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One of my ~not so cool~ favorite hobbies is trying out cleaning products. I knowwww, how old can I sound 😂? For some reason I could walk the cleaning aisles at Target for hours. hah!

With all my testing, I have really secured the cleaning products I go back to buying over and over again and the cleaning products that are just "eh". These are all my holy grail, favorite kitchen cleaning products. They are so good and might just help you enjoy cleaning a little more ;).

kitchen cleaning products

My Favorite Kitchen Cleaning Products:

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Spray: I religiously use this stuff. I use it more like an all-purpose cleaner than for dishes. I have actually never used it for dishes haha. I use this to clean my counters, my stove, any marks on the wall...really anything. Pro-tip: Costco has a large set of these for cheap! 

LemiShine Disposal Cleaner: My kitchen smelled so bad last year and I pinpointed it to my garbage disposal. I randomly picked these up at Target, and now I am hooked. They come up like a science experiment and make your whole kitchen smell good. Here's a video of me using these.

Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes: If you have stainless steel appliances, this is the best of the best. My mom grew up using these and after trying a few different stainless steel cleaners, I can agree that these do the best job making your appliances shine. 

Finish Rinse Aid Jet Dry: If you have water dots on your dishes after putting them through the dishwasher, you need rinse aid. This was one of those products I didn't even know existed until I ran into the water dot issue. Apparently, this is something you're absolutely suppose to use!

LemiShine Dish Detegent Booster: This one is an absolute need that makes my dishes even cleaner. If you're ever looking to try out a cleaning brand, give Lemishine a try. I have yet to try a product from them that I don't like!! 

Bar Keepers Friends (liquid verson): THE BEST. The absolute BEST. I have no freaking idea what is in this cleaner, but it is literal magic. Watch this video. This can clean anything! Try this on your oven glass. It will get so clean!! I like the liquid version more than the powder version.

These Sponges: I stock up on these. They work so much better than any other sponge I've tried. You can see a little hack I like to do on my sponges here.

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