The 27 BEST 2020 High School Graduation Party Ideas

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This post is all about 2020 High School Graduation Party Ideas.

2020 high school graduation party ideas

Can you believe it's already 2020 AND time to start planning your graduation party?!

Graduation party season is one of my favorite times of the year and this years a little more special because I am once again celebrating a graduation! Even though this is my college graduation, a TON of the same trends will be the same for 2020 high school graduation party ideas.

I am all about finding the trendiest ideas that are easy to create and have your guests thinking, "How did they even think of that?!".

This post is all about the best 2020 High School Graduation Party Ideas.

2020 High School Graduation Party Ideas

1. Photo Booth!
2020 high school graduation party ideas

Copy This Party:

Duh...every graduation party NEEDS a photo booth and this Friend's themed one was popular last year but I can put my money that it will also be really popular this year.

Along with food at a high school graduation party, photo booths are a must. Especially since everyone now comes with a camera on their phones! 

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2. And You Can't Forget Props For It!

I mean did you need to be reminded of these? Probably not. 

Props make your photo booth just that much more fun and make your photo booth cuter.

3. Old Photos As Table Centerpieces

Copy This Party:

graduation party centerpiece

Pictures are a MUST at any graduation party. But the fun comes in in the various ways you choose to incorporate pictures into the party!

One unique way is by having them on the center pieces. That way as a whole, everyone can see just how far the graduate has come! 

I love the one I linked and it can be bought off of Etsy already made so you don't even need to lift a finger.

4. Donut Board
graduation party ideas

Copy This Party:

donuts sign

This is actually the donut board I made for my sisters high school graduation party!

TBH, I forgot I even made this and scrolled wayyy back into my photos and found it. Isn't it so cute?! Even better, it was really easy to make.

I went to Home Depot and got a peg board and then got a dowel stick that fit into the holes. I then cut them into appropriate sizes (I would guess 3"-4"?) and stuck them in.

It was so pretty that people didn't want to take the first donut so I took a few out and then they were gone in minutes haha.

5. Always Have Party Favors!

Copy This Party:

They've graced you with their presence, so give them a present for it at the end!

Candy, popcorn, sunglasses, there are so many options for high school graduation party favors. But whatever you do, package it in graduation themed bags like these! 

6. Have Your Guests Provide Wisdom For The Graduate

Copy This Party:

Regardless of where the graduate is heading next, it can be scary because it is the unknown. 

Help them head into their future with some words of wisdom from the guests! This is a fun activity for the guests and it will serve the graduate a lot of good later on. That's an awesome party duo!

7. Label The Different Food Sections 
high school graduation party food ideas

Copy This Party:

With all the different food allergies people have, this is a great to let guests know in a cute way what they can/cannot eat.

8. Showcase The Graduate's Involvement
2020 Graduation Party

Yes yes, this party is suppose to be all about the fact that the graduate is done. But you can't forget to show off just how much they are actually done with!

This display is a great and creative high school graduation party idea about showcasing involvement. Even if you don't like this specific layout, it's sure to get you thinking about the ways in which you would like to show your graduate off at their party! 

9. Have Disposable Cameras for Everyone To Use

Copy This Party:

I am OBSESSED with this idea and think it is so cute for 2020 high school graduation party ideas!

And it gives guests something to do throughout all the party! So encourage everyone to grab and snap their way through the fun!

And then go get them all developed and scan them into a google drive you share with everyone so that everyone can see all the fun that was had at your party!

10. Have A Sign To Make Sure You Get All Photos From Party
graduation party decor

You want everyone to be able to see all the fun they all had at you or your graduate's party, right? But you hate when people ask for the photos all the time, right? 

If you said "right" to both of those things, then I have a great high school graduation party idea for you! Create an instagram hashtag and have people post their photos with the hashtag so that all the photos are in one spot that all of the guests can see!

11. Designated Spot for Cards

Copy This Party:

Let's be super honest here, most guests want to bring a card with cash for the graduate because they know it is what the graduate wants mosts and that it is the easiest gift to put together!

