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Looking for gifts for the one who is always on trend? Here are a variety of trendy gifts for him and her.

trendy giftstrendy gifts for guys

I have a few people in my life that seem to always know what's trendy and in at the moment. I always find it hard to shop for them because I want to get a gift they will truly use and love, that's also cool.

With the always changing trends, it can be hard to keep up with what's trending! No worries though, we've found trendy gifts that will impress any trendsetter in your life.

This post is all about trendy gifts.


Best Overall:  Shark FlexStyle

"This was definitely an investment but so worth it! For those women out there that blow dry there hair frequently, this is a game changer."

Best Under $25: Gold Apple Watch Band

"This made my Apple Watch look so much better and more sophisticated. It actually looks fashionable now!"

Best Value:  Casetify Phone Case

"This phone case is so cute and actually protects my phone!! Everyone needs one of these!"

Most Popular:Mad Happy Sweatshirt

"How sick is this sweatshirt?! I am obsessed and have been wearing it almost everyday lol."

Best Cooking Appliance:Air Fryer

"Anyone that loves to cook, you need this air fryer! I can't stop using it. It truly makes the best food and it's so easy to use!"

Best For Him: Alo Yoga Shorts

"Some of the best shorts I own. Would recommend to anyone."

Best For Her: Necessaire Body Products

"My skin has seriously never been this soft. I'm still amazed how amazing these products work. I cannot recommend this brand enough!"


1. Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's RB1971 Square Sunglasses, Gold/G-15 Green, 54 mm

Ray Bans have some high quality and a huge variety of styles - from classic to trendy. I just got this exact pair and love how different they are from some of the super popular styles! 

There are so many different styles to choose from so there's definitely one for the person you're shopping for. One of my favorite trendy gifts to give and receive!

2. FP Movement Quilted Carryall

A gym bag, but make it cool.

If you're looking for gifts for a gym nut, this is for them! It's practical but super cute. I don't know why, but when I see someone with Lululemon anything, I automatically think they're cool lol. This bag is also great because it's unisex so you really could get it for anyone!

3. Kiehl's Facial Cream

Kiehl's is definitely a trendy skincare brand that people love. And it's been around for a while! 

From masks, to eye creams, to body lotion, their product line has a wide variety to choose from.

4. Docking Station

I'm obsessed with how sophisticated docking stations make charging your phone look. I love this one - so sleek and classic.

5. Madhappy Sweatshirt

Mad Happy is one of the trendiest sweatshirt brands in the current time. I want one sooo bad lol. 

I love what the brand stands for - promoting optimism and happiness - and the product is high quality AND cute. It's LA-based so you already know it's trendy 😉

6. Alo Yoga Workout Gear

trendy gifts

Getting tired of gifting Lululemon or other basic workout brands? 

Alo Yoga has some of the coolest workout and athleisure gear, and it's all so soft! I have a pair of leggings from them and they're some of the softest pairs that I own. Highly recommend!

7. Custom Planner

trendy gifts

A custom planner is a great gift for anyone that love to stay organized. Papier has so many great options and they are all customizable. 

This specific pattern is the one that I have and my friend has, and I see it all over the place. How cute?!

8. Gorjana Necklace

Looking to gift some gold jewelry? Gorjana has some of the best gold jewelry, especially cold chains and necklaces. 

I swear, every influencer I follow on Instagram shops this brand, so I'd say it's pretty trendy!


9. Summer Fridays Lip Balm

Summer Fridays is also an influencer favorite. People live and die for their lip balm. It's always sold out so I haven't gotten the chance to get my hands on it yet but I'm dying to try it.

Because it's hard to get, this makes it an even better gift!

10. Gold Hoops

trendy gifts

Gold hoops are everywhere. I swear, Hailey Bieber started wearing small, chunky hoops and all of a sudden every girl was too. 

I love how classic these are. They really would go with everything. Any girl that loves to be on trend would definitely appreciate this gift.

11. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Barefoot Dreams Bamboo Chic Throw Blanket - Stone

Hands down the best blanket I have ever owned. I don't know what I would do without my Barefoot Dreams blanket and could not rave about it more.The blanket has the perfect amount of softness and is lightweight while still keeping you cozy warm.

