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Looking for the best ideas to throw an unforgettable graduation party? Here are the best graduation party ideas 2022 graduates will obsess over.

graduation party ideas 2021

Planning a graduation party is never easy and takes a whole bunch of planning. But, if done right it can be a party no one will forget!

When it came time to have my graduation party, I had everything planned out from the dessert that would be served, to what dress I would wear, to what the theme would be. I wanted to make sure my party stood out from all the others that were going on at the same time.

If you are looking for all the graduation party ideas 2022 graduates will love, you need to see these ideas and products!

This post is all about graduation party ideas 2022.


1. "She Did It" Minimalistic Graduation Party Invitation

graduation party ideas 2021

If you know me, you know I love minimalistic designs and this graduation card checks all the boxes! This is a cute and simple graduation party invite option that will definitely be hung up on the guests doors as a reminder for the party.

2. Simple Graduation Invitation With Pictures

graduation party ideas 2021

There are tons of graduation party invitations that can be customized so if you want to have your senior photos on your invites but can't decide on just one, this is a great option for you. Pick 3 of your favorite photos and customize your graduation party invitation with all your party info.

3. Personalized Graduation Card With Photo

graduation party ideas 2021

Shutterfly has tons of customizable graduation party invitations to invite guests to your party that are super cute and trendy. This one can be customized with your favorite photo, party information, and can even be ordered in metallic lettering at a small extra cost. This graduation party announcement is a super cute and easy way to formally invite your friends and family to your party.

4. Group Graduation Invitation

graduation party ideas 2021

Holding a graduation party with your best friends is a super fun and less expensive way to throw a graduation party. I knew a ton of guys and girls that held a group graduation party and they had tons of cute group pictures on their party invites. Go out and take some cute pictures with your friends to use on your group graduation party invitations!

5. Simple Blush 2022 Graduation Invitation

graduation party ideas 2021

If you aren't much of a photo person, this graduation party invitation is the perfect alternative. It can be customized with your name, date, and contact information to make sure everyone can RSVP to your 2022 graduation party!

6. Graduation Party Invitations For Guys

graduation party ideas 2021

Creating a graduation party invitation for guys can be hard because they usually don't take pictures or don't like the ones they take. But, a lot of guys get professional photos of them taken for their senior year so what better way to show them off then on their graduation party invitation?!


7. Balloon Garland

graduation party ideas 2021

Balloon garlands are all the craze when it comes to decorating for parties in 2022 so you definitely need to use them in your graduation party decor! You can find balloon garland kits in all different sizes, amounts, and colors so find balloons in the color that match your theme and decorate away!

8. Display The Graduate's High School Involvement

graduation party ideas 2021

Recreate this graduation party idea:

Your involvement such as sports, clubs, and all other extracurriculars were a huge part of your school experience so make sure to show them off in your graduation display. Then, decorate your table in your school colors, add lots of photos, and add a banner to finish off your table! 

A lot of my friends also had a photo book made of all their senior pictures and made it their guest book. They had so much fun reading all their guests' notes and their friends and family loved seeing all the senior pictures.

9. Use Floral Hoops For Hanging Picture Decor

Recreate this graduation party idea:

This is one of the most popular graduation party ideas 2022 graduates can't get enough of. When decorating for your graduation party, you want to make sure you have tons of photos incorporated in your decor. Using a floral hoop is a super fun and unique way to display pictures and hang from beams or your ceiling. 

Donut walls are another super fun thing to have at your graduation party because who doesn't love donuts?! Buy a customized donut board or DIY your own with a peg board and hooks to create a dessert wall your guests won't be able to stay away from.

10. Simple Outdoor Decor For Graduation Party

graduation party ideas 2021

Recreate this graduation party idea:

Throwing an outdoor graduation party is always a great idea because graduation season is always warm and sunny! There are plenty of companies all around that rent out party furniture so that you don't have to settle for plastic folding table or spend thousands of dollars on outdoor furniture. 

Decorate your tables with mason jars tied with ribbon for a cute but simple table centerpiece.

11. Soda Bar

Recreate this graduation party idea:

Having a soda bar is a fun and original idea that guests will absolutely love. Have an assortment of flavorings in pumps and set out soda bottles to allow guests to create their own yummy drinks!

You can also do a root beer float bar or even have alcoholic options for the adults.

12. Snack Bar

Recreate this graduation party idea:

Snacks are a great way to have food at your graduation party without having to pay the money to cater or spend the hours cooking. After throwing my graduation party, I quickly learned I made way too much food. Most guests have other parties to go to that they eat at or are socializing too much to sit down and eat.

Having a snack bar is the perfect alternative that all of your guests can grab quickly and enjoy.

