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how to clean a dish sponge

Let's be real, kitchen sponges are d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. I have an insanely easy way to disinfect 99% of all the bacteria on the sponges you use. AND it's done in the microwave.

Think about wash dirty food with it and then let it sit in water which is the perfect bacteria forming situation. I mean, of course you use dish soap and rinse of the extra food, but it can still get really gross.

Ever since I learned this cleaning hack, I use it ALL the time. It takes two seconds and all you need is a microwave.

Here's how you can disinfect a dish sponge in the microwave...

Back to Basics by sophia lee (1)

Step 1: Get your sponge wet.

how to clean a dish sponge

Make sure your sponge is completely wet (and also - obvi make sure there is not metal in your sponge! That is a surefire way to start a little fire ;). 

Step 2: Put wet sponge on a plate and place in microwave.

cleaning hacks

Step 3: Set microwave to 1 minute.

how to clean dish sponge in microwave

After it's been microwaved for 1 minute, let it sit in there a little longer, otherwise you will burn your fingers. 

And that's how you clean your dish sponges in your microwave! I do this whenever it pops into my head because it is so dang easy.

That wraps up the second day of the Back To Basics series ?.

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