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Looking for everything you need to survive in your dorm this year? Here is the ultimate survival kit for college freshman.

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Moving out of your childhood home and into a college dorm is a huge step. It can be easy to forget things that are essential to living on your own simply because you were so used to having them at home.

After living in my dorm for about a week, I specifically remember realizing I didn't have basic essentials like bobby pins, medicine, or even just things like scissors and tape. I was totally used to my parents providing everything so I didn't even think to bring those things.

Bringing a college survival kit is essential to surviving your freshman year in the dorms so I put together an entire list of everything you need to bring.

This post is all about the ultimate survival kit for college freshman

dorm survival kit


1. Medicine

Bringing all kinds of medicine is my number one suggestion when it comes time to move into your freshman dorm. Dorms have pretty bad air filtration systems and when one person on your floor gets sick, you probably will too. Sharing community bathrooms and a dorm room with someone else is pretty much a guarantee that you will get sick at some point while living in the dorms. 

I pretty much lived on Mucinex whenever I got sick and Advil after a night out. I also highly recommend having a pack of Emergen-C on hand during your time living in a dorm room. Anytime you start to feel bad, mix a pack in with your water to prevent getting sick.

2. Tool Kit

Having a tool kit is super important to have when you move into your first apartment but it also is super useful to have in your dorm room! Having a hammer, screwdriver, and Exacto knife is super helpful when moving into your dorm or fixing up a couple of things throughout the year. 

Even if you don’t end up using your tool kit a ton in your dorm room, you will definitely be using it in your future college apartment.



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3. Tide To Go Pen

Getting a stain on your clothing right before going out is one of the worst things am I right? Having to change out of the outfit you just spent time putting together is so frustrating.

Keep a Tide to-go pen in your dorm for easy and instant stain removal. I recommend keeping on in your survival kit for freshman, purse, and bathroom bag.

4. Command Hooks And Extra Strips

You most likely can’t use nails in your dorm room so Command hooks are your best option to hang things up. These literally changed the game when it came to my wall decor and were surprisingly so sturdy. I used them to hang up all of my wall decor and even used them as coat and purse racks.

Make sure to keep different size hooks around as well as extra strips in case you run out or want to move your wall decor around. 

5. Portable Charger

Keeping a portable charger in your college survival kit is pretty much a necessity. Having your phone die during a night out is so frustrating and inconvenient especially if you use your phone to get into your dorm.

Keeping a portable charger around will ensure your phone never dies while out and about and will be a lifesaver when the power goes out.

6. Tape

Tape is one of those things that I forgot to bring but ended up needing all of the time. I would 100% recommend keeping it in your college survival kit!

I suggest bringing regular Scotch tape for general use, masking tape for an easily removable option, and packing tape for packages.

7. Scissors

Scissors were one of those things I forgot about but always needed to cut tags off clothing, open packages, and cut loose threads.

You will be needing scissors all of the time while living in your freshman dorm room so make sure to keep a pair or two around. Why not get a gold pair of scissors while you’re at it?!

8. Chapstick/Lipbalm

I am one of those people who loses their chapstick 24/7 but always end up needing it. Make sure to keep a pack of chapstick or lip balm around for the cold winter months. Your lips will thank you!

9. Tampons

Don’t forget feminine products! The worst thing ever is starting your period and being out of tampons. These organic tampons are the best around. Plus, the packaging is super cute.

10. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is essential if you paint your nails often. I highly suggest buying pure acetone nail polish remover and filling a push bottle with it. These bottles are so much more convenient and prevent spilling. I have also found acetone nail polish remover already in these bottles at the dollar store if you want to save plastic!

11. Nail Clippers And File

Nail clippers and a nail file are two more nail products that no one should leave out of their survival kit for college freshmen. No matter if you are a guy or a girl, you will definitely need them while living in your dorm room.

12. Bandaids And Neosporin

You are inevitably going to get a couple of cuts or blisters in college that you will need bandaids for. Keep a first aid kit around full of different-sized bandaids, Neosporin, and these blister bandaids. These blister bandaids are my all-time favorite and protect your blisters from getting worse.

