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Looking for the best grad dresses for 2021? Here are a variety of graduation dresses perfect for a celebration.

grad dresses

Graduation day is almost upon us, which means it’s time to shop! Honestly, choosing out the dress seems just as important as receiving the diploma (only kidding ?). But for real, dress shopping is one of my favorite parts. I love choosing a dress that makes me feel confident and a piece I can always look back on with fond memories.

When I go shopping for a dress that I know will have meaning to me for many, many years I like to remind myself I’m looking for a classic, timeless piece. That’s just personal preference (I feel like I’m acting as though this is my wedding dress haha). If your style is bold, you go strut that bold dress and get your diploma. I’ll be there cheering you on. 

I love white graduation dresses, but I have seen some stunning ladies rocking a colored look too. So go with the dress that “speaks to you.” 

Also, if you want to rock a luxury dress but don’t think you have the money for it, please let me introduce you to Rent the Runway. When I say game-changer, I mean it. If you don’t care about keeping your grad dress after graduation day then this is an amazing option. Rent the Runway lets you rent designer pieces for a fraction of the price. After you’re done wearing the dress, simply ship it back to them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

I wanted to make sure I included gorgeous dresses that were under $50 as well as the stunners $100+ so you can all look beautiful on your graduation day no matter how much cha-ching you’ve got in your wallet. 

Now, let’s get to the grad dresses, and congratulations, you’re graduating!!

This post is all about grad dresses.


Best Overall:  Eggie Magnolia Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

"Beautifully designed dress! The tie in the middle is adjustable so you can tighten and loosen depending on your chest size. The fabric keeps its shape nicely and the puff sleeves stay in place."

Best Under $50: Flip 'Em Off Mini Dress

"So obsessed with this dress. I've gotten soo many compliments on it! 

Best Value:  Satin Cross-Back Midi Dress

"How gorgeous is this midi dress?! I can't wait to wear this for my graduation coming up!"

Most Popular: Forever Your Girl Mauve Pink Bodycon Dress

"My absolute fav piece in my closet! got so many compliments on this. So many people have asked to borrow it haha."

Best Mini Dress: Power Dressing Jacquard Mini Dress

"Looks great on! I love how the sleeves don’t fall out off my shoulders and it fits amazing."

Best Midi Dress: Hollywood Woman Forest Green Satin Midi Dress

"Compliments magnet. This dress was hugging my curves perfectly while accentuating my tiny waist. I was able to go braless without the fear of the exposure.”


1. Power Dressing Jacquard Mini Dress

I am literally in love with this dress. The details, the sleeves, the cinched in waist. It’s beautiful.

2. Dobby Chiffon Wide Sleeve Skater Dress

If you want to accentuate your waist, this is the dress for you. The skater dress does all the work for you so you don’t have to. I love the gorgeous blush color of this dress and I think it’s a perfect, classic color for graduation.

3. Flip 'Em Off Mini Dress

graduation dress ideas

If you have a black cap and gown, I would recommend a white dress rather than a black. That way your body won’t get lost in your graduation gown. If your gown is any color but black, a little black dress would look amazing! 

4. Black Mesh Ruched Glitter Mini Dress

Another beautiful little black dress. Puff sleeves are really in right now (and I love them). The best thing about this trend is you can totally rock it in 2021 and for photos in your cap and gown, you’ll look like you’re just wearing a classic black dress. Best of both worlds.

5. Forever Your Girl Bodycon Dress

formal dress for graduation

This dress has over 2100 reviews on Lulu…with five-star ratings, which means it’s a pretty well-loved dress. The “Forever Your Girl Bodycon Dress” looks amazing on all figures - if you don’t have curves it will give you them, if you do it will accentuate them. The dress deserves to be featured in a movie called “Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress.”

6. Just the Sweetest White Ruffled Puff Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

graduation outfits

The ruffling on this dress is to die for. I think bodycon dresses look amazing under graduation gowns as well. You can still show off that gorgeous figure of yours even under 50 lbs of fabric.


7. Remedy Puff Sleeve Dress

	formal dress for graduation

A beautiful graduation dress if you’re somewhere warm. The breathable linen will make sure you don’t die of heat exhaustion before you walk up to grab your diploma. But even if you do, you’ll look gorgeous doing it ;).

8. Satin Cross-Back Midi Dress

I mean stunning right? Abercrombie has stepped up their game in the last year. Seriously, check out their website. The pieces are stunning! I love the look of satin dresses and think this is a timeless piece that would look gorgeous on graduation day.

9. Eggie Magnolia Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

A beautiful dress with just the right amount of detail. This would be the perfect dress to feature jewelry with, whether that be earrings, a necklace, or both!

10. Eilena Fit & Flare Dress

grad dresses

If you want a dress with a little detail this would be perfect for you (also, if you have a white cap and gown this dress was made for you). There’s a relaxed fit to the dress which is amazing if you’re wearing it all day and the spaghetti straps are adjustable!

11. Gypsy Dress

A beautiful, light, and breezy grad dress to wear on graduation day. I love the eyelet cotton fabric details that take this dress from a regular white dress to a unique white dress.

12. Collared Wrap Mini Dress

For a more boss look, you should try rocking this collared wrap mini dress. As I’ve said before, wrap dresses are amazing at accentuating the body and make for the best grad dresses for under a cap and gown.

13. Mini Dress with Circle Trim in Velvet

Love this dress and read the reviews - someone said the dress is lighter than pictured so keep that in mind! The quality is amazing and you’ll feel amazing wearing it. 

14. Flynn Ruched Sleeve Dress

graduation outfits

A beautiful off the shoulder look which means you don’t have to worry about your sleeves getting in the way of your cap and gown!

15. Hollywood Woman Forest Green Satin Midi Dress

Another beautiful satin option for you! The reviews are all amazing, one girl says, “Compliments magnet. This dress was hugging my curves perfectly while accentuating my tiny waist. I was able to go braless without the fear of the exposure.”


16. Megan Mini Dress

white dresses

One of my favorite dresses. For real, when I saw it my jaw DROPPED. I love the look of white lace on graduation day. But there’s a way you can do lace wrong, and a way you can do lace right - this is how you do it right. Absolutely obsessed!

17. Juliette Dress

grad dresses

I love how sophisticated yet sexy this look is. Also, I’m just obsessed with everything from Reformation so I’m not surprised I love this dress. They're are so many colors and patterns of this dress too so you'll find something you love!

18. Novella Dress

For more color, this is a really cute grad dress for you! I love the cut of this and think it'd be perfect for a spring graduation day. Aritzia always has the best quality clothing, so I know this would last forever. 

19. Sonnet Puff Sleeve Midi Dress 

A dress that will make you look effortlessly gorgeous. Also, you could easily re-wear this dress in the summer after graduation and really get your bang-for-your-buck.

20. Denver Dress

Very similar piece to the dress right before this, just a more simple look! I just think a white midi dress is a flawless winner for graduation!

21. Butterfly Dress

I automatically fell in love with this dress, but can also see how it could totally be a wedding dress!! I think it’s just the model’s hair is styled, but I still think this is an amazing dress for graduation!

This post is all about grad dresses.

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