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Wanting to stand out from the crowd this Halloween? These insanely cute Halloween costumes 2022 are sure to capture your attention.

halloween costumes 2022

Halloween season is in full swing which means you are probably prepping for an insanely good costume this year. Spooky season is the one time of the year you can become whoever you want and go full out with hair, makeup, and a ? outfit so you definitely want to have amazing inspiration and a plan in place for your Halloween costumes 2022.

If you are looking for super cute and trendy Halloween costumes this year you have come to the right place. From the trendiest Halloween costumes 2022 has to offer to sexy college costumes these 33 costume ideas will have you more excited than ever to dress up for Halloween.

This post is all about halloween costumes 2022.


1. Glamorous Angels

halloween costumes 2021 for best friends

credit: @andilawley

Recreate this halloween costume:

While an angel costume has been done for years, you can spice up your angel costume this year by becoming “glamorous” angels. This includes rhinestone fishnets and trendy two-piece skirts and tops. You can either use black or white two-pieces you have already or order from Amazon or another clothing website. Add a pair of angel wings and a halo and you’re done!

This is a fun twist to your traditional angel costume that is perfect for besties looking for an iconic duo costume in 2022.

2. Mermaids

DIY halloween costumes 2021

credit: @madschwing

Recreate this halloween costume:

In need of a cute and trendy Halloween costume that you can DIY? These mermaid costumes are right up your alley! Head to your local craft store and pick up a fabric that resembles mermaid scales. Stretch, cut, and wrap until you have a cute DIY mermaid dress! To finish off the look, order starfish hair clips and clip in blue hair extensions. 

This costume was actually made by my friend last year and she said she was able to buy the fabric for the dress for under $15! So if you are on a budget this super unique mermaid costume is one you definitely want to consider!

3. Easy Bunny Costume And Cher From Clueless

Recreate this halloween costume:

Having a boring Halloween costume in 2022? Ugh! As if...

Dress up as Cher from the movie Clueless! You can recreate this iconic costume with just a yellow plaid skirt and a white tank or blouse.

This bunny costume is also an amazing Halloween costume that can easily be put together from accessories from Amazon!

4. Alice In Wonderland

halloween costumes 2021 for best friends

credit: @andilawley

Recreate this halloween costume:

Who else is obsessing over this trendy twist on your usual Alice in Wonderland costume?! 

This is the perfect inspiration for someone wanting a more mature and stylish alternative to Alice’s and the Queen of Heart’s standard costume. Put together the majority of your costume by picking out a blue dress (for Alice) or a red dress (if you are the Queen of Hearts). Then order the rest of your accessories off Amazon! This is an amazing Halloween costume that everyone is sure to be obsessing over at the party.

5. Race Car Drivers

Recreate this halloween costume:

You can’t go wrong with this sexy Halloween costume this year! Racecar driver costumes are cute and don’t require any extra accessories or hair and makeup. 

This exact costume can be ordered on Amazon with Prime shipping so it will come just in time for your Halloween celebration.

6. Vampire

Recreate this halloween costume:

Looking for a trendy vampire costume this year? This Halloween costume inspiration is the perfect example of how to be a vampire for Halloween in 2022. All you need are vampire fangs, fake blood, and a black outfit. This girl wore a stylish zip-up bodysuit which pretty much any girl already has! 

7. Call Her Daddy Costume

Recreate this halloween costume:

If you haven’t heard of the Call Her Daddy podcast by now you have to be living under a rock ?. The podcast has taken teens to adult women by storm the past few years so you can guarantee every girl at the party will be complimenting your CHD Halloween costume. 

You can either buy a body con dress and iron on the words to show support for the show or dress up as the host, Alex Cooper herself. All you need is CHD merch and blonde hair or a wig! Everyone will know exactly who you are.

8. DIY Mummy Costume

Recreate this halloween costume:

There is no need to go out and buy a mummy costume from the store. You can create your own at home with just one thing from Amazon!

