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Looking for the best Target dorm organization products? Here are all of our favorites!

target dorm organization

Because dorms are so small, they can get really messy really fast if you don't have the right products to keep it clean and organized. That is why you need all the best Target dorm organization products!

We all know Target is one of the best stores to go shopping that has almost everything you could possibly need. But, they really are the perfect store to go dorm shopping for your freshman year of college.

 Not only does Target have amazing dorm decor and bedding, they also have tons of amazing dorm organization products that will make living in a dorm a whole lot easier. We have put together all of our favorite dorm organization products from Target so you can organize your dorm room by just buying (or ordering) from your local Target!

This post is all about Target dorm organization products


1. Plastic Baskets

target dorm organization

I used these plastic bins to organize my dorm room freshman year and they literally saved my life. They are perfect to organize hair products, clothes like your underwear and bras, or really anything on a shelf or in drawers. If you want to keep your dorm organized this year I would highly recommend stocking up on these to keep everything clean and easy to find.

2. Cloth Storage Bags

target dorm organization

These clothes storage bags will literally change the game when it comes to moving in and out of your dorm. They are super light weight so bringing them in and out of your dorm will make packing so much easier. They also have a clear top which makes it super easy to tell what you have packed in them. 

The reason they are on our list of favorite dorm organizing products is because they can easily be put under your bed or in your closet to store seasonal clothes or just clothes you don't wear as often. Because they are cloth, they are super easy to squish under your bed as opposed to the large, structured ones.

3. Drawer Dividers

target dorm organization

If you have drawers in in your dorm you will definitely need a way to organize them. These hexagonal shaped drawer dividers are the perfect ones to use in your drawers to organize socks or underwear. Even if you don't get these exact shaped ones, drawer dividers are an essential if you want to keep your dorm organized this year.

4. Garment Rack

target dorm organization

Target sells tons of garment racks but this one was the cheapest option Target has. It is only $15! A lot of times dorm closets are super small so if your dorm has some extra room, a garment rack is the best option to store hanging clothes. 

This one is also on wheels so it can easily be moved around instead of having to take clothes off and move the whole rack around!

5. Two Shelf Storage Cube

target dorm organization

Storage cubes are great because they can serve as storage as well as seating or a table. I love this natural wood colored one from Target if you want a storage option that has a little more style than the plain white ones. Find some cute baskets to put on the shelves to keep your clothes or other items organized and out of sight!

6. Hanging Spinning Closet Shoe Storage

target dorm organization

We have all seen the basic shoe organizers that go over the door but this one is even cooler because it can be hung up in your closet and easily spun around to see all your shoe options! If you have limited space in your closet, a regular over the door shoe rack may be a better option but if you have the extra room I think this one would be super handy to organize your closet. 

You could even use this to store snacks or other food you want to keep in your dorm if you don't have a designated kitchen area.

7. Makeup Desk Organizer

target dorm organization

Makeup organizers saved my life when I was living in a dorm room. Without one, my makeup would have been all over my desk and made everything a lot harder to find. This plastic one from Target has some really pretty gold accents in it so it looks a lot cuter than the normal clear ones. We love organization products that also serve as cute decor!

8. Tower With Laundry Hamper

target dorm organization

This tower organizer is perfect for any dorm room especially if you have your own bathroom. It will keep all your towels in one place and make sure your dirty laundry stays organized and off the floor. When it is time to wash your clothes, all you have to do is lift up the laundry basket out of the tower! Even if you don't have your own bathroom in your dorm, this could easily be kept in your closet to keep things super clean and organized.

9. Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are one of my favorite dorm organization products to use to keep your things organized. I hadn't even thought to use these in my dorm until I saw my friend put one in her dorm room and now I totally wish I had. She used hers in her dorm kitchen to keep extra snacks and dishes but you could also use them in your dorm room to store school supplies, books, hair products, toiletries, and really anything else! These are great because they are super light and easy to roll around if you need to.

10. Rolling Drawers

dorm organization target

If you have ever seen those Ikea storage drawers this one from Target is pretty much the same thing! I absolutely love these because they look really clean and classy but hold so much. Having one of these in your college dorm room will give you so much more storage space for clothes such as underwear, socks, bras, t-shirts, swimsuits, or anything that doesn't need to be hung up. 

They can also double as a side table if your bed is raised which will optimize space in your dorm. Plus, they are on wheels which, like I said earlier, is always nice especially for moving in and out of your dorm.

11. Storage Ottoman

target dorm organization

In my opinion, everyone should have an ottoman in their room. The are great to have as extra seating for when friends come over and provide the perfect spot to sit when getting ready to put shoes on.

If you do plan on buying an ottoman for your dorm room, I highly suggest buying a storage ottoman like this one. Not only will it provide the extra seating, but it will add another place to store things you use frequently but don't want lying around in your room. These are perfect to throw shoes in if you want to quickly clean up or even extra throw blankets!

12. Jewelry Organizer

target dorm organization
target dorm organization
target dorm organization

Jewelry is one of the easiest things to lose and become disorganized in any room especially dorm rooms! I can't tell you how many pairs of earrings I lost in my dorm before I found a good way to organize my jewelry. There are tons of different options when it comes to organizing your jewelry. You can either use a hanging jewelry organizer, or find a cute container to keep everything organized and detangled. 

13. Cube Storage Organizer

target dorm organization

Storage cubes are a go-to organization product for dorm rooms and Target has so many different options. You can find these in really any color so that it matches the furniture in your room. You can pick any color or style baskets you like to put in the cubes and then decorate the concrete top with cute decor or extra baskets. 

If you have a small dorm and limited space to work with, you can also use your storage cube under your bed. This still allows for easy access to store whatever you plan to organize and keep your floor space open.

This post was all about Target dorm organization products.

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