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Looking for gifts for dad that he'll love? Here are a variety of gifts for every type of dad.

gifts for dad who has everything

Dads are always the hardest to shop for in my opinion. They never give any ideas or say they "have everything they need." 

Here are our favorite gifts for dad that he'll love, even if he tells you he doesn't want anything. From cookbooks, to the best socks on earth, to our favorite Lululemon shirt, these are our favorite gifts for dad. 

This post is all about gifts for dad.


Best Overall: Master Class

"I've learned so much from my Master Class subscription. I love the diversity, quality, and flexibility of its online classes and the range of A-list expert instructors is amazing."

Best Under $25: Yeti Mug

"I was so excited to come across this! It’s perfect. It really does keep your drinks hot for hours on end."

Best Value: Espresso Maker

"This is as good as it gets for this price. This is the machine you want to step up your coffee making game and stop going to your favorite coffee shop."

Most Popular: Bombas Socks

"Bombas socks are extremely comfortable and engineered to reduce inconveniences like toe seams. Plus, they donate a pair for every pair sold."

Best Custom Gift: Custom Desk Calendar

"This was one of my favorite gifts from my daughter. It was thoughtful and something to add to my work desk space."

Best Subscription: Flaviar Whiskey Subscription

"Great selection. Excellent service. More than just a tasting club. Lots of great reading and educational information."

Best Cooking Appliance: Air Fryer

"You really can't go wrong with an Air Fryer. You can make so many things in it and it makes your food just taste great."

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Is it just my dad or do they all love anything involving cool technology?

This wireless lighting dimmer allows you to dim your lights, schedule your lights to turn on or off, and so many other cool things all from your phone. I know my dad would obsess over this! 

Dad's love lounging around the house with a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Get them a pair of slippers so that they can be extra cozy when lounging.

You honestly can't go wrong with anything from Ugg so these Ugg moccasins would be a great gift for dad. 

I have not heard one bad thing about Bombas socks. Whenever I ask for gift ideas for any guys in my life, everyone always recommends these socks! 

Bombas also donates one pair of socks to homeless shelters for every pair sold, so you're also doing a little good when gifting these 🙂 

I don't know about you, but my dad could definitely use some trendier shirts. Lululemon has great athleisure and basics that will elevate your dads wardrobe. I think many of them need it 😉

These are great for those casual days or working out, whatever your dad does he'll love wearing this around! 

For those that live in colder climates, layering is imperative to staying warm in the winters. A good quality scarf is a great investment for any man to have. 

This is something that will last your dad years to come, and will help him step up his style game!

This is less than $55!! I feel like turntables usually seem really expensive. I spend right around $50 on my dad for Christmas and his birthdays and love this as an idea.

For the dads that just love to be comfy, these sheets are it. 

Everyone raves about these sheets but it's definitely not something parents think to purchase for themselves. Your mom and dad will thank you for years to come now that their bed feels like Heaven!

gifts for dad

If you don't have Apple TV, it's one of our favorite TV accessories. It makes streaming your favorite TV shows so much easier, browsing YouTube, listening to music or podcasts, etc. 

If your dad is an Apple product user, this is a gift he will love. 


For the sports fanatic, gift a jersey of his favorite player. This shows that you care and know him well. Basketball, hockey, baseball, football - there are so many options! 

This is a gift I get my dad every single year and it's always his favorite one. Save the best photos from the last year - ones from trips, with family or friends, etc. - and add them into a desk calendar and it's the perfect thoughtful gift for dad. 

I also love this gift idea because it's affordable but is also much more personal than many other gift ideas. 

An Airbnb gift card is perfect for the dad that loves to travel or just needs a getaway. This allows him to choose where he want to go and on his own time but also something he would've never asked for! 

I just think this gift is so funny. For the dads that love a gift that puts a smile on his face, this is it! 

I can already picture my dad putting this on his desk and work and cracking up at himself every morning lol also a great conversation starter!  

gifts for dad

Does your dad have a special song with the kids or his wife? This is the perfect thoughtful gift for dads that love music or feel attached to a special song. I guarantee this will be a tear jerker. 


Anything to make life easier, dads will love. This wireless charger allows you to just set your phone on top to charge it. No cords necessary. 

First, who wouldn't want an outdoor pizza oven? Second, who wouldn't want an outdoor pizza oven that was featured on Shark Tank?! 

For the pizza lover, or the Shark Tank lover, this gift for dad is sure to be a hit. 

Corcicle's are amazing. They truly keep your drink hot (or cold) for hours and hours. If your dad loves his hot coffee to stay hot throughout the day, this Tumbler would be perfect for him. 

gifts for dad

A subscription box is one of my favorite gifts to give because it's truly the gift that keeps on giving since you get something every month! 

For the whiskey lovers, a whiskey subscription is such a fun gift. Share the experience of a distillery tour tasting right at home. 

My dad is a hardcore coffee addict. Like, you don't want to talk to him before he's had his daily morning cup. He loves trying out new brands and flavors, so this coffee tasting set would be a hit for him! 

For the coffee addict, any kind of coffee assortment would be a genius gift idea.

