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gallery wall ideas

We had a pretty special thing happen to us the day after we closed on this home. It will probably never happen again, so I am soaking up every minute of it!

We could tell from being in the house that it was very loved, but we had no idea how loved it was. The day after closing on the home, we were brought a box with hundreds of old documents from the previous owners who had lived in the home for over 50 years. It had everything from hand-drawn renders, block party invitations from 30 years ago, original newspaper articles about the house, the original wallpaper, and more. When I said this will probably never happen to me again, I really mean it. Once in a lifetime opportunity getting all of these!

I knew we had to do something with it and instantly thought of Framebridge. I have stalked Framebridge for awhile now and thought they were a really incredible company (with great branding). Now that I have worked with them, I can confirm that they are the REAL deal. Everything was so easy, branded to perfection (gold paperclips and all), and the frames are PERFECT.

This whole gallery wall is about capturing memories so let's really go down memory lane on how this room first started...

gallery wall ideas

It started like this...

gallery wall ideas

And after a whole lot of construction it turned to this middle phase pictured above.

The whole main floor is renovated to be pretty neutral...white walls and white molding situation. The office is right off the living room, has two windows, and a glass door leading into it. I knew that this was my moment to add some contrast into the space...and I am OBSESSED.

This whole space is an ode' to the original home. The house had thick heavy plaster covering every wall and while we did remove the old plaster from the rest of the house, we left the coved ceiling in here with the original plaster. 

I went back and forth for awhile on where this gallery wall should go but since it has those old special moments I thought it would be fun to add it to the office. Here's what the room looks like now...

gallery wall ideas

I pitched Framebridge HARD to partner with me on these frames. I knew it was right up their alley, custom framing special pieces like this. I was also terrified that these would get ruined in some way so I wanted to make sure that I was going with a reputable company who would take the utmost care of them. I can't really say this about many things in my life but these are truly irreplaceable!

This is a large gallery wall so it required some strategic planning ;). Here's the easiest way I figured out to plan all the frames I would need.

gallery wall ideas

I first took photos of everything I wanted to get framed. I then added it into the Framebridge website (it's super easy) and took a screenshot of the frame I thought it looked best in. 

I then opened a Canva image and added all of the screenshots into the art-board. I played around with the layout I liked best and came up with this. Once I got the frames, I ended moving a few around but this was the easiest way for me to confirm that all the frames/documents worked well together.

I wanted this gallery wall to have a collected look to it so I mixed a few different styles of frames. I love a good uniformed gallery wall look, but for this specific one I wanted it to look like someone had been creating this wall for years. 

gallery wall ideas

We got all the boxes in and ooo-ed and ahh-ed over how freakin' good they all looked.

gallery wall ideas

Each frame came with its own individual hardware which made it really easy to get these all hung. 

gallery wall ideas

Aren't you dying?! The previous owner is walking through the home once we completely finish it and I can't wait for him to see this.


Truly one of a kind! If future owners ever take this down they are ☠️. hah! kidding...but not kidding ;). Thanks so much Framebridge for creating this one of a kind piece with me!

Really though, if you have photographs you need framed, random documents like the ones we have, certificates, etc, we had the best experience with them and I would whole heartedly give you my recommendation!

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