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Looking for the best bath mats for your bathroom? Lucky for you, I have rounded up 16 of the cutest bath mats I've ever seen! 

best bath mat

Unless you're a little decor crazy like me, you probably didn't think twice about what bath mat you were going to buy for your bathroom. You maybe thought about the towels and some bathroom decor, but you can't forget about the bath mat!! It can truly enhance your space with just a little cute pop of color or texture.

Some of these bath mats are quirky and will definitely give your guests a good laugh, and some of them are super classy and will make your space look like it was professionally styled ?

I have bath mats in this post that would be perfect for anything from your college bathroom to your forever home . No matter what your style is, you definitely need to check out these 16 best bath mats that will take your bathroom from blah to beautiful! 

This post is all about the best bath mats.


1. Get Naked Bath Mat 

best memory foam bath mat

I don't know what it is about this bath mat, but every time I see it I am still obsessed! It's clean and simple but it also will make me laugh literally every time I walk into my bathroom. 

I wanted this bath mat sooo bad in my college apartment, but I never got assigned to bathroom duty when my roommates and I split up buying everything. Make my bath mat dreams come true and get this one ?

2. Tile Bath Mat

washable bathroom rugs

Now this is amazing!!!! I absolutely love the look of black and white penny tile in a bathroom, but if you're renting (or not up for replacing your whole bathroom floor ?) this is the perfect way to get that look!

You can literally spell out anything you want on this tile mat and it will look like custom penny tile! It is definitely pricey, but it would make the best housewarming gift or even wedding gift with some fancy soaps or something like that! 

3. Faux Hide Bath Mat 

best baby bath mats

If you are not looking for your bath mat to be the star of the show in your bathroom, this simple faux hide mat is still different and interesting, but not too much! Super simple and pretty.  

I also think this look could match with so many different bathroom styles. Whether you are going boho, farmhouse, or even modern this would fit! 

4. Le Bain Bath Mat

west elm bath mat

This is giving me all the trendy, NYC apartment vibes and I am here for it!! Imagine this bath mat with a bunch of pastel accents in a bathroom, soo cute and trendy. 

Le Bain is French for "the bath" so it could not be more perfect for your bathroom! I could also see this being super cute in a fancy kids' bathroom ;). 

5. Hazel Brown Persian Rug Print Bath Mat

bamboo bath mat

Okay, not to sound like a fangirl, but I feel like this is something Shea McGee would use in one of her spaces and it would look perfect. It has just the right amount of a weathered look, and the earthy tones that would make the bathroom look warm and calm. World Market never misses. 

6. White Tassel Two-Piece Bath Mat Set

Looking for something cheap and easy? These bath mats look like they could be an Anthropologie find and they are literally from Amazon!! 

The pattern is subtle enough so the tassels aren't overkill, and you can never go wrong with an all white look. 

7. Yellow Boho Tassel Bath Mat

best bath mats for babies

Okay, if I'm being honest I'm really not a big boho girl, but I love this bath mat!! I don't know if it's just because it's great quality, but the colors, the patterns, the tassels... perfect (chef's kiss*). 

(Also, this would be the perfect pop of color in a more muted boho bathroom.)

8. Faux White Tiger Hide Bath Mat 

cute bath mats

Another bath mat that is so random, but could be SO cute if styled right!! I could see this in a really trendy apartment bathroom with lots of plants and eclectic decor. 

I have seen people actually use this bath mat as a mini rug in their dorm room too and it is such a fun look! 

9. Extra Long Woven White Bath Mat

bath mat runner

Working with a tiny bathroom? You can elongate your space and make it look bigger with a long bath mat! I love this simple white, boho option from World Market. 

It isn't too patterned, but the tassels add a fun texture, and you can trust that the quality would be 10/10 from World Market. 

10. Black and White Boho Bath Mat

I think this completely looks like a piece in a Hearth and Hand/Magnolia collection and I love it!! It has a subtle boho look, but the modern black and white color scheme balances it out so it would look amazing in any style space. 

Also, because it's from amazon, that's an automatic bonus. Always here for that prime shipping ??

11. Sweet Cheeks Bath Mat

luxury bath mats

Talk about cute and cheeky ;). Urban Outfitters at it again with another bathmat that would be so cute in any apartment bathroom. It's  subtle enough to not stand out, but add just the right amount of color. 

12. Jute Woven Bath Mat 

gorilla grip bath mat

I would 100% buy this bath mat for my apartment. I think it is literally perfect. It looks like jute, but it is cotton so it wouldn't be rough or scratchy. The colors match my apartment aesthetic perfectly and the simple pattern would look good in any space. 

13. Peachy Clean Bath Mat

best bath mat no mildew

Here it is, the bath mat you have seen all over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. I actually think it's adorable, especially when people pair it with the peach shower curtain in an all white space with some green accents. 

14. Muted Boho Geometric Bath Mat 

target bath mat

How cute is this bath mat?? I love the blush, navy blue, and mustard combination. The pattern isn't too much so it wouldn't be an eyesore in your bathroom. 

15. Rise & Shine Bath Mat

best non slip bath mats

If you have a bathroom and you want to add a pop of sunshine, this would be adorable. I like that it has writing, but it's not super in your face... if that makes sense ?

I would also love to put this in my future kids' bathroom (don't judge me for thinking about this)!

16. Black and White Striped Bath Mat

target bath mats

Last, but not least, this Target bath mat!! I love a good Target find more than most things in life, and this one is a 10/10. I've definitely had this in my cart a bunch of times, but never end up buying it because I don't technically need it ?

This post was all about the best bath mats.

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