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Looking for amazing stocking stuffer ideas? Here are a variety of gifts for him and her!

The most underrated part of the holidays: the stockings. In my family, going through the stockings is our favorite part. So much so we leave it to the end because we don’t want it to be over.   

Trying to find gifts for stockings can be a challenge which makes them all the better. I don’t know about you, but a challenge like these are what I live for. Having to work within confining factors like, cost, size, etc. makes you think so much more about what’s going into it all and at the end of the day, makes the stocking even better.   

I hope you enjoy the plethora of ideas for stocking gifts I’ve listed. From high prices to low, there’s something for everyone! 

This post is all about stocking stuffer ideas.


Best Overall:  Indian Healing Clay Mask

"After I took the mask off my skin was free of dry cracked skin and was soft and smooth, in fact, my skin has never felt more moisturized, even the billion moisturizers I've used!"

Best Under $25: Gold Apple Watch Band

"This made my Apple Watch look so much better and more sophisticated. It actually looks fashionable now!"

Best Value:  Echo Dot

"I love my echo dot. I have four of them and they really make my life easier!! They can control almost everything, lights, locks TV, music, even my thermostat."

Most Popular: Makeup Eraser

" This actually works! I usually use the Neutrogena cleansing cloths which work okay but this makeup eraser blows them out of the water. I can't believe how great it is!""

Best Beauty: Mario Badescu Rosewater

"I’ve been using this for years and it works like a charm! Super smooth skin with less blemishes!"

Best For Him: Custom AirPods Case

"My case is perfect, stylish, and protective. Nothing can beat that"

Best For Her: Necessaire Body Products

"My skin has seriously never been this soft. I'm still amazed how amazing these products work. I cannot recommend this brand enough!"


1. The Five Minute Journal

I have gifted and recommend the five-minute journal countless times to people. I think it is an amazing journal for bringing positivity into your life and would be the perfect small book to put in a stocking! 

2. Reusable Produce Bags

For that special someone who wants to make a difference and help keep our environment healthy, this is such a wonderful option! Also, this is a note to myself that I need to get some of these!

3. Mario Badescu Rosewater

I live for this rosewater spray, it is actually amazing and is perfect for before putting on your makeup, after putting on your makeup, before bed, in the morning... basically any time of the day! 

4. Monogram Mug

 I have gifted this mug last year and I love it. I think this would be such a great customized stocking stuffer. If you want to go the extra mile you could fill it with chocolate, tea bags, or even lip balm! 

5. Indian Healing Clay Mask

This mask is worshipped and is supposed to be amazing! Something about them apparently changes your skin for the better. If so, then I am on board! 

6. Becoming by Michelle Obama

I am sure you know someone who loves Michelle Obama, and if they haven’t already gotten their hands on this, then you should get it for them!

7. Aureum Collective Necklace

trendy gifts

A piece of jewelry would fit perfectly into a stocking and an amazing way to sneak in a sentimental gift! I love it.

8. Milk Frother

For the morning beverage lovers, a frother will change your life. Everyone I know who has one cannot live without it anymore!  

9. Summer Fridays Lip Balm

Summer Friday’s is a raved about the brand and for good reasons, their products are amazing and super moisturizing in all the right ways. I love this lip balm!

10. Mindfullness Cards

I think the mindfulness cards are the perfect small entertaining bits-and-bobs item for a stocking! 

11. Custom AirPods Case

stocking stuffer ideas 2020

I don’t know anyone who would complain about getting a custom AirPods case. Perfect for anyone who has AirPods, obviously. 

12. Hair Claw Banana Clips

These hair claw banana clips are amazing and finally back in style. A super simple way to style your hair and a fantastic stocking stuffer.

13. Gold Hoops

trendy gifts

Gold hoops are a classic piece of jewelry anyone who is into gold jewelry would love.  