For all the dad chefs out there... a fun cookbook is a gift he will love AND use! I mean, what man wouldn't want all the best Shake Shack inspired recipes at their fingertips? 


There are so many beautiful places to travel and amazing hikes to go on, and this book has 100 of them! 

This would be a great gift for the outdoorsy dads always looking for the next adventure. 

Yeti is one of the best insulated mugs out there. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until it's all gone! 

If you want something bigger than a mug, they have so many products and different cups that there is definitely something for your dad.

Another coffee related gift, but I couldn't resist! 

An espresso machine allows your dad to make his favorite coffee drinks right in the comfort of his own home. This will save thousands of dollars spent on Starbucks and time in the morning! 

For the wine connoisseur, a wine bottle insulator will keep his white wine chilled for hours, so he can enjoy a crisp glass without worrying about it being warm. 

Is your dad the king of dad jokes?! Get this book full of dad jokes so he can up his game! 

If your family is anything like mine, a few people have AirPods so it's super easy to get them switched up with another family member's.

Gift your dad a cool AirPods case, so that he can distinguish his AirPods from others AND look hip. 

Keep your dad stress free with a massager. This one has deep tissue kneading nodes and heating to help relax tense muscles and ease your stress. 

He can bring this anywhere with him too! Put it on at work or while watching his favorite sports team.. he could be relaxing anywhere he needs to. 

For the active dad, you can't go wrong with a new pair of running shoes. Again, these On Cloud running shoes I've been seeing everywhereeee. Definitely the running shoe to have this season. 

I mean, what dad wouldn't love to receive a breakfast sandwich maker!? Make weekend morning breakfasts even better with this amazingly delicious gift for dad. 

A burger press makes it easy to create the perfect homemade burger. This is an affordable gift option that's amazing for the dad that loves to cook (or needs a little extra help!) 

Another cooking related gift, but we're here for it. 

This Franklin Barbecue cookbook is filled with recipes to make delicious meat. If your dad loves to grill out, this would be an easy gift that he'll definitely use (and hopefully you can benefit from too lol). 


This is a gift that dads just don't know they need. 

Masterclass is a platform with online classes by the best of the best. Experts share their best tips and teach you how to do what they do. From world renown chefs, to professional athletes, there are so many teachers and classes to choose from! 

32. Theragun 

gifts for dad

If your dad is fairly active and is serious about keeping his body healthy post-workout, a Theragun is a gift he will use again and again. 

This is definitely a pricier gift so make sure that it's something he'll use but it's truly amazing and makes your muscles feel so good! 

For the golfing dads, this is such a fun but simple gift.

We get golf balls for my dad every Christmas (probably because he isn't the best at golfing and ends up losing all his balls lol) but I know that he would love the personalized touch! 

An easy and affordable gift for dads who have everything is a fun mug. There are so many options out there that you could one with a funny saying or more serious.

This is a small, simple gift that your dad can add to his coffee mug collection. 

Did you know FabFitFun had a men's version?! The FabFitFun subscription box will be a gift he'll obsess over, guaranteed. It's basically a subscription box that comes 4x a year with full size products of the best in fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. 

This is such a great gift because you can customize it to what he likes and you get so much for your money. 

Harry's has some of the best razor for men. Treat your dad to an amazing shaving experience with this Harry's shaving travel set. 

For the coffee addict, a cold brew maker is a great appliance to have.

There are a ton of coffee making accessories you could also get: 

The sky is the limit when it comes to coffee. 

38. Books

Books are always an easy option for gifts for him. Whether he like reading about athletes, or sci-fi stories, there's always options out there that he'll enjoy. 

There are some of our current favorites that are popular among the guys! 

Some of the best presents are experiences. A gift card to Ticketmaster is a way to gift someone an experience of their choice. 

They could get tickets to a concert, sporting event or a show of their choosing. I love this idea especially if you don't know exactly what they want or when they're available. 

Does your dad love to cook? Or maybe wish he was better at it? Then get him a new cooking appliance! 

I recommend an air fryer to everyone because I'm obsessed with mine. You can make so many things in it, it really does so much.

However, there are a ton of cooking appliances that are great for cooks:

Another insulating gift.. but this time for beer! 

I don't know anyone who actually enjoys sipping on a room temperature beer, so this prevents that from happening! This can fit a beer can or bottle and also has a bottle opener.. truly it does it all. 

A bluetooth speaker with Alexa is on everyone's list. I know any man would love this!  

The Echo Dot is also a great option for a dad because it's under $50 which makes it a more affordable gift idea that he'll actually still use.


Having a good quality wallet is something all dads should have! We love this one because it's great quality but also affordable, making it a great gift for dad.

We love these phone cases that hold all your cards. Dads obviously aren't carrying around purses so this makes it super easy to hold everything you need in one place. 

45. Gift Card to Favorite Restaurant 

Experiences are even better gifts than any material item that we've listed. 

Purchase a gift card to your dad's favorite restaurant and allow him to treat himself to a nice meal that he doesn't have to pay for! 

This gift is just too funny.. I don't know if my dad would laugh or just roll his eyes, but if he's not giving you any gift ideas, this is what he's getting hah! 

This post is all about gifts for dad.

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