All that being said, there will be a lot of cards brought to the party. So make a spot for them! This picture is a great idea of a cool way to do so!

dorm room essentials
12. S'Mores Bar

Copy This Party:

I came across this picture and thought that it would be the best idea for a high school graduation party! 

I mean, who doesn't love s'mores? And the way it's decorated, I think that this is a MUST for any graduation party in 2020! 

13. Or Any Kind Of Bar!

Copy This Party:

Hot dogs, tacos, candy, the list goes on and on of the kinds of bars that can be at a high school graduation party. 

Heck, you could even have a real bar for those over 21! 

I just wanted to give "all bars" the recognition they deserve and remind you that incorporating them into a high school graduation party is an awesome idea! 

14. Memory Box

Copy This Party:

This is a great way to get the guests invovled in the party! 

Have them write a memory that they have of the graduate and place it in the box. This is a great way to get them to remember their time and invovlement with the graduate and an awesome momento for the graduate to have and look back at!

15. Have The Guests Play Games!

Copy This Party:

High school graduation parties might seem like its just a chance to be social, but TBH they can be so much more than that!

A great idea that makes it more is by involving the guests in games, like this fun card one that you can find on Amazon! 

16. Graduation Themed Labels 

Labels are a MUST for high school graduation parties, but did you know that a lot of people forget that they can make them graduation themed, too? 

Well you can, I've included these ones from Amazon, but I also have a printable version I've created too. You can get them here!

17. Have An "Under 21" And An "Over 21" Beverage Option

Copy This Party:

This is such a unique high school graduation party idea! 

We had alcohol at my party for the adults (wink wink) and it was really fun.

18. Make 2020 Cake Pops
high school graduation party food

Copy This Party:

I ran across these fun treats and thought they were too cute and yummy not to share!

I think that this is a high school graduation party idea that you kind of have to incorporate into your 2020 party!

19. Display The Cap And Gown

Copy This Party:

Show off the cap and gown by putting it on a mannequin or hanging it up somewhere. It makes for a cool and unique decoration and also puts the cap and gown to more use than they originally thought!

20. Balloons!
graduation party 2020

Copy This Party:

Have you ever been to a grad party without balloons?!

So obvi, you need to include them ;). 

21. Decorated Entrance

Copy This Party:

You've got to let people know that they are at the right place, right? 

Right! So when you're getting all of your high school graduation party ideas together, don't forget to include a welcome sign or some sort of entry way to get your guests in the mood to celebrate right from the start! 

22. Use Their College's School Colors

Copy This Party:

Yes, high school graduation parties are all about celebrating what the graduate has accomplished. But that doesn't mean that you can't look towards their future at the party, too!

A great way to subtlely incorporate their college is by theming the high school graduation party in their new college's colors.

23. Photo Frame For Pictures

I know I mentioned props before, but this is one prop that is too cool to not be highlighted on its own!

The fake frame at a graduation party is just a staple, and everyone loves using it. Make your own or order it, whichever works! Just make sure you have it at your graduation party in 2020! 

24. Have A Guest Book
high school graduation

Copy This Party:

It is such a sweet touch to have something that the graduate can look back on to see who was at their party! 

This guest book is a great way to do so! It keeps all of those who came, their faces, and their kind words in one place for the graduate to look back on forever!

25. Inflatable Pools To Hold Cold Items

Copy This Party:

This graduation party idea will definitely save your life at the party! 

It gives you designated space to place things in coolers, and they're pretty cheap on amazon. Who wouldn't include these at their graduation party? 

26. Huge Picture Display
2020 graduation party ideas

Copy This Party:

Since the spotlight is on the graduate, why not have a ton of pictures of them displayed at the party? 

I thought that this display in particular was a great high school graduation party because it's very DIY and rustic, yet looks super cool! It's totally doable!

27. Customized Water Bottles

Copy This Party:

Graduation parties usually occur in the summer, and the summer can get HOT!

That's why I think that this is an unique graduation party idea that really adds a nice touch to the whole party, and helps keep your guests cool and having fun!

This post was all about the best 2020 High School Graduation Party Ideas.


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