Buy a few rolls of gauze on Amazon and tightly wrap it around your chest and legs. You can have fun coming up with different variations of your dress and then dirty up the gauze with bronzer or eyeshadow. Also, bring a couple of rolls of gauze with you when you head out for the night in case it rips or gets wet!

9. Harley Quinn

harley quinn halloween costumes 2021

credit: @hellishquinn

Recreate this halloween costume:

Who doesn’t love a good Harley Quinn costume for Halloween? Piece together her iconic costume by purchasing the t-shirt, shorts, jacket, and accessories from Amazon. To really pull your costume together, copy her hair and makeup by using red and blue eyeshadow and colored hair spray. 

This one was SO popular that I created an entire post on everything you need to create the hottest Harley Quinn costumes this year.

10. Groovy 60's Girls

Recreate this halloween costume:

Here is a modern twist on the standard Hippie costume! I spent hours looking for this girl’s insanely cute dress but had no luck… But, really any 60’s theme dress will work when paired with cute sunglasses and Go-go boots!

11. Pirate

college halloween costumes 2021

credit: @hannadiele

Recreate this halloween costume:

This pirate costume is the perfect example of how to put together a trendy college pirate costume. You can probably create the majority of your costume with clothing you already have in your closet such as a leather skirt, white blouse, bandana, and gold belt! But, if you are missing a clothing item or accessory to create this costume, you can easily find what you need on Amazon or other popular clothing websites.

12. Cheerleader

Recreate this halloween costume:

If you were a cheerleader in high school, this is a costume you probably already have laying around! Why not relive your high school days by wearing your old cheer costume!? 

Even if you didn’t live under the Friday night lights in high school, Cheerleader costumes never fail when it comes to Halloween costumes 2022. The exact cheerleader costume in the photo is from Dolls Kill and it is no longer sold on their website. But, Amazon and other Halloween costume stores still sell all kinds of similar cheerleader costumes that are just as cute!

13. Sexy Buzz Lightyear

sexy halloween costumes 2021

credit: @alyscruggs

Recreate this halloween costume:

This Buzz Lightyear costume is perfect for all the girls that aren’t afraid to show a little skin this year. You are guaranteed to feel super sexy and feel like a total bada$$ in this costume. I mean, how insanely good does she look in this?! You 100% need to consider this sexy twist on the standard Buzz costume.

14. Space Cowgirls

Recreate this halloween costume:

Now for one of the most popular Halloween costumes 2022 has to offer! Space cowgirls are a go-to costume idea that legitimately every single girl is guaranteed to look amazing in. Have fun with this costume idea and go crazy with fun sparkly hats, fringe belts, and body glitter.

There are so many different fun and colorful ways to go with this costume so feel free to explore your clothing and accessory options!

15. Military Costumes

Recreate this halloween costume:

Turning to one-piece sets is always a full-proof plan when looking for easy but sexy Halloween costumes 2022. Military, camouflage, and other official uniforms are popular costume ideas that every girl is sure to look amazing in. You can find all of these costumes on Amazon or your local costume store during the fall!

16. Playboy Bunny

Recreate this halloween costume:

Who wouldn’t want to become a sexy Playboy bunny for Halloween? This is a costume idea that can be put together with only three items: a black bodysuit, bunny costume accessories, and fishnets. You are guaranteed to feel super confident in this costume and turn heads at every party you walk into.

If you like the idea of being a playboy bunny but want to keep it a little more conservative, you can always pair the bodysuit with black shorts or throw on an oversized Playboy t-shirt!

17. Modern Princess

halloween costumes for adults 2021

credit: @andilawley

Recreate this halloween costume:

Instead of recreating the traditional Disney princess costumes, create your own princess costume for Halloween! This can easily be done with a pair of white gloves, a princess crown, and a stylish sparkly dress!

18. Two Piece Race Car Driver Costume

Recreate this halloween costume:

Here is another popular race car driver costume for Halloween in 2022! Yandy has a ton of trendy costumes that are perfect for Halloween this year including this stylish two-piece race car driver set. The red costume shown in the picture is no longer sold but this black one is super similar and looks just as cute!

