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Looking for trendy gift ideas for the important people in your life? Here are a variety of trendy gifts for everyone and anyone. 

trendy gift ideas

Trying to think of gifts for the people on your list that aren't completely basic can be hard. Also, always knowing what's "in" can be tough to keep up with. 

Don't worry though, we've got all the trendy items that everyone is talking about.. and adding to their list. From gifts ideas for mom, to gifts for teenagers (the hardest to shop for I'll be honest), we've got you covered.

This post is all about trendy gift ideas.

Our Top Trendy Gift Ideas:

Best Overall: Dyson Hair Dryer

"This hairdryer is one of the best investments I've made. It's changed my hair. Definitely worth the price!"

Best Under $25: Summer Fridays Lip Balm

"This lip balm is to die for! Summer Fridays killed it with this new product."

Best Value: Alo Yoga Shorts

"I always love anything from Alo Yoga but these shorts have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. So comfortable and go with everything."

Most Popular: On Cloud Running Shoes

"These running shoes have changed my workout game. So supportive and great for all of my workouts."

Best Active: SET Active Workout Set

"This workout set is so cute and SO soft! Obsessed with this new brand."

Best Jewelry: Adina's Jewels Necklace

"Adina's Jewels has all the trendiest jewelry for a great price. Seriously everything is so cute!"

Best Cooking: Air Fryer

"This air fryer does everything! It's made cooking so much easier and makes everything so crispy!"

Trendy Gifts for Mom:

1. Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are great for your hair, skin and sleep. They seriously are a game changer that many women don't know they need in their lives. 

The Slip brand I have been seeing everywhere and know that it's a really great brand for silk products. Your mom will feel the luxury every time she goes to bed!

2. Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson hair products are always top-rated.. and for a good reason. They are sooo good for your hair and make the morning routine much easier. 

While these are pretty pricey, they are such a great investment that any woman would love to receive. If your mom is a beauty lover, this is a really amazing gift idea.

3. Running Shoes

For the active mom, you can't go wrong with good quality running shoes. The On Cloud running shoe is all the rave in the athletic community. I'm seeing these everywhere and for good reason. 

These are super high quality running shoes that are made specifically to withstand long workouts. 

4. Rose Quartz Face Roller 

Facial rollers have been trending for a while now but it really is such a great thing for your skin. It relaxes face muscles, reduces wrinkles, eliminates dark circles, and more. 

This is great for the moms that love taking care of their skin and just want to add an extra relaxing step to their night time routine. 

5. Cute & Comfy Pajamas

Comfy pajamas are also a good go-to gift for mom. Every woman loves a good lounge outfit, especially when it matches. Shopbop has some really trendy sets and pajamas that are pretty affordable. 

I seriously love everything on this site so definitely one to check out! 

6. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This is one of my favorite trendy gift ideas. Barefoot Dreams is known for making the softest, coziest stuff. I've been eyeing this blanket for probably a year now and I know every other woman has been too. 

Not only is it soft, it's soo cute too! Such a great throw blanket for any room to add a bit more pattern to a bland room. She'll be obsessed! 

7. Byredo Perfume

trendy gift ideas

This perfume has a cult following and I can't get enough of it. 

This is always sold out so get it when you can! But one of the trendiest scents on the market, Gypsy Water is one that any woman will love. 

8. Brooklinen Sheets 

trendy gift ideas

Another cult-favorite, Brooklinen sheets are the talk of the town. 

Your mom will feel like she's in heaven every time she gets into bed with these sheets waiting for her. 

Trendy Gifts for Dad:

1. Bose Sunglasses

trendy gift ideas

A unique gift for dad are these Bose sunglasses. I honestly didn't know these existed until recently and they are GENIUS. They're sunglasses (which are already cool by themselves) but have a built-in, subtle speaker near the ears so you can play music without needing headphones. How cool?!

2. Yeti Cooler

I feel like dads like anything by Yeti. Yeti coolers are amazing for keeping things cold. We use our Yeti for sporting events, camping, parties and more. Definitely something your dad will love and get so much use out of!

3. Lululemon Shirt

I don't know about you, but my dad could definitely use some trendier shirts. Lululemon has great athleisure and basics that will elevate your dads wardrobe. I think many of them need it 😉

4. Watch

trendy gift ideas

A classic watch is a great trendy gift idea for dad. Another great way for any man to look a little more classy. 

5. JBL Speaker

JBL's are one of the superior speakers and definitely something any dad would love. We just bought my dad one for his birthday and he's obsessed. 

6. Kiehl's Anti-Aging Moisturizer

I swear most men splash their face with water and call it a "nighttime routine." Help a guy out with this Kiehl's Age Defender and make their routine a little more beneficial. 

7. Running Shoes

trendy gift ideas

For the active dad, you can't go wrong with a new pair of running shoes. Again, these On Cloud running shoes I've been seeing everywhereeee. Definitely the running shoe to have this season. 

Trendy Gift Ideas for College Girl:

1. Summer Fridays Products

trendy gift ideas

Summer Fridays is a new skincare brand that is growing rapidly. Their face masks are heavenly and this lip balm is a dream. 

Everything from this brand is amazing and any girl that loves skincare as much as I do will love getting this gift. 

2. Trendy Sweatshirt

trendy gift ideas

College girls pretty much live in sweatshirts. But a trendy sweatshirt can really elevate a comfy outfit. 

