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Want to bring the holiday spirit into your dorm with Christmas dorm decor? Here are all the best ways to bring Christmas into your dorm.

christmas dorm decor

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the best holidays of the year. Who doesn’t love cuddling up with a cozy blanket and hot chocolate by the fireplace? 

Christmas vibes are unmatched but the holidays look and feel a little different in college. When living in your dorm room you no longer have a cozy fireplace, huge family Christmas tree, or designated stockings hung by your mom. But, just because your childhood Christmas decor won’t be coming with you to college doesn’t mean you can’t create a super festive and cozy room of your own! 

If you are looking to bring the holiday feeling into your dorm room this year, these are the very best ideas and Christmas dorm decor to do just that.

This post is all about Christmas dorm decor.


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1. Christmas Throw Pillows

Recreate this Christmas dorm decor:

No Christmas dorm bedding is complete without some festive and cozy throw pillows! Pillows are a fun and easy way to add the holiday spirit to your dorm without spending a ton of money. Switch out your normal dorm throws for some cute Christmas-themed pillows. You could even just buy Christmas pillow covers to fit over your normal pillows to save money and storage space!

2. Decorate Your Shelves

Recreate this Christmas dorm decor:

Chances are you have some sort of shelving in your dorm room. If this is the case, add some fun Christmas decorations on top of them! You can use anything from small Christmas trees, to picture frames with cute holiday pictures or sayings. If you don’t have shelving to add decorations onto, you can always buy some floating shelves or hang other wall decor with command hooks!

3. Decorate The Corner Of Your Room With A Small Tree

Recreate this Christmas dorm decor:

While you won’t be able to bring the huge tree you’re used to, this small Christmas tree is the perfectly sized alternative for dorm rooms. Decorate your tree with garlands, ornaments, and any other Christmas decor to match your room.

4. Wrap Boxes To Look Like Gifts

Recreate this Christmas dorm decor:

Here is one of the easiest ways to decorate your dorm for Christmas that you can do on even a college student’s budget. Wrap old boxes with any cute wrapping paper that you like to make them look like gifts! Amazon boxes work perfectly for this DIY which I’m sure any college student can get a hold of super easily.

5. Decorate The Outside Of Your Door

Recreate this Christmas dorm decor:

You may be focused on decorating the inside of your dorm for the holidays but don’t forget to decorate the outside as well! Use wrapping paper and garland to create a fun and festive door that everyone in your hall will be talking about. 

This removable chalkboard paper is self-adhesive which makes it super easy to apply to the outside of your door! Plus with this, you can change the sayings and drawings as much as you want!


1. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are a dorm decor staple, especially when decorating for Christmas. They are super cheap, easy to hang up with command hooks, and add the perfect Christmas ambiance to any dorm.

2. Wreaths

You can never go wrong with a good Christmas wreath even in dorm rooms. Hang a wreath on your door or as part of your wall decor inside your room. There are a ton of cute wreaths you can buy on Amazon and Etsy or you can DIY one yourself with a styrofoam wreath and pom poms! I DIYed my own freshman year and used neutral-colored pom poms made of yarn and added a few gold bells to give it a Christmas vibe.

3. Fill Glass Jars With Bells

Jingle bells are a symbol of Christmas that you can never go wrong with using in your Christmas dorm decor. Fill a glass jar with bells to create simple but super cute table decor. You could even scatter bells around your counters or side tables as well!

4. Garlands

One thing you need to keep in mind when decorating your dorm for Christmas is wall decor that is easy to hang. You won’t be able to screw anything into your walls so command hooks are going to be the way to go. A super easy wall decor idea that you can use in your dorm using only command hooks is to use garlands. These are lightweight but super festive and a great way to fill up wall space in a festive way.

5. Mini Christmas Tree & Ornaments

If you don’t have room for even a medium-sized tree in the corner of your room you can always use a mini Christmas tree on your counter or side table! Decorate your tree with fun mini ornaments to give your dorm that Christmas feel without taking up a whole bunch of space.

6. Stockings

How fun would it be to get stockings for you and all your roommates?! You can hang stockings on your bed frame, side table, or even your wall with command hooks. 

7. Christmas Throw Pillows

These Christmas pillows are some of the cutest ones I have found this year. Traditional Christmas pillows look a little outdated in my opinion but these are some super cute and trendy options that are perfect for any college dorm.

8. Christmas Printables

Don’t have a ton of money to decorate your dorm for Christmas? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Here are some super cute FREE Christmas printables that you can use in the existing picture frames in your dorm. These printables are a great way to add the Christmas spirit into your dorm room that will cost you $0.

9. Fuzzy Blankets

There is no better feeling than cuddling up with a cozy blanket during the cold winter season so you want to make sure you have some cute and comfy throw blankets in your room! These two fuzzy blankets from Amazon are some of my current favorites.

10. Create A Fireplace With Your TV

My roommates and I have done this all throughout college and I personally think it’s genius. Obviously, you won’t have a fireplace in your dorm but if you have a TV you already have the next best thing. Turn on a fireplace video on youtube to give you the visual of a fireplace in your room. This video even makes fireplace sounds to truly make it feel like you're sitting next to a fireplace!

11. Christmas Wax Melts

Candles are a big no-no in dorm rooms but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the smells of Christmas. Opt for a wax warmer like this one from Target and buy some Christmas-y wax melts on Amazon. If candle warmers aren't allowed in your dorm room either you can always buy a plug-in air freshener!

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