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Looking for the best tips & tricks to get your shower sparkling clean? Here are the absolute best shower cleaner ideas ever! 

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Is it just me, or does cleaning your shower always seem like a daunting task?? I will put cleaning my shower off for way longer than I’d like to admit ?.

I have always just scrubbed the shower with standard cleaners and a rag, but during my spring cleaning this year I discovered a whole new level of shower cleaning. Your shower will feel brand new with these shower cleaning hacks and products!

Whether you are looking for a deep clean or just general upkeep, I’ve got you covered!! I have tried SO many cleaning products and definitely have my favorites for shower cleaning. 

This post is all about the best shower cleaner.



☐ Wash towels and bath mat(s)

☐ Spray entire shower with cleanser 

☐ While cleanser sits, clean out the drain 

☐ Scrub the cleanser, adding more as needed (walls, grout, fixtures)

☐ Rinse everything down 

☐ Clean glass doors (if you have them) with glass cleaner

☐ Dry fixtures & glass to avoid water spots 

☐ Organize shower products (get rid of empty/unused products)


1. Shower Cleansers

A spray shower cleanser is key! I use the Clorox bleach spray on everything and it seriously cleans the heck out of my shower.

I am a big fan of scrubbing bubbles so I have a feeling the foamy shower cleaner would work super well and be very satisfying!! 

The method bathroom cleaner is a really good natural product, and you guys know I loveee my method products (liquid dish soap 10/10). 

2. Drain Cleaners

This might be one of the grossest tasks in the world, but it has to be done. The hair that I lose in the shower is insane. (Gross alert) it looks like a literal animal coming out of the drain sometimes ?

These little orange zip tie looking things are drain clog removers that you stick down the drain and twist around so it catches everything, and then you pull it out and see all the nastiness. The green gobbler is an amazon best selling clog dissolver that should also get the job done if you’re looking for something a little less gross. 

3. Scrubbers

Okay I bought a scrubber with a long handle like this from Target for my spring cleaning and I loved it. It makes your life so much easier when trying to get to those areas that are hard to reach!! 

The drill brushes are seriously innovative!! If you have a power drill, you can just attach these scrubber heads onto it and really scrub all of the hard to reach corners and grout lines. Trust me, it will work a whole lot better than trying to use an old toothbrush. 

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4. Glass Cleaner 

If you have glass doors in your shower, definitely try out this rain x cleaner!! It will get rid of all of those annoying water spots. 

To prevent water spots in the first place, keep a squeegee in your shower and always use it after every shower to keep water from drying on the glass. 

5. Other Essentials 

Cleaning your shower can be nasty and also heavy on the chemicals. Using gloves will save your hands from the germs and the harsh cleaners! 

Lysol wipes are a cleaning essential. There are just some things that you can never go wrong with, and these wipes are definitely ranking high amongst those things. 


6. Keep a scrubber in the shower at all times to clean while showering 

This is a life hack I found on TikTok that I thought was SO smart. Basically, you keep one of these dish scrubbers (that can be filled with soap) in your shower at all times. Once a week or so just quickly scrub your shower down while you are doing a hair mask or deep conditioning and then you get your cleaning done while you’re already in the shower. 

Using a natural soap in this scrubber would probably be a good move if you are using it so often!

7. Use a special drain protector to keep hair from getting stuck in the drain 

If you are scarred for life by my descriptions of pulling hair out of the drain, you definitely should try out a tub shroom. These little guys replace your existing drain cover and catch all the hair so you don’t have to worry about pulling it out or using any clog dissolver! 

8. Soak your shower head in vinegar 

To get rid of hard water deposits and limescale buildup on your shower head, just fill a ziplock bag with white vinegar and rubber band it to your shower head! Let it soak for an hour or so (while scrubbing everything else) and it is good as new!

You can also do this on your sink faucets to get rid of that nasty buildup. 

9. Always wear old clothes while cleaning your shower

This is especially important if you plan on using my favorite bleach spray. Make sure you are wearing clothes that you couldn’t care less about!! Cleaning a shower is a messy process and you don’t want to ruin your clothes with all of the cleaning products. 

This post was all about the best shower cleaner.

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