can look back and read all the sweet comments.

3. Create A Slideshow

Create a slideshow of fun photos and videos of the graduate. Make sure to include pictures of them when they were younger all the way up to their senior year. Ask the graduate ahead of time to send you pictures of friends and family they want in their slideshow. 

During the zoom call, you can share your screen and present the slide show. This is a great way to guarantee everyone can enjoy the graduate’s photos and will definitely end up making your guests shed a few tears

4. Create A Post For Guests To Post Advice

virtual graduation party

We have all seen those boxes at graduation parties that allow guests to write and drop-in fun memories or advice. Even though you won’t have a physical box for advice at your virtual graduation party, you can still have a designated section for advice. 

Create a post and tell guests to write advice under that post. The graduate will have so much fun reading through all the amazing comments on this post!

5. Virtual Graduation Game

There are a ton of fun online graduation games you can download like this "graduation feud" from Etsy. Download the games and customize them to have questions and answers relating to the graduate. After you have customized the game, you can share your screen during the virtual graduation party for all your guests to play. Playing virtual games during your zoom call is a great way to make your graduation party interesting and fun while keeping all your guests involved.

6. Grad Libs Printable

virtual graduation party

Another fun way to incorporate games into your virtual graduation party is to buy a bunch of fun graduation party game printables. You can either send the downloads to your guests for them to print off on their own or include them in your graduation party invitations!

Either way, having party games at your virtual graduation party is super fun and an easy way to keep your guests entertained.

7. Send Interactive Gift Baskets To Guests

One of my favorite ideas for throwing a virtual graduation party is to send a gift basket to each of your guests and tell them not to open it until the day of the party. This can include anything from snacks, photos of the graduate, thank you notes, and party games to use while on the virtual ceremony. Doing this will ensure guests have all the party games you plan to play as well as snacks to make it feel as much like a real graduation party as possible.

8. Graduation Yard Signs

virtual graduation party

Just because guests won't be coming to your house for the graduation party doesn't mean you can’t decorate for it! There are tons of super cute yard signs that you can customize with the graduate’s picture, school, and graduation date. Having a yard sign will make your senior feel super special and let your whole community know they are graduating!

9. Create A Go-Fund-Me Page For The Graduate

We all know graduates tend to get a ton of money as a gift for graduating. Just because their graduation party is virtual doesn't mean guests can't donate still! Create a Go-Fund-Me or other fundraising page for guests to donate money to the graduate. College is expensive so they will 100% appreciate this.

10. Have A Drive By Graduation Parade

virtual graduation party

One way to throw a socially distanced graduation party is to have a drive by graduation parade! Zoom calls are fun but if you still want a little bit of in-person interaction, this is a great idea. Send out a digital invite for a drive by graduation parade and have the graduate stand outside to watch. Tell family and friends to decorate their car and wave!

You can also set out goody bags for guests to grab as they drive by and decorate your yard with balloons and photos!

11. Have The Graduate Wear Their Cap And Gown

Just because the graduate won't be walking on the stage in their cap and gown doesn't mean they can't wear it at all! Have the graduate wear their schools graduation cap and gown during the virtual graduation party to make it feel as much like a real graduation as possible.

12. Virtual Graduation Bingo

virtual graduation party

Graduation bingo is another fun and easy game to play on a video call! You can either have the guests print out their bingo card ahead of time or mail it to them with their invite. Play a few rounds and have the graduate call the cards out one round and another where they play on their own. You can even have prizes to mail out for the winners!

13. Record The Party

If you are using Zoom, make sure and screen record the party! The best thing about having a virtual graduation party is the fact that you can record the whole thing! This will be such a fun video for the graduate to go back and watch. After the party, post the video to the group Facebook page for everyone to see. This especially nice because it allows guests who were not able to attend to go back and watch the ceremony. 

14. Send Custom Cookies To The Graduate

Although you won't be able to host a graduation party with all the graduates favorite foods, you can still send have some super cute custom cookies delivered to your house! This is a win-win because the graduate receives tons of yummy and custom graduation treats while supporting local businesses. 

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15. Have A Cameo Made For The Graduate

If you don't know what Cameos are, they are basically custom made videos you can order from celebrities and have them say whatever you want! Order a Cameo from the graduates favorite celebrity and have them say congrats on the big day!

16. Share The Graduates Wish List

It is super easy to make an Amazon wish list! Have the graduate add all their favorite things to an Amazon wish list and share it with family and friends through text or by posting it on the facebook page.

This is a great way to ensure family members can buy the graduate a physical gift without having to directly ask what they want. Plus, having the graduate create an Amazon wish list will ensure they love every gift they receive!

17. Have Guests Prepare Words For The Graduate

One super sweet and fun thing to do at a virtual graduation party is to have guests prepare a speech for the graduate. This can be anything from their best advice, kind words, or even fun and silly memories between them.

Ask certain guests ahead of time to prepare kind words to say during the virtual graduation party and then have them print the speech. You can either have them email you the speech to keep for the graduate after the party or have them print and sign it and mail it to the graduate. 


18. Free And Easy Virtual Background

If you don't want to spend money decorating or are planning your graduation ceremony last minute, you can always use a virtual background! Most video call apps now let you change your background so you can add pictures of balloons, confetti, or any other festive photo in the background behind you!

You could also create a custom background using Canva!

19. Graduation Party Banner

virtual graduation party

If you want an easy way to decorate your background for your virtual graduation party, buy a banner and hang it behind you! There are tons of cute and different banners you can customize with your name or photos. This will make the call feel more like a formal celebration than just a call with some friends. 

20. Use Balloons As A Backdrop

You can never go wrong decorating with balloons whether your graduation party is in person or virtual. Blow up some 2022 balloons and put together a balloon arch to use as your backdrop. You can buy a balloon arch kit for fairly cheap on Amazon so find some in the colors you like and decorate with them for your big day!

21. Fringe Backdrop

Using a fringe backdrop is such a good way to cover lots of wall space and make your background look festive while on your virtual graduation party call. You can find a ton of cute fringe banners on Etsy but you can also DIY them! 

Take some rope or string and tie the streamers to the rope. Alternate with different colors until it is as full as you want! Such an easy and cute background for any virtual graduation ceremony.

22. Class Of 2022 Leaf Backdrop

Having a backdrop like this one from Amazon is great for both the virtual graduation ceremony and for photos after. Set this up before your video call for a super cute and outdoorsy look. After the call, take photos of the graduate in front of the banner. This is a cute but cheaper alternative to a real leaf backdrop.

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