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This post is all about the best bar cart ideas.

bar cart ideas

The saying goes, “what’s a home without a bar cart?”... okay, maybe that’s not a saying but what is a home without a bar cart? Whether you drink or not, having a space dedicated to celebrations and gatherings sounds like a great idea to me. Especially in an apartment, I feel like the bar carts just complete the space. I came to this realization when I was looking at my kitchen and could feel something was missing.

Honestly, I have had too much fun decorating this bar cart and I am so ready for all the special gatherings I’m going to have where I can put it to use! Again, you don’t have to drink to have a bar cart. Yes, they are originally meant for alcoholic beverages, but I say make your space whatever you want it to be! 

I am so excited for you to design your bar cart with me. So, without further ado let’s get into all my favorite bar cart ideas.

This post is all about bar cart ideas.


First things first, let’s start with the essentials. With these basic items, you will have a fully functional bar ready for all of your celebrations. If you know exactly what essentials you need, you can skip this section. However, I will say these are the best-looking essentials. We’re here for the aesthetic as well as the functionality!

1. The Bar Cart

bar cart accessories

Bar carts are expensive. Who knew! Thankfully, Target is on our side and this bar cart is amazing and exceptionally priced. I love the wood and black metal detail. These textures will work perfectly against the items we’re going to place in it!

2. Tool Set

Purely for functional reasons, this set is amazing because the tools can hang, and they have much easier access as opposed to a large holder. I love the gold and marble look– it’s not too in your face but still cute!

3. (Other) Essential Tools Holder

bar cart ideas pinterest

You won’t believe me when I tell you this is a toothbrush holder. Little does Target know, this would be an amazing tools holder for a bar cart! There are a few extra tools you should have that don’t fit on the hanging toolset I just showed you, but this holder is perfect for the extras and adds a different, beautiful texture to the cart.

4. Stir Spoon

Gold and beautiful. Perfect for the bar cart and stirring an amazing drink of your choice!

5. Cocktail Strainer

bar cart accessories

A cocktail strainer will help remove the ice from the mixed drink as you pour it into your glasses!

6. Muddler

Wood muddlers are beautiful and the perfect tool to use when mashing your fruits, spices, and herbs in your drinks!

7. Small Bowls for Toppings

These bowls are perfect for fruits (oranges, cherries, etc.), herbs, and spices that you want on hand while you make drinks.

8. Cocktail Mixing Glass

I don’t think it matters what you put in this mixing glass; it will look stunning!

9. Rocks Glasses

bar cart essentials

The short tumbler is perfect for any cocktail, whiskey, old-fashioned, etc.! Anything you can think of you can put in these glasses.

10. Martini Glasses

Martini glasses will make your bar cart look extremely high-end and put together. I love the rim of this particular martini glass, but you can choose whichever style your heart desires.

11. Coasters

I have never been so in love with a coaster. I think the green-blue coasters are stylish yet not too girly for the guys in your life.

12. Ice Bucket

bar cart accessories

As soon as I saw this ice bucket, I knew it was the one. You can’t get more gorgeous, yet simplistic than this!

13. Wine Chiller

bar cart ideas diy

I love black marble; I think it’s a classic that works so well with any styled bar cart. 

14. Cocktail Sticks 

Add a few pieces of fruit (the skin of an orange, cherries, etc.) to cocktail sticks, add them to a drink and you have a stunning drink! (couldn’t find metal ones in gold 🙁 If you find any let me know!)

15. Straws

Straws are a must, but I try to avoid plastic at all costs, so I love getting metal straws. And to hold them I found this amazing holder (again, originally for toothbrushes) that would look amazing in contrast to the gold.

16. Decanter

My jaw dropped when I saw this decanter. If I can only get one thing, this is it!


Depending on the size of the bar cart, you’ll have to play around with your decor. But you can take these ideas and really make them your own! If the vase I chose is too big for yours, you can still get a vase just make it taller and skinnier.

17. Verona Vase

I love the unclean look of these vases. I think it is perfect in contrast to the metal and glass going on in the tools, glasses, and decanter!

18. Distressed Gold Slate Decorative Tray

A tray is perfect to place your decanter, bowls, and tools on! A little texture and elevation will make your bar cart seem more put together and visually pleasing.

19. Abstract Linen Framed Artwork

unique bar cart ideas

I think this artwork is amazing and not overpriced (never knew how expensive the artwork could get)! If you have a piece of artwork you prefer, as opposed to this, use it instead! The artwork is supposed to bring your cart together and will have a significant effect on the overall look. So, make sure you really love it.

20. Decorative Bowl

bar cart accessories

This decorative bowl is perfect for lemons and other fruits you have!

21. Candle

A candle is perfect as a decorative piece but also to light when you have guests over (or are just making a drink #treatyourself).

22. Mixology Recipe Books

I think a few mixology books would be an extremely practical decor piece to have for your cart! Below I’ve added a marble box that I think would look great on top of the stacked books.

23. Marble Box

I am in love with this marble box. I own two already! I think it will look amazing on top of the mixology books and really bring the whole arrangement together.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my bar cart ideas! I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the bar carts that inspired me while styling my own.

24. Incorporate Spirits

The drink bottles you have are going to make a big difference in the overall look of your bar cart. Luckily, there are so many beautifully designed spirit bottles you can easily find at any of your liquor stores. I love the way this bar cart incorporates the bottles.

25. Feature a Piece of Artwork

Recreate this bar cart ideas look:

I am obsessed with this artwork. I think it really brings together the entire look. As I said before, the artwork you choose will really have an effect on your bar cart’s aesthetic! Make sure you choose a piece you really love.

26. Keep Your Bottom Shelves Simple and Organized

Although decorating a bar cart is really fun, you want to make sure that it’s not too crowded and overwhelming. I like to focus my decor on the top shelf and use the bottom shelf for more functional purposes!

27. Switch Things Up for Celebrations and Holidays

As the seasons change there are so many holidays and occasions to celebrate! I love switching out a few of my decorations depending on what we’re celebrating at the moment. This is something super easy you can do to keep your bar cart entertaining.

This post is all about bar cart ideas.

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