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bsl favorites

Who are bigger icons than our moms?? The gorgeous gals that we call “Mom” not only have amazing advice (99.1% of the time), but also AMAZING recommendations.

When I was little I soaked up everything my mom did and because of that I now have a few tricks up my sleeve. 

On this week’s installment of BSL favorites we thought it would be fun to ask each of the team members what their mom’s favorite product was growing up that they are now hooked on themselves. 

As usual, the responses were amazing and I’m planning on getting my hands on each and every product. Enjoy!

Here are the BSL favorites.


favorite products 2022
favorite beauty products

1. Hannah’s Mom: Elf Makeup

Growing up, my mom always used elf makeup products (and I always felt like I wanted to use fancier products). Now that I have tried so many really expensive makeup products and all of the drugstore options too, I genuinely think that elf is superior! My mom not only was smart in saving money with these elf products, but she knew what she was talking about because every product I have tried is gooood. This blush stick is one of my all-time favorites.

trending beauty products 2021
favorite products 2022

3. Sarah’s Mom: Sunscreen

My mom has always harped on sunscreen since we were little. I think it’s why I’m so anal about it now and why I really don’t like baking in the sun that much. Hopefully I’ll be rewarded later in life for that but I really do believe it’s so important! I love the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for every day. 

bsl team favorites
bsl team favorites

4. Julia’s Mom: Kindle

I have always been a pretty avid reader but I would mostly read physical books until my mom got me the Kindle that she’s been using for so many years. I absolutely love it and think it’s the easiest way to read new books. You can also send library books to the Kindle so you don’t have to buy every single book you want to read, and it’s small and light so it’s super portable and great for trips!

best beauty products
amazon products

5. Sophia’s Mom: Noxzema Face Pads

I don’t use these regularly, but in high school, and still occasionally now, I will get these bumps on my forehead. They aren’t acne, but just little bumps that are the same color as my skin. The ONLY thing that could get rid of them were these pads that my mom also used. They definitely smell chemical-y so if there’s really bad stuff in them, don’t tell me 😂.

favorite products 2022
trendy products

6. Shelby’s Mom: Ugg Slippers

If there is one thing my mom has stuck with for decades, it’s her slippers. When she’s home, the girl cannot live without slippers. My mom has gone through so many pairs I’d probably consider her a slipper expert. Her favorites are the Ugg slippers and I completely agree. I am most definitely a slipper person because of her!

This post was all about the BSL team’s favorite clothing item.

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