14. Perfume

Do not be fooled. This is one of my favorite perfumes ever. I needed to set aside the fact that it has a weird pom pom on it, haha, because this perfume is amazing. I actually took the pom pom off as soon as I took it out of its packaging, lol. 

15. Necessaire Body Lotion

The most raved about lotion that is absolutely amazing. Necessaire has amazing products, so choosing anything from their lines would be great. 

16. Milk Bar Cookie Set

stocking stuffer ideas for 18 year olds

I don’t know anyone who would turn down a cookie on Christmas. Milk Bar cookies are trendy and the perfect sweet treat to add to a stocking! 

17. Silk Pillowcase

trendy gifts

I can never go back to regular pillowcases after having a silk one. These are game-changers and known to have amazing benefits for your hair and skin.

18. Custom Planner

I have this planner and can say with one-hundred percent certainty it’s amazing. The planner is very basic, has calendars, space for every day of the week. It’s perfect for that person who wants to stay simple - it's definitely not the planner where you are time-blocking every minute!   

19. Eye Masks 

I always say yes to eye masks and this would be the perfect stocking stuffer. Whomever you’re gifting for can use this the night of! Amazing transition into a spa night if you ask me. 

20. Gold Apple Watch Band

Gold watch bands take a plain old Apple Watch to the next level of sophistication. I love this look and am actually thinking about getting it myself!  

21. Hair Scrunchies

A girl (or boy) with long hair can never have enough scrunchies. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I love Lululemon. These are definitely a splurge if you compare them to other hair ties, but well worth it! 

22. Le Labo Candle

trendy gifts

A beautiful candle is the perfect stocking stuffer!! I love candles so speaking for myself, any candle would make me happy.

23. Dry Shampoo

gifts under 10 dollars target

Every girl needs/ wants a bottle of dry shampoo on hand, just in case. Or at least I do, lol.   

24. Casetify Phone Case

Another way to switch up the accessories. I think it's fun switching up your phone case every now and then! 

25. Stainless Steel Straws

stocking gift ideas for him

Plastic straws are of the past, steel straws are the new thing on the market.

26. Glossier Products

stocking stuffer ideas for tweens

Glossier is another one of those brands that are hot on the market right now. I love Glossier’s products, they’re natural, lightweight, and are only there to enhance your beauty!

27. Roses Candle

I love the smell of this roses candle and it’s a tinier candle that would be perfect for a stocking stuffer!


For the book nerds, and I do not mean that in a bad way, my sister is a huge book reader and needed bookmarks to fit her look. She loves these ones!  

29. iPhone Screen Protector

iPhone protectors are a necessity; I love the ones that are easy to put on and I’ve only heard great reviews about these protectors!

30. Manicure Set

Everyone needs a manicure set - love the color of this one and the size! Perfect for travel and perfect for a stocking stuffer!

31. BECCA x Khloe Kardashian & Malika Haqq Bronze, Blush & Glow Palette

Makeup is the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty lover. This glow palette is to die for!! 

32. Echo Dot

Everyone in my family has been gifted an echo speaker as a stocking stuffer. During the holidays I have always been able to find them at a discount. I got my little sister one last year for $20!

33. Lash Enhancing Serum

For those girls who want their lashes to be a little bit longer, I think this would be the perfect stocking stuffer!

34. AirPods

AirPods are on the pricier side, but the perfecting fit for a stocking. For those looking to splurge, this would be a great gift. 

35. Makeup Eraser

I am in love with my makeup eraser, a definite ride-or-die for me!  

36. Fire TV Stick 4k Streaming Device

This is a great stocking stuffer! I know so many people with the firestick who love it!!  

37. Yeti Water Bottle

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love this water bottle. I love the color and it’s the perfect size for me. 

38. Tanologists Tanning Drops

I love these tanning drops and they give the perfect glow!   

39. Sunglasses

Every single time I wear these sunglasses I get complimented. They are well made and insanely inexpensive! 

40. Tarte Makeup Palette

I use this makeup palette every day!! 

This post is all about stocking stuffer ideas.

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