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With all the chit-chatter about Halloween on Tiktok, we thought we'd join in on the fun 😜.

Each gal here at BSL has their own flare they like to bring to Halloween. From sexy to rocker to anything-that's-the-exact-opposite-to-sexy, someone here at BSL has done it!

If you love Halloween as much as we do, you're in the right place. We hope our costumes will entertain and mayybbbeee inspire you. Happy Halloween!

Here are the BSL team's favorite past Halloween costumes.


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1. Hannah's 80s Barbie Costume

I pulled this costume out of nowhere so last minute, but it was so cute. I just threw on some blue leggings I had, a hot pink one-piece swimsuit, a neon tank top, a headband, a random belt I had, and some fun earrings! I don't know how I randomly had all of this on hand, but the costume was a hit! Super comfy to be in all night too! - Hannah

Recreate hannah's Halloween Costume:

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3. Sarah's KISS Costume

To be honest, I don't really know how to explain this haha but it was super easy! Add some fish nets, red lip sticks and a band tee, and you're good to go. I always want to try hard for Halloween but never end up doing it because I kind of hate the holiday so I love an easy outfit that's still pretty cute. Definitely cuter than the plumber I dressed as once 🤣. - Sarah

Recreate Sarah's Halloween Costume:

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4. Julia's Mermaid Costume

My friend and I were mermaids last year (our other friend was a pirate) and it turned out super cute and easy!! You can use the fabric however you want to make a top and bottom. We got this idea from TikTok so we made a cute bra top and tie skirt/sarong with spandex underneath. The hair and glitter (which I put alllllll over ahah) were so fun to do and definitely pulled it all together. If you're crafty this costume would be right up your alley! - Julia

Recreate julia's Halloween Costume:

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5. Sophia's Step Brothers Costume

I am not a "hot" halloween dresser. Put me in the ugliest costume, and I shine. It is so nice going to bars and not having to suck in or try to look cute hahaha. Lauren and I did this costume last year with all things from Goodwill and Kohls. It will probably be in the running for my favorite costume for life. - Sophia

Recreate sophia's Halloween Costume:

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6. Shelby's Skeleton Costume

As every Halloween starts, my friends and I talked a bunch about what we wanted our costumes to be in September, then October came and we had done barely anything to prepare. So we went with something we knew would get the job done; skeletons. Super fun, very easy, and it was an outfit we could rewear afterwards (without the makeup obviously lol)! The top was from Victoria's Secret and is for sure not available anymore, but I'll link something I'd wear now. - Shelby

Recreate shelby's Halloween Costume:

This post was all about the BSL team's favorite past Halloween costume.

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