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This post is all about graduation presents.

graduation present

The time has come for graduates to say goodbye to everything they used to know and hello to the future. A thoughtful graduation present is the perfect way to show them how much you care and are there to support them.

Finding a graduation present that they actually want is not an easy feat. Trends are constantly changing and you want to give them something they will truly use in this new phase of their life.

This post shows you the 21 best graduation presents of 2022.

Graduation Presents:

1. A nice pair of bluetooth headphones.

If you're into technology at all, you know just how popular wireless headphones are.

They are popular for good reason and really are a huge upgrade to always having the headphone string getting directly in the way of things you are doing.

Of course, the Apple AirPods are the most popular pair of wireless headphones, but there are also a lot of cheaper options to choose from like these sleek wireless headphones (that have a 5 star rating!).

2. A coffee mug that will keep drinks warm for hours.

Whether you're looking for a high school graduation present or a college graduation present, a Yeti tumbler is an amazing gift to give.

This keeps your drinks warm OR cold for HOURS! Like seriously, hours. It's the best.

3. A battery pack so their phone can never die.

Let's be real, millennial are known for ALWAYS having their phone on them but also, for their phones being dead a lot.

Having a small battery pack they can easily keep in their backpack or desk can be really helpful in avoiding those *phone dies at worst moment* situations.

4. A go-to weekenders bag.

 A weekender bag is one of those graduation presents that the graduate doesn't actually want to buy themselves but will use for years!

These are two of the most popular weekender bags on the market right now.

5. A gift that keeps on giving...subscription box!

graduation present ideas

This is one of my personal favs and something I look forward to getting all month!

If the graduate is a makeup/skincare lover, this is the perfect graduation present idea. Every month, you receive 5 beauty products in the mail for JUST $10! It's pretty amazing.

6. The Amazon Echo.

Having a nice speaker is awesome, but having an Amazon Echo is even better.

Really though, having an Alexa makes music sound great and also easily allows you to set times, hear the weather, and ask other random questions.

7. A fancy coffee maker...

Everyone RAVES about this Nespresso machine and how it makes coffee shop worthy drinks right in the comfort of your home.

8. A magical meat defroster for those that forget about dinner.

graduation presents-a

Um, did you know this existed?! I think I need it!

We've all been there when we forgot to take the meat out of the freezer but now instead of having to come up with all new dinner plans, we can go straight to using this defrosting tray.

9. For the graduate that loses everything.

No more losing things! This TILE gets easily attached to car keys/house keys/anything that often gets lost!

Best part is that it's less than $20 dollars.

dorm room essentials

10. A steamer to quickly get out wrinkles.

Maybe not the funnest gift of them all but something that will be used all the time!

11. Professional looking watches to finish off outfits.

Having a nice watch can make any outfit look more professional for the "real" world.

These are really popular watches for women and men.

12. Trust The Journey necklace.

This necklace is a sweet reminder to Trust the Journey because graduating can be SCARY! 

It's also a really cute dainty necklace which is always a fan-favorite.

13. A barefoot dreams blanket.

I have never in my life heard about a blanket getting raved as much as this blanket has. People go CRAZY over this thing.

Definitely not a cheap blanket, but something that will be one of their favorites for years to come.

14. An Instant Pot for insanely easy dinners.

This is one of the best graduation presents of the year and can have full-on meals made in less than 30 minutes!!

And the meals are SO easy. This is also a great thing to have in dorms (if allowed) because you can saute, slow cook, so many things on this!

15. A personalized passport holder.

If the graduate is a traveler, this would be such a special graduation present!

It's also super inexpensive.

16. A robot vacuum.

We've all heard about these robot vacuums and let me tell you, they are AMAZING!

I have mine set to go at 2:00pm everyday and when I come home from school/work my floors are looking amazing. This is a great gift for a graduate who A) loves their space to be spotless or B) hates cleaning.

17. All the cash.

Let's be real...all the graduate REALLY wants is some cash.

Make the presentation of this cash a little special by including a funny book with it. 

18. The Five Minute Journal.

graduation present ideas

This is a special time in their life and having it written down in a journal will be so fun to look back at in future years.

This five minute journal is the perfect starting point because it takes, well, only five minutes. This is also a super "trendy" thing that people are LOVING right now!

19. An AncestoryDNA kit.

How fun would it be for the graduate to be able to see all the places they're from?

20. A funny wine glass.

Some nights the graduate might just need a glass of wine from this.

It adds a little bit of humor about what they are getting themselves into!

21. The holy grail of hair dryers.

If the graduate loves beauty they will DIE when they open this gift (not actually...but you get how excited they would be!!).

This is suppose to be the best hair dryer on the market and is able to dry your hair in minutes.

This post show the best graduation presents to get this year.

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