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Christmas is coming up (yay!!) so I'm starting to gather some ideas for my Christmas list. I'm planning to move to my own apartment sometime in 2021 so I am definitely trying to add some more apartment things to the list.

BUT, the fashion and beauty lover in me definitely took over on some of these things... oh well ??‍♀️

I'm really excited for Christmas this year and to spend quality time with my friends and family. With the craziness of 2020, I hope we all can make the best of the end and take the time to appreciate what we do have 🙂


1. Always Pan

I'm planning to move into a new apartment soon and am in need of some good quality pans. I keep getting ads for this Always Pan and think it's genius! 

It's literally every pot and pan you'd ever need, all in one. And look how beautiful it is!

2. Agolde Jeans

I am an Agolde jean stan through and through. They are the only jeans that I truly feel confident in. The fit is perfect and they are sooo so soft. 

The only downside is the price :/ which is why I saved them for my Christmas list hehe. Obsessed with this style and can already picture it with so many outfits! 

3. At-Home Matcha Latte Supplies

I have been trying to drink less coffee since it's been staining my teeth (high maintenance of me I know lol) so I've been really into matcha. The downfall is, it's pricey at the coffee shop. 

My new goal is to perfect the at-home matcha latte but I'll need the supplies to do it! 

4. Leather Blazer

I think leather blazers are so cute and sophisticated, but in an edgy way. I have been eyeing this Zara leather blazer for months now so thought I'd add it to my list 🙂 

5. An Alexa

Having an Alexa in my apartment is definitely something I've been looking forward to! I love this one that has a clock too. 

6. Summer Fridays Lip Balm

Summer Fridays is an influencer favorite that I see everywhere. People live and die for their lip balm. It's always sold out so I haven't gotten the chance to get my hands on it yet but I'm dying to try it!!

7. Luv AJ Hoops

I love Luv AJ and all their jewelry. I had the smaller version of these earrings and was obsessed with them! I ended up losing one at a volleyball game after falling over 🙁

So I'm adding them to my list in the middle size. I love these and think they will be the perfect addition to my ear candy!! 

8. Necessaire Body Lotion

Everyone is raving about this body brand! 

From lotion, to body wash, these products are definitely something that I'm asking for this year.

9. MasterClass

Since I recently graduated college, I've been really missing learning (very much a nerd at heart) and thought that a MasterClass membership would be so fun to have! 

10. Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

I've been trying to get down a ~self-care morning routine~ that really fuels me in the morning. One thing that I really think isn't the best way to wake up is the horrendous iPhone alarm clock that is literally terrible to start my day with lol. 

This alarm clock slowly wakes you up with "sunlight" and simulates a sunrise. Sounds like a much better way to start my day if you ask me.

11. Beis Weekender Bag

If you know me at all, you know how obsessed with Beis I am. The funny thing is is I don't even own anything from them! I just love their branding and how amazing their products look / function.

I've been wanting the Beis Weekender Bag for so long! I go on quite a few weekend trips and know I would get so much use out of this. 

12. Zara Boots

I am dying for these boots!! 

These remind me so much of the chunky Prada boots that everyone has but for a fraction of the price. I can already picture myself strutting through NYC with these bad boys on 😉 

13. Casetify Phone Case

I think this case is so fun!! My case I have on my phone right now is just clear and so blah. Definitely want to ask for a new one that has more ~personality.~

Casetify phone cases are super protective but have some of the trendiest patterns. I love this rock n roll print.. I think it's so fun and different! 

14. Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

I've been using the same foundation for years now and it's probably expired and not even good to put on my face haha. 

I've heard so many good things about this foundation so definitely want to try it out! 

15. Perfume

I have the travel size of this perfume and I'm obsessed with the way it smells! Need an upgrade to the full-size so it can last me 🙂 

16. Books

This is a weird assortment of books haha but I've been wanting to read these for a while! 

For the cookbook, I got an air fryer for Christmas last year and have not been using it to its full potential. The Skinnytaste cookbook specifically for air fryers would definitely help me with that.

Another thing I am obsessed with is the podcast How I Built This with Guy Raz and he just came out with a book!! 

And finally, I listened podcast with a guy that is amazing with brands and he recommended The Tipping Point so obviously had to add it to my list 🙂 

17. Dior Glow Palette

I've also been eyeing this for months now. I don't wear makeup all the time so I haven't convinced myself to pull the trigger on this one but it's just so pretty!! 

18. Apple TV

As I said, I'm hoping to move to my own place soon so I thought Apple TV would be a perfect apartment gift to ask for. A Roku or Fire TV Stick would also do the trick! 

19. Instax Wide 300 Polaroid

My small polaroid camera recently broke so I've been looking to replace it. I saw someone using this one that prints larger film and am obsessed! 

Polaroids always turn out so cool and different than just taking pictures on your phone. I love having the physical photo and hanging it up somewhere in my room. So much more fun! 

20. Aritzia Boyfriend Sweatshirt

I live and die for everything from Aritzia. My friends probably get annoyed of me since I talk about it so much, but their stuff is just so good.

I have this sweatshirt in another color and love it! It's the perfect oversized fit and so so soft. I've been loving this tan/nude color this year so definitely something I want to add to my closet! 

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