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From laundry products to laundry hacks, tackling the weekly load of laundry can be hard. Here are the best tips, tricks, products & hacks to make not only your clothes smell amazing, but laundry more approachable and easy!

laundry products

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One of my (non-important) life goals is to be the person that is known for smelling good. Obviously, there's perfume which is the first thing everyone thinks about; however, I genuinely believe that I've cracked the code and have a secret weapon that almost guarantees I smell good throughout the day.

This post is all about laundry products.

Best Laundry Products

I don't think many people realize the power laundry products have in affecting the way you smell, but I have no fear because I think I've figured out the laundry product concoction that will make your clothes smell SO good. 

When I use these products (they're all from Target too, so it should be easy for you to get and they're not complicated products), my apartment smells good, my closet smells good, people constantly ask me what perfume I'm wearing, I cannot rave about it more.

1. Oxiclean detergent Love this detergent. You can find it almost anywhere which is also perferct!

2. Fabric Softener My favorite fabric softener smells amazing!

3. Downy Calm Here is where the magic happens; this is the best smelling stuff on the planet, and the lavender & vanilla one is my favorite scent. Now I use a healthy amount, so don't be afraid to use as much as you please.

4. Oxiclean Stain remover Apparently, putting a SMALL amount of Dawn Dish soap into your washer (with your clothing, obviously) helps remove any stains. I learned about this on TikTok, so take it or leave it!

5. Shout Color Catcher These aren't actually related to smell, but I'm just showing you the whole washing routine! I put these in every single load, and they keep your clothes so much brighter. After the wash is done, the color catcher is essentially black... so I think it's saved my clothing more than a few times!

6. A drop of Dawn dish soap Apparently, putting a SMALL amount of Dawn Dish soap into your washer (with your clothing, obviously) helps remove any stains. I learned about this on TikTok, so take it or leave it!


These cleaning and laundry hacks have been game-changers for me. Some of them I learned through trial and error, others through friends, and a few from TikTok!

1. Throw the detergent cap in the washer. This is something that I just learned, and my mind has genuinely blown it ever since. When you are doing laundry, many times, the cap, used to measure the detergent, gets all gross from constantly being used as a measuring cup. Well, I recently learned that you could throw the whole cap in the washing machine with your clothes, and it won't damage the clothing or the cap!

2. Wash your socks in a mesh bag to avoid losing them. I wish I would've known about this sooner. I swear I lose so many socks in the washer and dryer; it's almost as if they walk away! Keeping them in a mesh caddy will allow them to stay in place and still get washed!

3. Use dish soap in the washer. I've said this before, but a tiny drop of dish soap will really help get out all of those stains stuck in clothing! It's seriously a game-changer.

4. Add a dry towel with your damp clothes in the dryer to speed up drying time. The dry towel will help to more rapidly dry the damp clothing and is a fantastic laundry hacks idea to know.

5. Have a separate container for dirty towels. I use microfiber towels on the daily; for dusting, cleaning the counters, you name it. I've found that it's so annoying to have to dig through my laundry and find them (also, I don't not like mixing my dirty clothes with towels that have a bunch of crumbs on them). So keeping a separate container solely for dirty towels is amazing!


laundry products

There is nothing better than clean clothes and sheets and to do that, you need to know how to do laundry.

My mom taught me how to do laundry when I was in middle school, but I know a lot of my friends who have never had to do their own laundry (uhm also my boyfriend). Not judging at all, just plain jealous that your mom was willing to still do it for you ;).

I am showing you exactly how I do my laundry and the products I use to make my clothes smell good. There are some tips and tricks that will guarantee you to get compliments with how good you smell!

It's honestly really easy, especially when you know the exact steps you need to do.


laundry products

My apartment laundry room is something that has been on my to-do list to decorate for FOREVER. It was by far the ugliest room in my apartment and since it is directly next to the kitchen and the door is open 99% of the time, it needed some major loving. 

This apartment laundry room organization is extremely renter-friendly which makes it even easier to copy! I'm seriously obsessed with how my laundry room makeover looks and am not embarrassed anymore when the door is open 😉 

This post was all about the laundry products.

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