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bsl favorites
bsl favorites

Here at BSL we love to gossip about our new favorite purchases. Truly, they can be the most random things, but there's nothing better than spilling to your bff's about the new product you got you're obsessed with. It's the little things in life 😂.

Each week we are doing a brand new theme for the BSL Favorite Things and this week is all about our favorite new purchases! From shorts to shower heads, there's something for everyone. 

Here are the BSL team's favorite new purchases.


favorite products 2022
favorite beauty products

1. Hannah's Favorite Undies

I feel like I never find seamless underwear that I like because they are all so thin and slide around (iykyk) haha. I recently ordered these just to try something new and they are SO good. The material is super super soft and stretchy, and you can't see them under leggings. I have tried a ton of different brands (I am a big Parade fan) but these are by far the comfiest I have found. - Hannah

trending beauty products 2021
favorite products 2022

I love flowy shorts and recently purchased these ones! They're so cute for summer and I've been wearing them sooo much. So many different color options too! And not too pricey for Ref. -Sarah

bsl team favorites
bsl team favorites

4. Julia's Quay Quay All In and On the Fly sunglasses

I had been looking at Quay for a long time and finally just made a purchase because I lose my sunglasses allllll the time, so I couldn't get myself to do it until now. They were having a really good "buy one, get one free" sale, so I got two pairs I wouldn't typically buy but I am so so glad I did!! I was pleasantly surprised with the look and quality of both and will for sure buy more once I lose these haha. - Julia

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5. Sophia's Satin Pillow Cases

I got these for my bed when I first moved into my apartment and have used them for the last two years. I just re-ordered the same ones since they were starting to get a little dingy and it amazed me once again that its only $12 for a set of two! Considering they lasted me two years, I think that is pretty dang good. I also love that it has a zipper to fully hide the actual pillow. Will never buy a pillocase again that doesn't have zippers because of this pillow! - Sophia

favorite products 2022
trendy products

6. Shelby's Shower Head

EVERYONE SHOULD GET A NEW SHOWER HEAD. Life-changing. I get a new shower head for every single apartment I move in to (it's $30 and the best money I've ever spent). I'll save the old one and tuck it away in the bathroom cabinet for when I move out. They're so easy to switch out and this one has a hard water filter. Cannot recommend enough. - Shelby

This post was all about BSL favorite things.

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