12. Necessaire Body Lotion

trendy gifts

Everyone is raving about this body brand! 

From lotion, to body wash, these products are some of the trendy gifts that I'm asking for this year.

13. Matching Pajamas

I don't know how matching pajama sets make you feel so much more put together, but they do. A cozy pajama set is perfect for your trendsetter.

14. Silk Pillowcase

trendy gifts

Silk pillowcases are great for your hair, skin and sleep. They seriously are a game changer that many women don't know they need in their lives.

15. Hoka Running Shoes

I'm obsessed with Hokas! They're great for working out and especially running, but make any athleisure outfit look trendy.

16. Beis Suitcase 

trendy gifts

Beis is Shay Mitchell's travel brand and I literally want everything from it! 

If you're shopping for a travel-lover, check out Beis. They have truly thought of everything to make travel as smooth as possible. And how sleek does it look too?!

17. Gold Apple Watch Band

Looking for a gift for an Apple Watch owner? This is it. 

Replacing the basic Apple Watch strap with this gold one will instantly make it look trendier. Sometimes I feel like Apple Watches make an outfit look less sophisticated, but with this gold band, that won't be a problem anymore.

18. Shark FlexStyle

I know that every beauty lover out there wants this blow dryer. Definitely one of the most sought after trendy gifts for her!

19. Le Labo Candle

trendy gifts

Le Labo candles are a homebody's dream. 

I've only smelled these in stores, but I can only imagine the cozy vibes this candle would bring to any room. People are obsessed with this candle brand, so I know this would be a perfect gift!

20. Casetify Phone Case

trendy gifts

Casetify phone cases are super protective but have some of the trendiest patterns. I love this subtle cheetah print, I might have to order this for myself!

21. Ilia Skin Tint

Ilia is a new beauty brand that is taking the world by storm. I hear about it all the time! 

For the beauty lover that's always on trend, gifting some Ilia products is a perfect trendy gift idea.


22. Air Fryer 

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates, for Quick, Easy Meals, 4 Quart Capacity, & High Gloss Finish, Grey

Got a man that loves to cook? He needs an air fryer! 

Air fryers are game-changers in kitchen. You can cook so many things in them, and they make so fast! If you gift an air fryer, you could pair it with an air fryer cookbook so they can get the ball rolling ASAP.

23. Sneakers

trendy gifts for guys

If I were a guy, these are the sneakers I would be wearing. I love these! 100% buying these for Ben.

24. Alo Yoga Shorts

trendy gifts

I have heard rave reviews from guys about these shorts. Perfect for lounging around or running errands.

Again, Alo Yoga has so many amazing options for workout gear, ahtleisure, and loungewear. One of my favorite trendy brands!

25. York Athletic Tennis Shoe

trendy gifts for guys

Is it just me or have you seen these shoes everywhere too? 

These Cloud running shoes are unbelievably light and great for working out. Oh, and they're incredibly on trend!

26. Yeti Cooler

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler, Desert Tan

Yeti has some of the best products that seriously work. This Yeti cooler is perfect for any guy that loves to keep their drinks cold. Going to a tailgate? Perfect. Off camping? All set!

27. Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black and Brass

Doesn't this speaker just look cool?! This is a fun trendy gift option for any music lover!

28. Trendy Sports Gear

trendy gifts

You obviously can't go wrong with sports gear for any guy, but make sure he's looking cool when he's wearing it. 

'47 Brand has some of the coolest sports gear that I've seen, I even want some of it!

29. Ugg Slippers

I love this gift idea because I feel like it's a really nice gift that is priced around where a lot of peoples budget falls. I know for me and my girlfriends, we usually budget $100 for gifts for our boyfriend.

30. Decanter

trendy gifts

I'm going to be honest, I don't know what the fascination is for guys with decanters but if they're going to have one, it might as well look good. Obsessed with this one! 

31. Cologne

trendy gifts for men

This cologne is my all time favorite scent for a man to wear so ladies, if you are looking for a cologne for your man this is it!

Cologne is something all men want but maybe don't want to splurge on themselves.

32. Workout Clothes

This is a key Christmas gift that was one of my favorites on this list. You really can't have enough workout clothes. There are so many options when it comes to workout clothes!

This post is all about trendy gifts.

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