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This post is all about Graduation Signs for 2022. 

graduation signs

If you are having a grad party and are in need of some signs, I've got you covered!! These signs are formatted so they can easily be printed out on your printer at home. I have seen people print these signs out and wave them in the crowd at the graduation ceremonies or even print them out on cards. Let your creativity run wild and put these signs everywhere!! 

This post features the cutest graduation signs for 2022 graduation celebrations. 


graduation signs

There are a ton of graduation signs in this FREE download that you will love!! Not to toot my own horn, but I think they're pretty cute. I would 100% have put these up at my graduation party. 

Click here to download all of the 2022 Graduation Signs!

graduation sign ideas

Here's a closer look at the Classy Graduation Signs. I LOVE these ones. They are perfect for a girl or boy's graduation party and they are so simple and trendy. 

These would be so cute hanging next to some photos, or framed on display at your graduation party. 

Click here to download the 2022 Classy Graduation Signs!

graduation decorations

Okay, I know I said the classy signs were my favorite, BUT THESE. Omg I'm obsessed with these darling pink signs. They're made so you can print them out at home, so make sure you have some colored ink for the pink 🙂

Click here to download the 2022 Girly Graduation Signs!

graduation banners

These banners are everything!!! I have never been able to find a banner that wasn't super tacky, so I made these!! It's super easy to print this out on your home printer, so get some cardstock, cut out each piece, string them or tape them on a string and you're done!! 

Click here to download the FREE Graduation Banners. 

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