19. Dark Angel Costume

halloween costumes ideas

credit: @tori_genesis

Recreate this halloween costume:

Turn to the dark side with your angel costume this year. Create this dark angel costume by pairing a black body con dress with a pair of angel wings and a halo. You most likely already have a black cocktail dress so you can create this look on a budget by only buying the two other accessories!

20. DIY Couples Costume

couples halloween costume 2021

credit: @alyscruggs

Recreate this halloween costume:

Here is an easy couples costume that you can DIY on even a college student’s budget. Cut up and rip an oversized white t-shirt and splatter fake blood all over. I highly recommend buying fake blood off Amazon instead of using paint (it looks more real and it more gently on your skin and face). Finish off the look with some face paint and you’re done!

21. Unicorn

DIY college halloween costumes 2021

credit: @darbyredding

Recreate this halloween costume:

A unicorn is a super cute and easy costume you can put together with just a couple of accessories and clothing you already have at home! Honestly, any pastel or colorful clothing will work. Then all you need to add is a unicorn headband or hat!

22. Flapper Girls

Recreate this halloween costume:

What could be more perfect to celebrate 2022 than a 20’s themed Halloween costume? How crazy is it that this era was over 100 years ago?! Grab your girl squad and become flapper girls for Halloween this year. All you need are a 20’s themed dress, a feather headband, pearls, and gloves. 

And don’t forget to gather your girl gang for some amazing pictures the day of!



23. Sexy Cruella Deville Costume

Holy sh*t is this not one of the most unique takes on a Cruella Deville costume that you have ever seen?! I mean seriously this is so cute. When I came across this costume on Amazon I knew I had to include it in the list of best Halloween costumes 2022.

If you are looking for a unique costume that will stand out this Halloween season this is the one to buy!

24. Two Piece Cowgirl Costume

This cowgirl costume is also in the running for the top 5 trendiest and cutest Halloween costumes 2022 has to offer. Seriously, so freaking cute that I am on the verge of ordering myself. The entire costume is sold as a set on Amazon so you have everything you need for an insanely good cowgirl costume this year!

25. Firefighter

We have all seen a firefighter costume done before but this set from Amazon is the sexier version. If you really want to turn heads with a good Halloween costume this year this is one to consider! 

26. Tinker Bell

Tinkerbell is an iconic character that we all know and love. So you can guarantee this attention-seeking fairy is on the list of best Halloween costumes 2022! This set from Amazon has everything you need to embody Tink this season.

27. Womens Flintstones Costume

Here is a simple but super cute Halloween costume set that you can purchase for under $20. Pair this leopard print dress with a bone hair clip to perfectly create a Flintstone-inspired costume this year.

28. Boxer

A boxer costume is a safe bet if you are looking for a sexy but comfortable costume in 2022. All you need is a silk robe, boxer gloves, and a tank and shorts!

29. Sleeping Beauty

Grew up loving all the Disney princesses? You are going to love this modern-day Sleeping Beauty Halloween costume. Yandy has a ton of cute and modern princess costumes that are perfect to buy for Halloween.

30. Little Red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood is a classic Halloween costume that you are guaranteed to love.

This costume set from Amazon includes a sexy version of her dress as well as her cape so all you will need to buy separately are a pair of black shoes (or you can wear a pair of black heels or booties that you already have at home).

31. Butterfly

How fun is this butterfly costume from Amazon? Talk about comfortable Halloween costumes 2022... 

This is not only a set you don’t even need accessories to create, but is also one that is lowkey until you hold up your arms! You could definitely take some super fun photos in this costume for Halloween!

32. Ninja

Looking for a 10/10 ninja costume for this year? This is the set for you! 

The set comes with the romper, sash, face mask, and leg wraps to complete an insanely cute ninja costume for this year!

33. One Piece Pop Star Costume

Become your favorite pop star this year with this stylish one-piece costume. It is totally giving Hannah Montana vibes and I am here for it. But, you can pretty much be any female pop star with this costume depending on accessories and hair color!

This post was all about Halloween costumes 2022.

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