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This post is all about dorm cleaning supplies.

Dorm Cleaning Supplies

I am a clean freak

There I said it (and tbh I am even a little proud of it haha). Moving into the dorms was tough for me because I like everything to be clean and organized but it's such a small space that it was much harder to do that than I expected. Because dorms are so small, they can get dirty sooo fast.

Good thing for you, I found my favorite dorm cleaning supplies that actually worked to keep my room clean. These are all such good items to keep in your dorm. 

This post is all about dorm cleaning supplies.

The 5 Essential Dorm Cleaning Supplies:

These next five products are things I used weekly to clean my dorm room. The ya-need-to-have products that I swear by!! The rest of this post is dorm cleaning supplies that would make life easier but you don't needddd them.

1. Small Vacuum

Dorm cleaning supplies would not be complete without one of these! I remember so many people asking to borrow my vacuum when I lived in my dorm.

This one is small and won't take up too much room which is essential in such a small space. I know that your dorm offers most likely offers you a vacuum, but those vacuums are usually ancient and don't work very well. 

2. Clorox Wipes

Clorox wipes can be used to wipe down basically any surface. I can't tell you how many of these I went through in my dorm. 

These are great for surfaces like your desk or tables that will get dusty super fast. Definitely recommend adding these to your dorm cleaning supplies list! 

3. Febreeze

Febreeze is a dorm cleaning supplies staple. Okay, maybe it isn't technically cleaning supplies, but it will definitely keep your room smelling clean. 

4. Mrs. Meyers Everyday Cleaning Spray

This is one of my favorite dorm cleaning supplies. Mrs. Meyers cleaners come in a ton of different scents and are an all purpose cleaner. These are great for literally any surface in your dorm from sinks, countertops, desks, mirrors, etc. 

When I clean my dorm, I always start with this. I give everything a really good spray because your dorm room gets dusty fast.

5. Disinfectant Spray

I was a freakin' disinfecting queen when living in the dorm rooms. Sicknesses spread so fast and everything has germs on it.

I'd disinfect the door knobs, remotes, basically everything haha.

6. Febreze Trash Bags

I swear by Febreze trash bags all the time but especially when living in a dorm room. These really do such a GOOD job at masking the smell of whatever goes in your trashcan.

The Dorm Cleaning Supplies That'll Make Life Easier:

If you have community bathrooms than don't worry about getting anything for that!!

7. Swiffer

If you have tile or wood floors in your dorm, I would definitely recommend one of these. You would be surprised how much dirt you will sweep up with them. 

My floors got so dirty so fast, especially in the winter so I highly recommend this for your dorm cleaning supplies essentials. 

8. Shoe Deodorizers

Am I the only one that shoes start to smell really bad really fast? Like it's actually gross lol. 

I ordered these for my shoes and they work so well. Because dorms are small, shoes can stink up your room fast. Place these in your shoes to absorb the odor and keep your dorm room smelling good!

9. DampRid Dehumidifiers

I did't know about these until after a few weeks into living in my dorm. But boy they make a HUGE difference.

If you are living in an older dorm that gets humid, these are super helpful in keeping it less damp. Only a few weeks in to college and the bag was half full of water. Thank god I found these! 

10. Magic Erasers

These things really live up to their name. They literally get anything up, even permanent markers!

These are also great for getting scuffs off walls. Seriously one of my favorite dorm cleaning supplies I still use all the time. 

dorm room essentials

11. Broom And Dustpan

A broom and dustpan is pretty self explanatory. You don't want to forget one of these if you have any hardwood or tile floors in your dorm! 

12. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you don't use communal bathrooms that get cleaned by someone else, definitely keep one of these in your dorm bathroom if you don't have toilet cleaning tablets, as well as a toilet bowl scrubber. 

13. Windex

Windex is a staple dorm cleaning supply. It is a multipurpose cleaner so you can reduce the number of cleaning sprays you will have to buy and use it for many different surfaces. 

14. Scrub Daddy

These scrubbers are literally MAGIC. They become softer or harder based on water temperature and clean up so well.

Definitely recommend keeping a couple of these in your dorm cleaning supplies stash.

15. Plunger And Scrubber

No one wants to have to ask to borrow a plunger (embarassingggg). This set is perfect to keep in your dorm bathroom so you can keep everything clean and fresh. 

16. Cleaning Bowl Tablets

To be honest, no one wants to clean a toilet. Especially not college students (we're pretty lazy). If you know they are likely not to clean their toilet, this is a perfect option.

17. Fabric Freshener Spray

Dorms can get musty and make clothes and bedding smell gross. Fabric freshener is perfect to keep around and spray on your comforter or in your closet to keep your room smelling fresh.

18. All Purpose Scrubber

These come in super handy if you have a shower in your dorm. They are touch on gross dirt in the shower and will make cleaning it so much easier.

This post gives you 18 dorm cleaning supplies. 

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