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Finding gifts for boyfriends can be so fun, but sometimes they don't give you anyyy ideas so what are you supposed to get?? Don't fret, though, I have been buying unique gifts for my boyfriend for years, and I am so excited to share all my ideas with you all!

christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

I have to argue that one of the hardest people to get Christmas gifts is for boyfriends. Obviously, you want to impress them but majority of the time they say they have everything they want or "I don't want anything". 

I always go to the internet to find some good boyfriend gift inspiration. With all my searching around, I've gathered some reallyyy good ideas (if I do say so myself ;)). From practical gifts to beer-inspired gifts to cute clothing options for guys, we've got it all.

This post is all about the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend this year.


1. NFL Sports Team Carhartt Hat

unique gift for boyfriend

This is another gift I also want to get for myself ;). But for real, isn't this so cute! This hat comes in all the NFL teams so whatever your boyfriend likes, it will be available.

2. UGG Slippers

An aesthetic way for your dad to keep his watch collection safe and organized.

3. Crosley Turntable

Handsome record player for a handsome guy haha. If he's into records then this would be the perfect gift for him.

This gift rings in right around $59 so it's definitely not cheap but, it would be a great "big" gift for your boyfriend.

4. Phone Docking Station

This is the perfect electronics organizer for men and something to keep all of your boyfriend's sh*t together.

I gifted my boyfriend one of these last year and he literally freaked out over it! ... more than the amazing Ugg slippers I got him (ugh).

5. Apple AirTag

The perfect gift for any guy who loses things often! These are life savers, and perfect for the guy who carries a lot of things with him wherever he goes.

6. Beer Bottle Opener

If your boyfriend is a beer lover, he will love this bottle opener that has a magnetic cap catcher! 

Plus, it's less than $20 so it won't break the bank!

7. Apple AirPods

AirPods are the go-to gift for literally anyone and is something that is guaranteed to be used all the time.

I also really love this Airpod case from Amazon to hold his airpods in.

8. Apple Watch

Apple Watches are another "it" item and something that everyone wants. Not only can it help you stay organized and on top of your work, it can also track your fitness and sleep patterns. This is a bigger gift, but one of the most wanted Christmas gifts for ANYONE.

9. Wallet

useful gift for boyfriend

You can never go wrong with any type of wallet for a Christmas gift. Not only is this gift inexpensive but it is something that he will love AND use.

Ben has a super similar one that he raves over because this can keep all of his cards and ID but isn't super bulky. It's basically the "cool" version of a wallet.

10. Freezable Whiskey Glasses

If your man is a whiskey lover, these freezable whiskey glasses are perfect for making sure that they are never drinking warm whiskey (gagged at the thought of it hahaha). 

These freezable whiskey glasses are a perfect Christmas gift for any whiskey-loving guy!

11. Gift Card for a Massage

Um, who wouldn't want a gift card for a massage?!

A massage is something just about everyone wants but they just don't want to spend the money on.

Luckily, you can gift your boyfriend this for Christmas and he will be so excited!

12. Personalized AirPods Case

unique gift for boyfriend birthday

If your boyfriend is as obsessed with his AirPods as mine is, this is a perfect Christmas gift.

He can attach it anywhere so he'll never misplace his AirPods again!

13. Personalized Golf Balls and Case

cute small gifts for boyfriend

If your man is into golfing then this idea is great.

I know my boyfriend appreciates gifts like this because it shows I am thinking of his likes and interests. It's one of those gifts that's honestly really easy to buy but looks like a lot of effort went into it.

14. Trendy Sports Apparel

first year christmas gifts for boyfriend

If your man is into sports, CHECK OUT '47 BRAND!! By far the trendiest sports apparel brand I have been able to find. I'll for sure be buying some things for Ben from here this year.

They have all different types of teams too like NFL, MBA, NBA, NHL, college teams, and more. It's a really cool brand.

15. Chair Massager

Let's just say that I have heard my fair share of complaining about someone's back too?! I think with everyone working from home the complaining has gone up 10 notches. 

I honestly want this for myself so I can only imagine how much Ben would love this if I got it for him.

16. Grilling Set

Most people who enjoy cooking love to grill so if you're man loves to cook, this is a great gift idea! 

When it comes to Christmas gifts for men I love this gift because you really can't strike out.

17. Air Fryer

There is one thing all guys love... FOOD. 

This air fryer is amazing and would be a great gift for any man in your life this year!

18. Yeti

I think this is the perfect ~manly enough~ version of a hydro flask. Also, is it ironic I keep finding things I want for myself?! Might just send Ben straight to this post ;).

19. Bar Cart

Bar carts are ALL over Pinterest these days and for a good reason.

This is honestly great for hosting friends for a game night with a bar cart full of all his go-to drinks!

20. A Nice Watch

Every man needs a nice watch. It's such a great way to elevate his style and help him look even more put together!

21. Gift Cards

Gift cards have always been and will always be the most wanted Christmas gift for seriously anyone. And it's so easy! 

The most popular gift cards are Target, gas cards, restaurants, and Amazon!

My boyfriend recently got the guy version of Birchbox and really likes it.

22. Bluetooth Speaker

I know in our life (was going to say household but not living together haha) we are always using bluetooth speakers and never manage to have enough.

23. VR Headset

A more pricey gift, but I can almost guarantee he will go crazy if you get him this!

24. Decanter

I'm going to be honest, I don't know what the fascination is for guys with decanters but I will say that if my boyfriend was going to have a decanter I would want it to look like this.

25. USB Lighter

This is a great gift regardless of who you are gifting it to!

We all need a lighter every once in a while and this is the perfect one for candles or to use around the house. It's super long so he'll no longer have to worry about burning himself!

26. Sneakers

xmas gifts for fiance

Sneakers are a must for just about everyone, especially guys!

If you need a good idea as to what to get your boyfriend for Christmas and are running out of time this is a thoughtful gift for him!

27. Yeti Beer Holder

YETI Tumblers, and any can colsters are such a creative Christmas gift for a boyfriend!

What man doesn't love an ice cold beer? These will keep his drinks ICE cold for hours upon hours!!!

28. Belt with Secret Pocket

Super cool accessory to keep the important stuff hidden but on the guy.

29. Cologne

This cologne is my all time favorite scent for a man to wear so ladies, if you are looking for a cologne for your man this is it!

Cologne is something all men want but maybe don't want to splurge on themselves.

30. Insulated Whiskey Glasses

Another great gift option if you're dating a guy who enjoys drinking. 

31. Dart Board

unique christmas gifts for boyfriend

Ladies, a dart board that will look good in our home. Weirdly excited about this dart board and how cute it is. Only thing that would make it cuter is if the wire numbers were gold. Still love it though.

This board also comes in a gray and black version. Love it.

32. Electric Toothbrush

A nice electronic toothbrush is definitely not something you would normally buy for yourself, but once you have it you realize you needed it all along. I know that's how my boyfriend felt!

33. Workout Clothes

This is a key Christmas gift that was one of my favorites on this list. You really can't have enough workout clothes. 

There are so many options when it comes to workout clothes!

34. Phone Case

From my experience, if you don't buy him a new phone case, he'll use an old one till it falls off of his phone. Love this leather one!

This post was all about the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend.

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