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by sophia lee guest room

Let me start by saying, this room is NOWHERE near being finished! I have big plans for the rest of the room but for now here's what it looks like.

My sister currently is living in here while she does online college but most of the time this bedroom doubles as a guest bedroom for when guests come in and an office.

You can see a step-by-step guide to how I decorated the nightstands in this blog post.

All links to products in this room are at the end of the blog post!

by sophia lee guest room
by sophia lee guest room
by sophia lee guest room
by sophia lee guest room
Where I got everything in my guest room from...

Bed Details:

1. Headboard

So, I actually got the bed above from Walmart on a crazy deal but this bed from Overstock is also a great deal and looks really similar. Basically any bed that you can find both the headboard and the base for under $400 is an insanely good deal.

2. Mattress

This mattress is under $250 and is the BEST. Seriously, it's sooo comfy I am obsessed.

3. Sheet Set

Another favorite sheet set of mine. I've used these sheets in my dorm room, my college apartment, my bed at home, and now on both beds in my apartment. Moral of that all, they're GOOD and you can't beat them since they're under $30. 

3. Sleeping Pillows + Satin Pillow Covers

LOVE these because they zipper on the back! 

A note about my sleeping pillows - to get a more fancy + hotel bed look I use king sleeping pillows on my queen size bed. I got my actual king pillows from Costco.

5. Comforter Insert

To get my beds looking extra fluffy, I use TWO of these duvet inserts on my beds. So basically, I sandwich them together and then put the duvet cover over it.

6. Duvet Cover

7. Blanket at End of Bed

8. Decorative Pillows

Nightstand Details:

1. Nightstand

2. Lamp

3. Frames: The two frames above the nightstand are these square 18x18 inch frames from Michaels. If you want to fill them with the same print, you can download the print for free from here.

4. White + Black Books:  This is a Goodwill hack! Basically I wanted white and black books and after searching them online I quickly realized they are suppperrr expensive. After going to Goodwill, I realized that you could just flip the paper over and it's white!

5. Basket: This was a TJ Maxx find.

My Desk:

1. White-washed + Gold Desk: This isn't pictured above but I also have this desk in here. I loveee it but it looks like it's sold out! World Market has so many other cute + similar desks that I love as well.

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