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This post is all about graduation cap ideas.

graduation cap ideas

Picking out graduation cap ideas that you will love on your big day can be overwhelming!

You want your graduation cap to express who YOU are. Here are some of my favorite graduation cap ideas that will be sure to inspire a cute and trendy cap of your own.

 This post is all about the best graduation cap ideas.

Best Graduation Cap Ideas

1. Rose Gold Graduation Cap

graduation cap designs

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

This rose gold graduation cap is so stunning! Rhinestones and flowers are such a pretty and cheap way to glam up your cap.

2. Song Lyrics Graduation Cap

graduation cap decorations

Source: @saaraatonin

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

Song lyrics are a great idea to decorate your cap with. 

Pick lyrics that relate to graduation for a fun way to incorporate your favorite song into the big day!

3. Cactus Graduation Cap

college graduation cap

This cactus themed graduation cap is SO cute. You paint the cap yourself or order one like it from this instagram!

4. Wallpaper Graduation Cap

college graduation cap designs

Source: @alv_art11

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

Okay seriously, it doest get easier than this. If you want a good looking and simple design, wallpaper is a super smart way to decorate your cap!

You could also use card stock!

5. Pink and Gold Graduation Cap

high school graduation cap ideas

Source: @bisforbawsy

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

Cut out paper in triangle shapes and glue it on. Then you can take a gold fabric marker and write your favorite saying!

If you have a machine like a cricuit, you can also print out these letters and shapes and stick them on.

6. "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" Graduation Cap

graduation cap

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

This graduation cap is simple but beautiful! "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" is a classic and would be a perfect saying to put on your graduation cap. 

7. "Friends" Inspired Graduation Cap

funny graduation cap ideas

If your a friends fanatic this is a great way to add your favorite show into your graduation cap. 

8. Rhinestone Graduation Cap

diy graduation cap ideas

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

Adding rhinestones to your cap is a super simple way to decorate it! This looks classy but fun and can so easily be a DIY!

9. "Mean Girls" Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas 2020

Most everyone has seen the movie Mean Girls and this iconic quote fits so perfectly into the graduation theme!

10. Peace Sign Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas for guys

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

If your the artistic type this is fun way to show of your skills! The peace sign is also a great thing to put on your cap to say "peace" to high school!

11. Incorporate Your Personality Into Your Graduation Cap

college graduation cap ideas

This cap is a perfect example of incorporating your hobbies into your cap. Cover your cap in things you like!

A photo collage would also be a great way to use this idea for the less "artistically talented."

12. Disney Themed Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas disney

Okay, this is literally so cute if you're a disney fan! Use any disney character you like!

13. Girly Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas

" Pretty Educated and Confident" is a perfect quote to put on your cap. 

14. Use Holographic Letters On Your Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas

Source: @bisforbawsy

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

Using holographic letters or paper is a fun way to make your graduation cap stand out!

15. Harry Potter Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas 2019

Recreate This Graduation Cap:

For all the Harry Potter fans out there, this is the cap for you! Customize it how you like and add some fun glitter paper around the edges!

16. Dr. Seuss Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas for teachers

This Dr. Seuss quote relates perfectly to graduation. You can either print out the photo, use a book cover, or paint it yourself.

17. "Be Pretty" Gradaution Cap

unique graduation cap ideas

"Be Pretty- Kind, Strong, Funny, Smart." Couldn't ask for better advice!

18. SpongeBob Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas funny

SpongeBob is such a funny way to decorate your cap that everyone will recognize! 

19. Mandela Graduation Cap

last minute graduation cap ideas

This mandela art is a fun and simple design to enhance your graduation cap!

20. Darth Vader Graduation Cap

best graduation cap ideas

Source: @hr_gordon

Calling all Star Wars fans! This is a super fun way to incorporate a Star Wars scene into your graduation cap.

dorm room essentials

21. Star Wars Graduation Cap

graduation cap ideas star wars

One more Star Wars for graduation cap ideas...

22. Learner To Master Graduation Cap

funny graduation cap ideas for teachers

And one more for good measure... 🙂

Best Graduation Caps To Buy

23. Hotter By One Degree Graduation Cap

This graduation cap from Amazon is so funny and cute!

24. Cute And Flowery Graduation Cap

The best is yet to come is a good quote for a graduation cap and the flower border makes it so much cuter! If you don't have time to DIY a cap this is a great alternative! 

25. For Her Graduation Cap

Super cute and simple cap to buy for the big day!

26. The Princess And The Frog Graduation Cap

Here is a fun way to incorporate Disney's Princess and the Frog movie!

27. Looney Toons Graduation Cap

"Thats all folks!" Say goodbye to high school with this fun Looney Toons graduation cap.

28. The Little Mermaid Graduation Cap

Almost every girl loved The Little Mermaid as a kid, so use this cap decoration for the big day!

29. Game Of Thrones Graduation Cap

Okay this is too funny! If you're a Game of Thrones fan this is such a funny thing for your graduation cap to say. 

30. Lion King Graduation Cap

Instead of the lion, a diploma is held up! So cute and special!

31. "Done With This B.S" Graduation Cap

College graduation cap idea here! "Finally done with this B.S"... a funny twist on words for your college graduation cap.

32. Crime Scene Graduation Cap

Here is another college graduation cap idea. If your a criminal justice major this would be a great graduation cap decoration to use.

33. Dream Catcher Graduation Cap

This graduation cap decoration is simple and sweet!

34. Drake Album Graduation Cap

This Drake album is super easily recognizable. You could definitely DIY this graduation cap if you wanted to!

35. Kanye West "Graduation" Album Graduation Cap

Anyone who is a Kanye West fan will instantly understand this iconic album reference.

36. Super Hero Graduation Cap

This Wonder Woman graduation cap is so cute! You could literally pick any super hero and DIY a cap yourself too!

37. Space Graduation Cap

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars" is a perfect quote wether your an engineering major, astronaut, or just like the saying!

38. Toy Story Graduation Cap

OMG such a cute graduation cap idea for Toy Story fans!

39. Tie Dye Graduation Cap

This cap will for sure stand out! It's simple but the vibrant colors are perfect for attracting attention to your cap!

40. Minnie Mouse Graduation Cap

Here is another Disney cap! Simple, cute, and who doesnt love Minnie Mouse?!

41. Alice In Wonderland Graduation Cap

Alice in Wonderland is an iconic movie that would be so fitting to use as inspiration for your graduation cap.

42. Cartoon Graduation Cap

Any art majors could appreciate this cap! Paint a cap like this yourself if you want, or buy it here!

43. Rosie The Riveter Graduation Cap

This graduation cap is perfect for girls and woman of all ages. Any moms graduating this could be perfect for you as well!

44. Starbucks Graduation Cap

Shoutout to the drinks that got you through school. Use a Starbucks graduation cap for all those days coffee saved your life. 

This post was all about the best graduation cap ideas.

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