13. Outdoor Photo Backdrop

graduation party ideas 2021
graduation party ideas 2021

Recreate this graduation party idea:

Having some sort of photo booth is a must for every graduation party in 2022. You want to remember your special day so make sure you have a great place to take pictures!

There are tons of different photo booth options but this is a great idea if you are hosting an outdoor graduation party.

14. Memory Jar For The Graduate

Recreate this graduation party idea:

Having a memory jar is such a sweet way for guests to write funny memories, advice, and notes to the graduate. This memory jar can be created for cheap and is a great way to keep guests engaged at your party.

I had a memory jar at my graduation party and literally cried reading them after everyone had left. 10/10 recommend!

15. Streamer Garland

Steamer garlands are super trendy and look great as wall decor and photo backdrops. If you don't want to spend the money on one, you can always buy individual streamer rolls and DIY it yourself.

Either way, I can promise you will end up loving your streamer garland and will use it for all your parties to come.

16. S'mores Bar

Recreate this graduation party idea:

You can't have a graduation party without some amazing desserts! Having a s'mores bar is a graduation party idea 2022 graduates can definitely get behind. This is a fun way to create a dessert bar especially if you are hosting your party at night.

These fire pits do run a little pricey though so if you want a cheaper alternative you can always buy a small portable fire pit that you can reuse in the future.


17. White Strappy Dress

graduation party ideas 2021

Having a white dress at graduation parties is a must for many girls so I made sure to include a couple options! This white ruffle dress from Hello Molly is one of my absolute favorites and is perfect if you are holding your graduation party outdoors or in warm weather.

18. White One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

graduation party ideas 2021

This one shoulder ruffle dress gives me total boss girl vibes and I love it. You want to feel proud and confident of your achievements at your graduation party and this is just the dress to do it! 

19. Pink Ruffle Dress

graduation party ideas 2021

If you want a more colorful option to wear as your graduation party dress, this pink ruffle dress from Lulus is a super cute piece. Add gold jewelry and some cute wedges to complete your graduation party look!

20. Blue Ruffle Dress

graduation party ideas 2021

If you want a more conservative option to wear at your graduation party, this cute blue ruffle dress from Lulus is a great option for you. This is a super comfy dress that won't leave you wanting to change or having to worry about showing too much. 

21. Navy Off The Shoulder Dress

graduation party ideas 2021

How cute is this off the shoulder navy dress?! This is such a cute, simple, and colorful option to wear for your graduation party.

Spice your outfit up with some cute jewelry and wedges, flats, or heels.


22. Mimosa Bar

Recreate this college graduation party idea:

Throwing a college graduation party means you can serve alcohol to all your guests! Create a mimosa bar with glass flutes, pitchers, balloons, and labels. This is one of my favorite graduation party ideas 2022 college graduates will obsess over.

You can also create specialty drinks by providing an assortment of juices as well as non-alcoholic options.

23. Nurse Inspired Graduation Party Balloons

graduation party ideas 2021

Completing a nursing degree is a huge accomplishment and decorating your graduation party with a nursing theme is a great way to show off your hard work. These "nurse" balloons are a simple and cute decoration that you should totally use to embrace your degree at your graduation party!

24. Mini Wine Party Favors

Recreate this college graduation party idea:

Since you are hosting a college graduation party, you can almost guarantee everyone there will be of drinking age. Giving out mini wine bottles is the perfect party favor for all your guests!

Design and print out square sticker labels with your graduation photos and date and stick them on your mini wine bottles. This is a fun 21+ party favor everyone will enjoy!

25. Jello Shot Jenga

graduation party ideas 2021

Looking for a fun college graduation party game? Jello Shot Jenga is the perfect alternative to a favorite childhood game. 

Prepare jello shots ahead of time and stock your Jenga set up with them. Have extra jello shots set out so that after each game your guests can restock and play again.

I can guarantee this will be a hit with all the college graduates (and even parents) at your graduation party.

26. Yard Signs

Recreate this college graduation party idea:

You can't have a college graduation party without decorating in your school's colors! Having a small outdoor sign with one piece of college memorabilia is a great way to decorate if you want to go with a different color scheme than your school colors but still want to incorporate your college into your decor.

27. Formal Dining Table

graduation party ideas 2021

Source: @aztecaparty on Instagram

Recreate this college graduation party idea:

When throwing a college graduation party, you will most likely have older guests at your party so having a formal dinner is a great way to provide seating for everyone.

Setting up a formal dining table is a great outdoor graduation party idea that will feel more intimate. If you plan on inviting a small amount of people to your graduation party and want to be able to spend more one on one time with your guests, this is a great option!

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