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This post is all about trendy graduation party ideas.

Trendy Graduation Party Ideas

Planning a trendy graduation party can be hard if you don't know what's "in" right now. New styles and ideas come every year and what's trendy is always changing. 

If you are looking for ways to start planning a graduation party for the books use these super trendy graduation party ideas!

This post is all about trendy graduation party ideas.

Best Trendy Products For A Graduation Party:

1. Confetti Balloons

Fun balloons like these are super in right now! You can buy confetti balloons in all different styles and colors. These add so much life to your graduation party decor.

(They make great backdrops for photos as well!)

2. Disposable Camera Basket

trendy graduation party ideas

Yes! Disposable cameras are back. They are a super trendy way to keep memories!

Instead of having your guests sign their name in a book, have them snap a picture and stick it in your guestbook. This will be so fun to look back in the future! 

3. Balloon Arch Decor

If you are looking for a cheap and SUPER cute backdrop / graduation party decor, a balloon arch is the perfect way to go! They are less than $12 on Amazon and come in tons of cute colors.

4. Back Yard 4 Connect

How fun is this?! If you are planning a backyard graduation party and want a fun game for guest to play, this is it! 

5. Graduation Party Scratch Off Ticket Game

These little scratch off tickets are a great way to keep your guests entertained at the party. It would be so fun to hand them out at the door and have a fun prize for the winner!

6. Color Disco Lights 

Colored lights would be such a fun idea for an outdoor party or a guy's graduation party. If your party is at night, this can provide light and is a fun addition to your party!

7. Year Book Photo Banner

trendy graduation party ideas for girls

If you have every photo saved from kindergarten to graduation, this is your time to shine! It will be so fun for guests to see how much you have grow throughout the years. 

8. Cute Floral Welcome Sign 

trendy graduation party ideas for girls

This is a super cute way to greet guests! This welcome sign would be a perfect addition to a girly graduation party theme.

Best Trendy Graduation Party Ideas:

9. Popcorn Goodie Bags

Recreate This Graduation Party:

trendy graduation party favors

This is such a cute little party favor to give out to guests. It's also a great way to show your appreciation for them coming without spending loads of money on party favors! Totally a win-win. 

10. Balloon Decoration

grad party ideas

Recreate This Graduation Party:

This outdoor display is pretty self explanatory but it is just so cute. You can change the balloon colors to match your theme and add any prop you want beside the blackboard sign.

11. "Key To Success" Board

Recreate This Graduation Party:

This "key to success" board is literally genius. Who wouldn't want to hang their piece of advice on a key?? I totally wish I had seen this before my graduation party.

This may require a little DIY for the display but it will totally be worth it.

12. Have Guests Sign A College T-shirt

Recreate This Graduation Party:

So you may not wear this t-shirt after this, but you will for sure keep it to show your kids down the road. Having guests sign a college t-shirt is so original and much more fun than a generic guestbook.

dorm room essentials

13. Have A Soda Bar

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Not sure about anyone else but I am totally a soda addict. If you want to spice up the drinks you are serving at your graduation party what is better than a soda bar? I can guarantee this would be a hit at any graduation party.

14. Inspiration Jenga

Recreate This Graduation Party:

We all know the game Jenga. Make the game even better by having guests write inspiration and advice on the pieces! You will for sure want to keep this around for years after your graduation party.

15. All Green Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

If your future college's colors are green, this decor is right up your alley! Picking a color and sticking with it throughout your decor makes everything seem super put together. 

16. Have A Sun Flower Themed Party

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Sun flower themed parties are all the craze right now! You would be surprised how much sun flower decor you can find online. I absolutely love this trendy graduation party idea. 

17. Streamer Backdrop

This is not only a super cute backdrop but it is super easy to DIY! Pick out your favorite ribbon and tie it onto the rod.

I promise having a cute photo backdrop like this will make your graduation party photos so much cuter!

18. Have A Pretzel Bar

Recreate This Graduation Party:

A pretzel bar is one of the most original "bars" I have ever seen! Pretzels are a super easy grab and go snack for guests.

Plus how cute is this display?! Totally a trendy idea to use for your own graduation party.

19. Cute Fruit Display

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Fruit is always a great snack to include in your graduation party food. This is just a super cute and convenient way to display it!

20. Star Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Star decor is all the rage right now. If you're looking for the #1 trendy theme this would for sure be up there in popularity. Any graduate will love this idea!

This post was all about the best trendy graduation party ideas.

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