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Organizing your Spice Rack? Here's how I created the most organized spice rack on a budget. 

spice rack

Did anyone else get that quarantine itch to organize every last inch of space in their house? I'm Hannah, a BSL content creator, and I am going to share how I created this super organized spice rack. I know, it seems a little intense, but everyone loves it. A little unnecessary? Maybe. But it sure does make me happy every time I open my pantry. 

It was a pretty easy process, and I tried to keep it as inexpensive as possible. I am going to go in detail and share every last detail about how I created this.

This post is all about creating a super organized spice rack.


1. Buy or DIY your Spice Rack

spice rack wall

Here are some spice rack options that are perfect for your house or apartment! 

Lucky for me, my dad is super handy and was willing to build me a custom spice rack that would hang on the inside of my pantry door. It is pretty simple, you just have to use Hobby Board and some white paint, and cut it to whatever size you need. Here are some free building plans for a very similar spice rack if you need more direction. 

2. Buy Your Supplies

spice rack ideas

Okay, for the supplies you have a ton of options. These are the exact bottles and jars that I ordered, but it is up to you to decide the quantity and size that you need! Since I have a larger spice rack, I got the 48 pack of jars, but if you only have a couple of spices, you may only need a 12 pack. 

The Avery Labels are crucial if you want to make your own labels!! Most spice jar sets come with labels, but I (being extra) wanted to make my own. 

3. Make (or buy) Your Labels

spice rack with spices
spice labels

Here's where the budget part plays in. There are these beautiful labels on Etsy that I loveddd, but the standard set would not accommodate all of the spices I had. Instead of ordering them custom, I decided to customize my own! 

Using the Avery Labels website, I recreated this exact layout and was able to print them out on my home printer. I trimmed the edges of the labels to get the square edge I wanted, and stuck them on the labels! That's all there is to it! 

spice rack

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