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Looking for white elephant gifts that literally everyone will be fighting over? Here are a variety of white elephant gift ideas for your exchange this year. 

White elephant is one of the best holiday traditions. Whether you're playing with friends or family, it always ends in a ton of laughs. 

The great thing about white elephant is that there really are no rules when it comes to what kind of gift to bring. It can be funny, useful or as random as you want! That's the fun of the game. 

Here are our favorite white elephant gifts - from funny, to useful to everything Amazon has to offer, there is something for everyone! 

This post is all about white elephant gift ideas.


Best Overall: Yeti Wine Tumbler

"This Yeti wine tumbler is the perfect size. Keeps drinks at the perfect temps. And it’s cute! I’ve gifted this and own one and absolutely love it."

Best Under $25: Freeze Beer Glass

"This freeze beer glass is perfect, keeps beverages ice cold for a long time, freezes fast and is super easy to clean."

Best Funny: Emergency Underpants

"These are hilarious! Funniest gift in my white elephant exchange so definitely great for that."

Most Popular: What Do You Meme?

"I must say it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. It definitely makes for a good laugh. Definitely X-Rated though! "

Best Useful: Vegetable Chopper

"I cannot say enough good things about this. Buy it for your friends. Buy it for your boss. It's the best."

Best Amazon Gift: Electric Wine Opener

"I was amazed when I first used this! In seconds (and with hardly any sound at all), an opened bottle and the whole cork ejected from the opener."


1. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is an extremely fun card game to play with friends. It's similar to Apples to Apples but instead the main card is a picture of a popular meme. 

If you and your friends are fans of memes, this is a game that all your friends will want to get. 

2. Echo Dot

A bluetooth speaker with Alexa is on everyone's list. I know I would fight for this white elephant gift! 

The Echo Dot is also a great option for a white elephant exchange because it's under $50 which is sometimes the spending limit. 

3. Yeti Wine Tumbler 

Every wine lover in the game will be fighting for this gift! 

The Yeti tumblers are amazing. They keep anything cold for hours on end, keeping their white wine chilled and crisp until they finish it. 

4. Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

Who wouldn't want a breakfast sandwich maker?! I can totally see every guy I know fighting over this genius kitchen appliance. 

5. Electric Wine Opener

Trust me, every wine lover will be fighting for this gift. Opening a bottle of wine can sometimes be hard.. this electric wine opener makes cracking open a bottle a seamless experience. 

This one is super affordable too.. under $20! 

6. Wine Glass Bottle

This gift is just funny! A wine glass that basically never ends. It holds an entire bottle of wine! 


7. Have a Great Day Mug 

Everyone has that one friend that is always a little grumpy. They need this Have a Great Day mug! 

This is a really inexpensive and funny white elephant gift idea. 

8. Funny Coasters

Amazon has really great options for funny white elephant gifts. This is another one I thought was hilarious! 

Coasters with sassy sayings on them to warn their friends to not f*ck up the table ?

9. Freeze Beer Glasses

I guarantee every guy will be fighting over these! 

Who wouldn't love a cup that keeps your beer ice cold for hours? This is a genius gift idea that any beer lover would love to get during white elephant.

10. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke is a fan favorite activity... especially once the drinks are flowing 😉 

This bluetooth karaoke microphone allows you to play any song you want through bluetooth and has disco lights! How fun?!

11. Couch Coaster

How genius is this coach coaster? You can sit on the couch and not have to worry about keeping your drink on the table. You can keep it right next to you without worrying that it's going to spill! 

12. Jenga Drinking Game

We love a good drinking game as much as the next person, and this is definitely one we've been eyeing. 

A fun twist on the classic Jenga game, this drinking game would be such a fun white elephant gift to receive! 

13. What the F*ck Should I Make For Dinner? Recipe Book

For those lazy cooks who never know what to make for dinner and end up just making yet another frozen pizza... this is for them. 

This is a delicious cookbook that makes cooking relatable and funny. Who wouldn't want to get this white elephant gift?! 


14. The Hungover Cookbook

We all know that our palettes completely change when we're hungover... I mean, all I crave is a fat burger ?

This is a great white elephant gift that a ton of different people would enjoy, if they're of age of course! We love this gift because it's cheap and from Amazon so it's super easy to get your hands on.

15. Head Massager

Honestly, nothing feels better than one of these head massagers, am I right? I feel like these are something everyone's used when they were kids, so why not bring it back. 

I would love to open this white elephant gift! 

16. Mini Waffle Maker

For the friends that always have a sweet tooth, this is for them! Who wouldn't want to be able to make a perfectly sized waffle every morning?! 

17. Inflatable Tube Guy

This is another funny gift that is perfect for an office white elephant gift exchange. This is so funny and something someone could put on their office desk! Definitely a good conversation starter. 