Madhappy is an LA brand that's been exploding. It's so trendy that most of their drops sell out pretty fast. Obsessed with this brand and everything they make and stand for! A great trendy gift idea for any college girl. 

3. We're Not Really Strangers Game

trendy gift ideas

I came across this card game on Instagram a while back. It has a ton of really interesting and deep questions that you can ask and discuss with a group of friends or family. 

It's a really great way to get to know people on a deeper level and strengthen relationships! 

4. Gold Hoops

trendy gift ideas

Gold hoops are such a good staple to have in a woman's wardrobe. Luv AJ is a jewelry brand from LA and is always on trend. They have amazing jewelry that's great quality but also affordable. 

For those of you on a budget, this is really great gift that's affordable but will last a really long time.

5. Film Camera / Disposables

Film and disposable cameras are extremely trendy right now and the only way to get the true vintage photo look. These are so much fun to take around because you have to wait to see the photos! 

I loved taking these out to parties and game days throughout college and getting fun photos of my friends. 

6. Dior Glow Palette

For the makeup lover, this Dior glow palette is one of the best trendy gifts to give. Every makeup artist and influencer has been using this palette. It's so pretty and a great product to add to any girl's makeup collection! 

7. Agolde Jeans

trendy gift ideas

These jeans are pricey but sooo worth it. The style is classic and will last throughout every season AND they are so comfortable. 

I hate spending money on expensive clothing but these jeans are one of the exceptions because they are. that. good. A great investment piece she will love to have in her closet! 

8. Sunglasses

Ray Bans are one of the best sunglasses brand in my opinion. They are aren't too expensive but last an incredibly long time. They have a ton of classic styles but also some trendy ones.

I love these square ones because they aren't too out there but definitely have more style than the classic aviator. Obsessed!

Trendy Gift Ideas for College Guy:

1. Sneakers

Sneakers are a go-to gift for college guys. I love these too because they're simple but still have a trendy flair to them. 

2. Sunglasses

Every guy needs a classic pair of sunglasses. Ray Bans are a great investment piece to add to any college guys wardrobe (just make sure they don't wear them to any parties though!) 

3. Yeti Coffee Mug

For the coffee drinker, the Yeti coffee mug is the best trendy gift you could get. This thing works. I mean he could go the whole day and still have hot coffee in his mug. 

4. Alo Yoga Shorts

trendy gift ideas

A college guy's go-to outfit is most likely shorts and a t-shirt. Make it look a little bit nicer with a quality pair of athleisure shorts from Alo Yoga. 

These will last him for a long time and will make him look like a put a bit more effort into his day than he probably did 😉

5. Air Fryer 

Most college guys aren't cooking gourmet meals. BUT an airfryer can help them make meals that are a better than a PB&J in the same amount of time. 

An aifryer can make so many things - meat, veggies, potatoes, etc. and it makes things fast and crispy. Highly recommend! 

6. Kiehl's Facial Energizer

Kiehl's is one of my favorite skincare brands, especially for men. 

We know that most likely guys aren't on the hunt for their own skincare. Sooo help him out with this little gift. Guys secretly love this stuff so he'll be excited lol. 

7. All Saints T-Shirt

trendy gift ideas

Another great way to elevate the classic college guy outfit. All Saints has the best quality t-shirts that are surprisingly more affordable than you'd expect from such a high-end brand. 

These are unbelievably soft and will make the college guy in your life look like he really knows how to dress himself. 

Trendy Gifts for Teenagers:

1. Adina's Jewels Jewelry

trendy gift ideas

The layered gold necklaces is a huuuge trend right now, especially for teenage girls. Adina's Jewels is very popular among teens and has a great variety of different necklaces - from dainty to chunky - there are ton to choose from. 

2. Wildflower Phone Case

Phone cases are a really fun way to show your personality and jazz up your otherwise basic iPhone. Wildflower Cases always has the best cases that are super fun and trendy.

The "Stop Looking at My Phone" was seen on the D'Amelio sisters so I know these are cool ?

3. Workout Set 

trendy gift ideas

Any sort of matching set is super in right now. SET Active is also a new LA brand that has been seen on a ton of influencers and celebs. AND they are pretty affordable! 

4. Biker Shorts

trendy gift ideas

Biker shorts are super trendy at the moment and a great staple to have in any trendy girl's wardrobe. They are not only super comfortable but also great to wear with oversized t-shirts and hoodies. 

5. Trendy Sweatpants

trendy gift ideas

Sweatpants and sweatshirts are basically everything teenagers are wearing. Make it a matching sweatsuit and you're golden. 

Here are other brands my teenage sister said are the "coolest" places to get sweatshirts from:

  • Mad Happy
  • Drew's House
  • Cherry LA 
  • DA Clothes (super cute clothing brand in general for teenagers)

6. Oversized Graphic Tees

trendy gift ideas

Again, buy anything oversized for a teenager and you've hit the jackpot. 

Oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts are very much trending right now. A graphic tee is a perfect trendy gift idea that is also affordable!

7. Bucket Hat

For those 80s babies out there, bucket hats are back and better than ever. 

Bucket hats are everywhere. I see them constantly and definitely something trendy to add to any outfit. 

8. Record Player

I'm starting to realize that all these trendy gift ideas are a lot of 80s and 90s trends that are coming back. A record player is a really fun item for teenagers to have. 

Get them a few records of their favorite artists, and you'll have an amazing gift to give. 

This post is all about trendy gift ideas.

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