PS. I just learned you can use blister bandaids (hydrocolloid bandaids) for pimples too?! Leave them on your pimples overnight and you can literally see the gunk from your pimple on the bandaid the next morning. I tried it out the other day and it actually works!

13. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are essential for anyone with medium-length to long-length hair. I constantly lose these so having a ton around is a great idea.

14. Hair Ties

Make sure to bring regular hair ties as well as small elastics. I'm sure any girl can relate to constantly losing these so having a large pack around is always a good idea.

15. Sewing Kit And Safety Pins

I can't tell you how many times I would have to ask my roommate or a girl down the hall for a safety pin. Keeping safety pins in your dorm is great if you’re in a pinch and need to quickly fasten a strap or make your clothes tighter. Keep a small and simple sewing kit on hand in case a strap breaks or you need to sew a button back on. 

16. Lint Roller

Lint rollers are great to have in your freshman survival kit for when you're in a pinch and need to clean hair, dust, or lint off your clothing. These lint rollers are the best and come in two sizes that are easy to keep in a purse or small bag.

Plus, they are retractable so they wont lose their stickiness or get dirty while in your bag. 

17. Batteries

You are going to need batteries at some point for calculators, lights, and other items in your dorm room. I recommend keeping both AA and AAA batteries on hand just in case!

18. Sleeping Mask

There are going to be times while living in your dorm that your roommate has to stay up late working on homework or when it is just too bright in your room. Keep a sleeping mask around so you can always get that beauty sleep you deserve!

19. Mini Deoderant

Secret freshies are my all-time favorite portable deodorants. They fit perfectly in any purse, makeup bag, or in this case, survival kit! Keeping these around is great if you don’t want to carry around a large sized deodorant.

20. Clorox Wipes

Your dorm room is inevitably going to get dirty so you want to make sure to keep Clorox wipes around. Using these to clean frequently will also kill germs and bacteria and help prevent you from getting sick.

21. Wrinkle Releaser Spray

If you watch my Instagram stories, you have heard me rave about Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray. It basically is the next best alternative to a steamer or iron and takes no time to fix wrinkles. 

Bringing an ironing board to your dorm room is pretty much impossible and most of the time not even allowed. Keep these mini wrinkle releaser spray bottles around to fix wrinkled clothes in minutes.

22. Thermometer

Like I said before, you are most likely going to get sick at some point while living in your freshman dorm so having a thermometer around is a good idea. You don’t want to be going to class with a fever so keep a thermometer around for the times you aren’t feeling well.

23. Super Glue

I used super glue for anything and everything and my dorm room so it is one item you don’t want to leave out of your college survival kit for freshman dorm living.

Super glue is great to fix things in your dorm or if you are anything like me, glue nails back on. ?

24. Cough Drops

The worst thing ever is being stuck in your dorm room with a sore throat. Keep couch drops around to ease your pain and coughing until you can get to a doctor.

25. Tissues

You don’t want to have to run to the bathroom every time you need to blow your nose so keeping tissues in your room is a good idea. I recommend having a box by your bed as well as mini packs to keep in your purse or backpack.

26. Dry Shampoo

We have all been through those days where we just do not feel like washing our hair. I highly recommend keeping a bottle of dry shampoo in your college survival kit. Keep a full-sized bottle in your dorm as well as a mini-sized bottle to keep in your bag to use when you are on the go.

27. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is great to have in your dorm room for when you are in a pinch and don’t have time to go to the community bathroom to wash your hands. I recommend every freshman keep a couple of bottles around to help prevent you from getting sick as well!

28. Ear Plugs

If you are a light sleeper, earplugs are going to be a must-have in your freshman survival kit. 

My dorm was next to a train track that ran every hour so you bet I kept these around my freshman year. You can buy a large pack like this one for cheap from Amazon that will last you the entire year. These are also great if you are trying to sleep while your roommate is watching TV or playing music.

This post was all about the ultimate survival kit for college freshman.

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