18. Rapid Egg Cooker 

Making the perfect hard boiled egg is honestly hard (the last two times I've tried to make them, I undercooked them so maybe I need this too!). 

This is a great white elephant gift that would be useful in any household. 

19. Phone Neck Holder 

This is literally the most genius invention. You know when you're being lazy on your couch and just want to watch some YouTube on your phone but your arms get tired or fall asleep from holding your phone up? 

Major first world problems... BUT this phone neck holder is the answer to it. Such a clever white elephant present. 

20. A Pretty Glass Tumbler 

Everyone needs some sort of tumbler or water bottle to bring around and keep them hydrated throughout the day. 

This one is not only cute but also great quality! Love that it comes with a straw too. I definitely would fight for this gift! 

21. Coffee Mug Warmer

Keep your coffee hot in your favorite mug with this coffee mug warmer. This would be perfect for an office white elephant exchange! 

22. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oils are a great way to relax while making your room smell amazing. It's a great way to wind down after a long day. Love this for a white elephant gift because really anyone could get use out of it. 

23. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are the new appetizer. This board is so aesthetically pleasing so I guarantee every girl will want this gift! 

24. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Another funny white elephant gift idea that I honestly think is hilarious. Imagine eating sushi with these lightsaber chopsticks! 


25. Productivity Sticky Notes

Trying to stay productive and remember everything you need to do can be challenging. These sticky notes can help someone remember everything they need to do.. from what to remember, what to buy and what to delegate, this is a great gift for anyone looking to up their productivity. 

26. Bluetooth Speaker 

I think everyone should own a bluetooth speaker. It makes playing music or podcasts so easy and really is a staple electronic. 

This one is affordable AND high quality, making it a great useful white elephant gift. 

27. Tile Key Finder

When it comes to useful white elephant gifts, The Tile Key Finder is one of the best. 

This attached to your keys and allows you to track them from your phone if you ever misplace them. I guarantee whoever gets this gift will never lose a pair of keys again! 

28. Vegetable Chopper

I have this vegetable chopper and honestly it's one of my best purchases ever. I've gifted it to a few of my friends and they also loved it! 

This makes chopping vegetables 10x quicker and easier. I think anyone that likes to cook will fight for this gift. 

29. Travel Neck Pillow

Have you ever tried to buy a travel pillow in the airport? They seriously go for like $45 it's insane. 

Give a quality travel pillow in your white elephant exchange and every traveler will be fighting for it! 

30. Travel Wallet

Another travel themed white elephant gift but one that is genius. Trying to keep all the important documents for when you're traveling - passport, ID, ticket, debit card, etc. - in one place is difficult and can really be a hassle when it's not.

This travel wallet helps you keep everything important in one place so you aren't digging around your bag when you get to the gate! 

31. Cold Brew Maker

For a coffee addict, a cold brew maker is a great appliance to have. This is a great white elephant gift that anyone would love to get! 

32. Silk Scrunchies

For the beauty lovers, this is the white elephant gift they'll definitely want. 

Silk hair products are the best in the game but are something you normally wouldn't purchase. So give this as a white elephant gift, especially if you're exchange is with your girlfriends! 


33. Restroom Guestbook

Funny white elephant gifts are honestly our favorites... but if you're playing with the right people! 

This restroom guest book is a hilarious gift. Leave it in the bathroom and see who actually fills it out! I bet you'd get some pretty interesting responses...

34. Urinal Shot Glasses

I could not imagine taking a shot out of these.. definitely a good white elephant gift idea that will make everyone laugh. 

35. Smack a Sack Stress Relief Balls 

I honestly laughed out loud when I saw this on Amazon... everyone needs a stress ball, why not make it a funny one too! 

36. Dwight Sequin Pillow

For all The Office fans out there... they'll get a kick out of this Dwight sequin pillow. 

This image is from an iconic episode. This is definitely a funny white elephant gift that will get the crowd going! 

37. Snoop Dog Cookbook

I would've never guessed Snoop Dog would have a best-selling cookbook. But, I love this idea because it's funny but also still useful. Who knows... maybe there are a few yummy recipes! 

38. Emergency Underpants

Think someone in your group may be in need of an emergency set of underwear?

This is the perfect funny white elephant gift that will have everyone on the ground laughing. 

39. Toilet Golf 

Something I have personally purchased for a white elephant gift exchange-- Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game.

We all know someone who sits on the toilet for a long time AND loves golf. It's a win-win white elephant gift. 

40. Pooping Pooches Calendar

A funny twist on a dog calendar... Can you imagine having this hanging on your wall?! Definitely a good conversation starter ? 

41. The Girlfriend Pillow

For all those singles that always complain about not having someone to snuggle with...

This post is all about white elephant gifts.

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