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Moving into your apartment and lost on how to keep your bathroom looking spotless at all times? This post is all about bathroom organization.

bathroom organization ideas

Ever since I started looking at apartments, I was obsessed with finding the best bathroom organization tips and tricks.

There are so many different ways to incorporate organization into your bathroom to ensure that it's always looking clean and clutter free.

Here are some of my favorite bathroom organization tips and some that I personally used in my own bathroom when I moved into my first apartment. 

This post is all about bathroom organization.

Best Bathroom Organization Ideas:

1. Use Lazy Suzans for Easy Access to Products

bathroom organization

Recreate this bathroom organization:

A great bathroom organization idea is by using lazy susan type containers. This makes finding products so much easier since you can just spin it around to find what you need. 

I used these in my cabinets so I wouldn't have to dig around to find things that were hidden in the back. I'm obsessed with how easy this made things and how much more organized my bathroom feels. 

2. Organize Products By Use 

bathroom organization

One of my favorite bathroom organization hacks is organizing products by use and category. When organizing my bathroom, I took everything out and planned out with sticky notes where I wanted each type of product to go. This way everything was way easier to find. 

I then put all the products together by category and added them to the shelves in the planned space. 

3. Clear Dividers in Vanity Drawers

bathroom organization

Recreate this bathroom organization:

Drawers can become incredibly messy very quickly. By adding a few clear dividers to your vanity drawers, you can keep all your products separated and in one space. 

I personally used a variety of sizes for the clear containers in my drawer so I could fit all of my different products. 

4. Organize Towels on Towel Rack

bathroom organization ideas

Instead of hanging towels, keep them in this sleek towel rack. This is a more unique way to store towels and also saves space in your cabinets or closet where you would otherwise store towels. 

You could also get accent color towels to add more color to your bathroom decor. 

5. Under The Sink Slide-Out Drawers

Recreate this bathroom:

If most of your bathroom storage is under the sink, using slide out drawers makes retrieving items much easier. This also ensures that every item has a place, instead of having things randomly placed under the sink. 

This is also a great way to keep things off the counter, making the space look much cleaner. 

6. Label Clear Containers

Recreate this bathroom:

To add a cute touch and ensure that you know where things go, add a label to your clear containers. 

I love how this bathroom utilized a variety of different container sizes and added a bubbly cursive font to a few of the containers. Such an adorable and functional touch. 

7. Over-the-Toilet Storage

bathroom storage

In a bathroom with very little space, it can be difficult to find places to keep all your things. I know as a girl with a lot of products, it can be hard to organize everything when there isn't much space. 

Utilizing the space above your toilet is a great way to use space that you normally wouldn't. There is a wide range of organization options for over the toilet so there is definitely something for every space and aesthetic. 

8. Hide Feminine Products in Small Woven Container

No one wants to have their feminine products visible in their bathroom, especially if they plan to have guests use the bathroom. 

Find cute containers to hide them in while also adding a touch of decor to your bathroom organization. It's a win-win! 

9. Store Items Inside Cabinet Door

Unfortunately, hair products and tools can take up a lot of space and also get in the way with the long cords they carry. 

A great way to utilize the unused space inside your cabinets is storing hair tools inside the cabinet door. This hanging storage is perfect for the hair essentials! 

10. Utilize Wall Space as Storage

To keep products off of your counter space, using the wall space above is a great bathroom organization option.

This mason jar and wood wall mount is a perfect way to add a rustic touch to any bathroom while also keeping this organized and off the counter. 

11. Over-the-Toilet Shelving

small bathroom organization ideas

Over the toilet shelving is another great bathroom organization hack that utilizes unused space. Instead of adding a picture frame of decor item, adding shelves is a functional way to add organization while also adding decor. 

You can mix in bathroom products with other accents such as candles or greenery to make it more cohesive with the rest of the bathroom decor. 

