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This post is all about graduation party decor.

graduation party decor

Just because you aren't a professional party planner does not mean you can't make your graduation party ~fabulous~. 

Where I'm from, graduation parties were a huge deal and people went all out. If you want to make your graduation party one to remember, check out these party ideas and decor!

This post is all about graduation party decor.

Best Rustic Graduation Party Decor:

1. Tree Stump Centerpiece

Recreate This Graduation Party:

I love the rustic theme for graduation party decor. If you're looking for a cute rustic centerpiece this is perfect! Super simple and cute.

2. Pallet Board Polaroid Display 

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Polaroids and rustic wood displays are a staple for a rustic graduation party. Hang your photos of your friends or even provide a Polaroid for guest to take photos of their own! 

3. Use A Ladder To Display Drinks

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Graduation Party Decor Rustic

I absolutely LOVE this idea.

Ladders are used tons in rustic decor so it will be a perfect decor element that also functions to serve food!

4. Rustic Photo Backdrop

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Keep photo booth backdrops for a rustic graduation party simple and airy. White curtains and a leaf garland is a perfect backdrop for photos. This is so inexpensive and easy to make too! 

5. Selfie Station

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Anything that includes taking pictures is perfect for your party (people are obsessed with taking pictures at graduation parties!). AND to make it even better... have props for people to use! 

If you want a cute way to display your photo booth props that goes with the rustic theme, a wooden barrel is a great idea. 

Best Girly Graduation Party Decor:

6. Rose Gold Graduation Party Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Rose gold is a popular color right now for everything from home design to party decorations. I can guarantee almost any girl would love this theme. 

There are a ton of ways to incorporate rose gold into your graduation party decor. This rose gold backdrop will look stunning in photos!

7. Pink And Flowery Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Pink and flowers... What more could you ask for in a girly graduation party theme? This looks super classy. 

8. Year Book Photo Display

2020 graduation party ideas

Displaying your yearbook pictures throughout the years of school is such a fun and creative graduation party decoration.  

If you have all of your yearbook photos, display them in a fun way for guests to see! 

9. Use Leaf Garlands And Lots Of Photos

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Honestly, the more photos the better. Guests love to look at pictures from throughout your years! 

This is such a pretty entry way idea for a graduation party. Incorporate leaves, photos, and other memorabilia by the entrance for guests to look at. 

10. Use A Shadow Box To Drop Advice In

graduation party ideas high school girls

Recreate This Graduation Party:

I had an advice box at my graduation party and guests LOVED it (and it was fun for me too to read after the party was over).

Using a shadow box also allows you to put a cute picture of the graduate inside.

Best Classy Graduation Party Decor:

11. Silver Gold And Black Graduation Party Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Silver, gold, and black is a classic for graduation party decor. Take it a step further with this balloon arch! Sooo cool and pretty easy to do. 

12. Tiffany Blue Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Personally, this theme is one of my favorites. Tiffany blue is a great color to use for a graduation party. It's also fairly unique... I've never seen it done before! 

What's more classic than Tiffany? 

13. Gold And White Graduation Party Decor

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Keep it light and airy with this one. The gold and white looks so elegant.

Spread these colors throughout your decorations, add some fairy lights, and you've got a beautiful and classy graduation party!

14. White Curtain Backdrop For Photo Booth

high school graduation party ideas

Recreate This Graduation Party:

If you're looking for an easy photo booth to set up, use curtains! You can pin pretty much any decoration to them and they look super pretty outside. 

15. Outdoor Party

Recreate This Graduation Party:

If you're expecting quite a few guests and are planning your party outside, I would totally suggest a tent. You can rent these (since they are expensive to buy) and have them set up the day of your party.

String paper lanterns between the rods, place matching dining ware on the table, and you're set! 

Best Themed Graduation Party Decor:

16. Friends Themed Graduation Party

2020 high school graduation party ideas

Recreate This Graduation Party:

graduation party decor for guys

(^the date is updated for 2020!!)

Everyone loves Friends! People will immediately notice the theme and will have a blast taking a photo in front of this. 

17. Sunflower Themed Graduation Party

Recreate This Graduation Party:

A sunflower theme is a super original decor idea for a graduation party. Scatter sunflowers and yellow decor throughout for a cute yellow party!

18. College Themed Table

graduation party decor for girls

Recreate This Graduation Party:

A go-to graduation party idea is using your college colors Buy color coordinating balloons and a table cloth and set out some pictures.

Simple but so adorable. 

19. Palm Tree/Green Themed Graduation Party

Recreate This Graduation Party:

This graduation party theme is one I have never seen before but absolutely LOVE. 

Graduation parties are usually towards the summer so whats better than this theme?!

20. Ice Cream Inspired Graduation Party

Recreate This Graduation Party:

How cute?! Sweets theme!

You can incorporate this theme into your graduation party decor by having pastel colored balloons, plates, napkins, etc.

Best Graduation Party Decor For Guys:

21. Display Sports Memorabilia 

Recreate This Graduation Party:

I know it can be so hard to find a way to decorate for a guy's graduation party. Keep it simple with color coordinating decor and sports trophies, memorabilia and other accomplishments. 

22. "Sh*t Just Got Real"

Recreate This Graduation Party:

Okay, I know this isn't technically decor but this such a funny idea to use for food at a guys graduation party. Guests will definitely get a kick out of this! 

23. Future College Theme

Here is a great example of how to incorporate a college themed table into a guy's graduation party that the graduate will love too!

This post was all about the best graduation party decor.

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