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valentines day gifts

Valentine's Day always sneaks up on you and sometimes you can panic thinking of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas to get your significant other.

With some gift ideas and fast shipping, you can end up buying some of the best gifts you've ever given your partner.

These are the best last-minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to get your significant other.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend:

1. "Nice" Watch

This is a great Valentine's day gift idea for the boyfriend who is getting ready to head into a career post grad, or maybe is already in one! 

2. TicketMaster Gift Card

This is one I just learned about and I think it's SO smart!

With a TicketMaster gift card you can buy really tickets to everything from sporting events to concerts.

3. Fill in the Blank Relationship Book 

I think that this is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend if you want to put some thought and effort into it, but just don't have the money for something super extravagant. 

Basically, these are cheap books that you purchase from Amazon. They have questions in them that you answer so that your significant other can see and have in writing just what you think. 

4. A Box of all of His Favorites 

This is a Valentine's Day gift idea that looks like you tried hard on because it shows just how much you know him.

And all you have to do is buy him a bunch of his favorite things and put them all together in a gift. Super easy, but also super thoughtful!

5. Sunglasses 

These are one of the go-to sunglasses for guys and would make such a good gift idea.

6. Jeans

What boy WANTS to go buy jeans for themselves? Answer: no boy.

...and also, I like being able to approve what he wears. These Levi jeans are really cute and the perfect gift since he probably doesn't want to spend his own money.

7. Picture of the Sky from A Significant Date
valentines day gift ideas

This is such a creative gift that it by itself looks like you put SO much thought into it!

My sister-in-law got this for her husband and it is soo cute.

8. Amazon Echo

These not only go on sale all the time, but they would make an awesome Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend because you're basically giving him a personal assistant ;). 

9. Portable Charger

Everyone at some point needs a portable charger that they can keep handy in times of crisis (haha dramatic but seriously).

10. Chocolate Fondue Maker 

How fun would having one of these fondue makers be?! You could easily have this be a go-to date night whether it's for dinner or dessert. 

11. Customized Guitar Pick 

Does your boyfriend love music or maybe even playing the guitar? Then this is the perfect Valentine's day gift for him! 

It's personal and sentimental, yet very easy to get and very easy on the bank account. It checks all the boxes.

12. Keychain

I came across this when planning for this post and thought it was too sweet not to share!! 

How thoughtful does it look to give your boyfriend something that says "I always want you to be safe." 

13. Exploding Photo Box 

This is another great way to show some effort but you're really not putting in as much effort as it looks like. 

This gift is an exploding photo box. Basically, every time you lift the lid another 4 "walls" come down and show photos. Order the box from Amazon and insert the photos you want to show off. Boom done, boyfriend is guaranteed to love it! 

14. Valentines Day 6-Pack 

I found this on Amazon and think it is so funny and clever!

It's basically just a cardboard box six pack that you put the beers in. But it's innovative and unique so it looks like a lot of effort was put into it.

15. "Our Bucket List" Book 

If you and your boyfriend love to travel or go on adventures, then this is the Valentine's Day gift that you HAVE to get them!

It's a book that lets you plan out your adventures and future travels. 

16. Phone Case Wallet

I know this would be a really good gift for my boyfriend because he misplaces his wallet allll the time but rarely ever goes anywhere without his phone. Since he can put his ID and debit card in here, he doesn't really need his wallet.

17. Cologne 

I lovveee when my man smells good and almost want to make it a tradition that I buy him cologne every Valentine's day to use the next year.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend:

18. Custom Name Necklace

PSA! This custom necklace is under $15 and is SO cute!

19. Meal Kit Subscription 
valentines day gifts for her

The uniqueness of this idea ALONE makes it look like you tried hard AF on your girlfriend's Valentine's Day gift this year! 

Meal kit subscription services are all the rage. You might not know it, but your girlfriend sure does because all the podcasts are talking about it now. They deliver just the right amount of ingredients for a healthy and delicious meal right to your door.

20. Makeup Brushes 

If your girlfriend is into makeup she will really like these IT Cosmetic brushes. They're the high-end brand for brushes that everyone is loving right now.

21. Picture Frame

All you need is this frame and a cute picture of your girlfriend and you and you have a super cute picture she can put in her apartment/home.

22. Heated Blanket

Heated blankets are actually the best thing ever. I got one for Christmas last year and I still use the thing every day in winter because it is so nice.

23. "I Wrote a Book About You"

Your. girlfriend. will. MELT. when you give her this gift on Valentine's Day!

You can fill this out and she will be shocked about the effort that was put into creating it. 

24. Sunglasses 

I love getting Sunglasses as gifts because I hateee buying them. These are the go-to pair of Ray Bans these days and I can pretty much guarantee that your girlfriend will love these.

25. Gift Card to Her Favorite Store/Restaurant

Did you know that these were on Amazon? I didn't but now that I do, I'm telling everyone about it!

This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend that is very picky. It shows you tried by not trying because you know her so well. 

26. Candles 

I love Bath and Body Works as much as the next gal. Actually probably more, but those candles are such a holiday hype that you really can't get her that as a Valentine's day gift. 

But that doesn't mean that you can't get her candles on Valentine's Day! Just get her the nicer ones, nicer looks like more effort too!

27. Personalized Luggage Tag

This is the perfect and super thoughtful gift for the girlfriend who loves to travel!!

28. Spanx Leather Leggings

Everyone is obsessing over Spanx leather leggings and I can almost promise you that your girlfriend will also love them!!

29. Instant Pot

If your girlfriend/wife loves to cook than she will love having an InstantPot. It makes preparing dinners so fast and easy.

30. Jewelry Organizer

This is a great little Jewelry organizer that will help your girlfriend stay extra organized.

31. Robe

Life hack men, women love the robes! 

Robes are always a great gift idea, regardless of the occasion. 

This post was all about the best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

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