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Here are all the BSL followers favorite products they're currently obsessing over.

BSL Favorite Things

Every Monday the BSL team and I get together to discuss our goals and tasks for the week. The majority of the meeting is alllll business but it really can't start until we've all shared our favorite products/ items with each other.  I swear we each have a little sales pitch attempting to convince the other team members they need so-and-so product in there lives and nine of out ten time it works... But we love doing this so much we thought we would begin sharing our favorites with you every week and it has been the BEST. But, do you know who gives the besssttt recommendations? YOU guys!

I was overwhelmed with how many amazing product suggestions you guys gave. My wallet is already hurting 😫. From makeup to water bottles to vacuums, you BSL girls have the best recs, hands down. So please enjoy the BSL followers favorites because it's handsdown incredible.

Here are all the products the BSL follower's favorite products.


Out of the 90+ favorites you guys had there were a few that were said multiple times; here are the best of the best when it comes to this months products!

BSL Favorite Things

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This post was all about the BSL follower's favorite products.

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