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It is pure craziness over here at the BSL headquarters. From the house to the planner launch we are all running around like crazy people. Nevertheless, our favorites of the week are still fantastic and we cannot wait to share. 

There is a lot of variety this week, but there seems to always be and I love it! Next week we will be doing another installment of YOUR favorite things and I cannot wait to hear all about them!

Here are all BSL team favorites we're obsessing over this week.


favorite products 2022
favorite beauty products

1. The body cream Hannah is obsessed with

Shoutout to Izzy's dad for this one haha. When Izzy was in San Diego with her family her dad was raving about this pineapple lotion in a surf shop and I smelled it and instantly had to buy it. It smells like a dole whip (iykyk) and I am obsessed with it. - Hannah

trending beauty products 2021
favorite products 2022

2. The Foam Apple Airpod Buds Sarah loves 🤌🏻

I’ve been traveling a ton and having my AirPods is soo important. I got the AirPods Pros which I love but the original tops that it came with did not fit my ears at all. Izzy actually recommended me these and they fit my ears so much better! Definitely not as cute but a game changer.  -Sarah

bsl team favorites
bsl team favorites

3. Julia's Tennis Dress 

I loveee tennis skirts and wanted to try out a tennis dress since they are super popular right now and I found this one! Looks like a dupe from lululemon or any other nicer athletic wear store. It is so comfy, the perfect fit, and not super expensive at all. I really really want it in every color now!! - Julia

bsl favorite things
bsl team favorites

4. Lauren's Tatum Bracelet 

My favorite thing this week is actually a gift from Sophie for my birthday. It is a dainty gold bracelet from Gorjana. I have always seen their ads on social media but never pulled the trigger because their jewelry is ~slightly~ pricier. BUT - I just found out that Gorjana will replace any broken or tarnishing jewelry for free. The cutest wear-with-everything bracelet AND it lasts forever. - Lauren

best beauty products
amazon products

5. Sophia's favorite app, BeReal.

When the younger (and cooler 😉 BSL girls were in town a few weeks ago they told me about the BeReal app. I am obsessed! It is so fun and a fun more "real" type of social media. Basically, everyday at a random time you will get a notification to take a picture. It takes a front picture and a back picture. It brings me back a little to the OG Instagram and Snapchat. It disappears after 24 hours like Snapchat though. It's fun!! - Sophie

favorite products 2022
trendy products

6. Shelby's makeup artist's (aka her little sister) favorite primer

Over graduation, my little sister graciously did my makeup and it was amazing. Not only do I love being pampered, but Stella is INCREDIBLE at makeup. She's my go-to cosmetic gal. She used a bunch of products I had never used before, one being this Rare Beauty primer. Let me tell you, she did my makeup at 9 in the morning and that thing stayed on ALL day. It also must be noted that is was 95 degrees outside... I was sweating balls and my makeup stayed right and tight. Cannot recommend more. - Shelby

This post was all about the BSL team favorites this week.

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