12. Glass Canisters for Storing Essentials

Recreate this bathroom:

For those items that you keep backups for or seem to have a large amount of, adding them into a glass canister like these makes it look much more organized and makes it look a little prettier. 

13. Store Makeup in a Clear Container

Recreate this bathroom:

If you're a makeup junky with a large variety of different products, storing them in a container specific for makeup is a perfect way to keep your products organized and clean. 

I used to just throw them in a makeup bag, but it'd take me even longer to get ready because I'd have to dig through to find things. My makeup would also get all over and make my products dirty. 

Definitely recommend getting an organization container for your makeup. I have this one and it's amazing! 

14. Keep Toilet Paper in a Basket

bathroom organization hacks

The worst thing ever is going to the bathroom and then realizing there's no toilet paper. Keeping a few rolls in a cute container above the toilet solves this problem while also adding a cute touch to the toilet area. 

I love the way this bathroom tied in the basket with the shelves above the toilet. It all works so well together while also being functional. 

15. Use Wicker Baskets for Storage

bathroom organization ideas

Using large wicker baskets for bathroom closet organization is a great way to easily hide clutter. 

Adding a variety of wicker baskets on different shelves creates a great balance throughout the closet. 

16. Use a Variety of Containers & Bins

Recreate this bathroom organization:

Using a variety of different bins and containers is a great way to make a bathroom closet look better while keeping the clutter separated. 

A great way to make sure you remember where things are is by adding decorative labels like this bathroom did. 

17. Use a Label Maker to Perfectly Label Containers

Recreate this bathroom:

If you're one of those people that loves labeling everything, this bathroom organization DIY idea is for you. 

Separate all your products into their specific categories and label them. This makes it so much easier to find things quickly AND it just looks so much more organized. 

18. Under the Sink Drawers

For bathrooms with limited storage, create storage under the sink by adding shelves. These storage drawers are so cute and add function to a space that otherwise didn't serve any purpose. 

I love how this bathroom used two of these shelves and added towels, containers and products. 

19. Towel Ladder

bathroom organization ideas

I love the minimal look of the metal ladder in the in the bathroom and I think this is a perfect way to organize towels! 

20. Rolling Cart 

bathroom hacks

For more bathroom storage a rolling cart like this one would be a perfect addition to a bathroom! This gives you a lot more storage but is a much cuter option than just bins for storage. 

21. Put Soaps & Lotions on a Tray

For things like soaps, lotions and candles, get a tray to keep everything on. This one of the easier small bathroom organization ideas but it really adds a cute touch to any bathroom. 

By adding greenery or another accent accessory to the tray, you can really make it look pretty. 

22. Incorporate Free Standing Shelves

If you have extra space in your bathroom, adding shelving is great way to include additional storage while also creating a spot for more decor. 

I love how this bathroom added a basket as well as the plants on the top shelf to balance out the bathroom essentials with the decor. 

23. Utilize Bathtub for Storage

Recreate this bathroom:

For those that are lucky enough to have a bathtub in their bathroom, using the space around is great for towel storage. 

24. Bathroom Storage Cabinet

bathroom storage hacks

For extra cabinet space, adding a free standing cabinet is a great way to add some extra storage. This is a nice option too if you want to hide any clutter because it's closed organization. 

For bathrooms that are larger, this is a perfect addition.

25. Towel Rod Behind the Toilet 

To add some shelving as well as a towel rack, this 2-in-1 shelving unit is perfect for over the toilet. This definitely gives off a more rustic feeling which is perfect for that type of decor. 

26. Behind the Door Storage 

To maximize bathroom storage space, utilizing the back of the door can add a lot of room for random products and towels. 

This over the door storage option is so affordable and perfect for any bathroom. 

27. Corner Shower Caddy

For small showers, a corner shower caddy adds a few racks in the shower without taking up a ton of space. This one of my favorite easy small bathroom organization ideas for the shower. 

This post is all about bathroom organization.

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