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It's Amazon haul day!! Fall is the time when I get the itch to buy the most. I really went all out on Amazon purchases for fall (along with some H&M pieces sprinkled in) and can't wait to show you them!! Some are better than others, so read the text below each image but for how affordable these were, I feel like I did really well. A lot of these I'm trying on for the first time, so if the jewelry tarnishes really fast or the shirt looks bad after washing, I'll update the post :). I read a ton of Amazon reviews before purchasing to make sure that the things were good 

Amazon Earrings:

So, I have had the gold hoops for three months now and they are the BEST. Literally wear them every single day and they are sooo light. Almost every single one of my friends have them too. My hoops are just starting to turn but for only $11 and wearing them every day, I'll take that as a win. 

I knew I had such success with the hoops and also other earrings from this company, so I stalked there Amazon storefront and found these other cute earrings. I love them all. Seriously can't pick which one I like more. I just got them so I'm going to wear them for awhile and then report back here to see how well they've held up.

On my Instagram stories, I also showed these small hoops. Really cute but heavier so if heavy earrings bother you, I would pass. My earring holes are also really long (haha I'm self-conscious) so your holes need to be tight and right to make these look good :). 

Amazon Necklace:

amazon haul

I love when people wear chunky necklaces so I wanted a cheaper one since I know it's probably a shorter trend. This one was under $10 and perfect for what I wanted. Wearing right now as I write this and it isn't too heavy or anything. I'll report back to see if this one turns in a month or two.

My other two diamond necklace is from a jeweler so unfortunately I don't have a link for it! The other necklace I always wear is from Made By Mary. It has Ben and my anniversary on it (haha okay kinda lame but kinda cute) and I loveee it.

Amazon Ring:

amazon haul

So, I originally got this ring to wear it stacked with my other rings, but I think it looks stupid so I'm rearranging on my finger. I ordered the diamond ring in the smaller size for my pinky and then on my left hand I'm moving the diamond ring and stacking it on top of a thick gold band.

Also, my nails look questionable here hahaha #survivingnotthriving.

Amazon Pajamas:

amazon pajamas

I am OBSESSED with these pajamas. They are so comfy and cute. My sister and I agreed that we want these in a green and white or a red and white stripe for Christmas.

I'm short (5'3") and these are one of the first pajamas that aren't insanely long. If you are super tall, these might be too short on you. 

H&M Jeans:

These jeans are from H&M and I've actually been finding a lot of pants from them. I think the blue ones are cute but the black ones aren't the most flattering haha. 

Amazon Long Sleeve Plain Shirts:

I am really a super plain dresser so I wanted simple long sleeve shirts that I can layer but I want ones that don't show my bra. I looked at a ton of reviews on Amazon in search of long sleeve body suits that don't show bras. Honestly, these are all really good. I thought the tan one was going to be more tan -- it's more of a pink nude. 

I've worn and washed the black one multiple times. Highly recommend that one. The white one kind of shows bras but I asked Shelby and she said she couldn't see my bra. 

H&M Leather Pants:

amazon haul

Amazon "Fancier" Shirts + Sweaters:

Black Jean Jacket:

Cropped Black Jean Jacket(H&M sold out so I am linking a super similar one from Nasty Gal)|White Long Sleeve BodysuitGold Hoops | Chunky Necklace | Jeans

Amazon Boots:

Okay, worst picture ever but I forgot to take pic. These are only $35 which is so good. Size up. Also, after 8 hours these start to get a little uncomfy.

Amazon Cardigan:

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  1. The Gold Hoops are TOO CUTE – I got all of this jewelry for Christmas and I loveee it!! Plus the black and white striped sweater is SO SOFT!! Super cute haul 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

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