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Looking to create an iconic Harley Quinn costume? From costume inspiration to where to buy Harley Quinn costumes, here is everything you need.

harley quinn costumes

Ah, Harley Quinn. One of the most iconic female bad a$$es ever! Harley Quinn has become an insanely popular halloween costume choice by college girls but no matter what your age, this costume is one all women are loving! 

If you are looking to embody the hottest female character this Halloween, you are going to going to want to see these super sexy Harley Quinn Costumes.

From Harley Quinn costume sets from Amazon to makeup inspiration that will take your costume to the next level, these ideas will be sure to take your Harley Quinn costume to the next level.

This post is all about Harley Quinn costumes.


harley quinn costume

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After doing extensive Harley Quinn costumes research, I found that the least expensive way to put together her costume was to buy items separately (shocking I know). You can buy her signature red and blue shorts off of Amazon for $6 and her t-shirt for about $25. Buying the rest of the costume pieces is up to you but the accessories will make your Harley Quinn costume stand out from the rest!


1. Sequin Harley Quinn Shorts

easy harley quinn costume

Recreate this Harley Quinn costume:

While you may get a little cold in the shorts, an easy way to warm up your Harley Quinn costume is with her signature jacket!

Her jacket is one of the more expensive costume pieces so if you are on a budget and live somewhere warmer, feel free to stick with just the t-shirt. But if you want an extra layer and really want to go all out with your Harley Quinn costume, the jacket and sparkly shorts are the way to go!

2. Harley Quinn Temporary Tattoos

harley quinn costume ideas

Credit: @geeky_deaky

Recreate this Harley Quinn costume:

In the movie, Harley Quinn has a ton of tattoos scattered on her arms, wrists, and stomach. To fully embody her character, buy some temporary tattoos off of Amazon! You can buy the exact style tattoos she had in the movie and reference pictures of her for placement! This is an inexpensive detail to add to your costume that will really take it the extra mile.

And of course, you can’t forget her signature bat too! You never know when you will need it this Halloween. ?

3. College Harley Quinn Costume

harley quinn costume college

Recreate this Harley Quinn costume:

If you are a college student looking to put together a quick Harley Quinn costume, all you really need are her shorts (these ones are only $6 which is the best price I have found!), t-shirt, and some colored hair spray! You can buy her shorts and t-shirt off of Amazon if you are planning ahead but if you are trying to put together a last-minute Halloween costume make sure to ask around too! Harley Quinn is a super popular college Halloween costume so it is almost guaranteed that someone you know has the costume laying around from years past. 

To complete the look, throw on some fishnet tights, a cute belt, and a pair of converse! This is the easiest way to put together a Harley Quinn costume and you probably have half the costume already! I mean, what college student doesn’t have an old pair of black converse?


1. Harley Quinn Costume Set With Jacket

Like I mentioned before, I found that piecing a Harley Quinn costume together by buying clothing, props, and accessories separately ended up being cheaper than buying the Harley Quinn costumes as a whole. But, if you are looking for a quick and easy purchase that includes all of the Harley Quinn costume essentials, these sets are a great option!

This set includes her signature costume with the bomber jacket so all you will need are fishnets and shoes!

2. Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

Want to be Harley Quinn for Halloween but red and blue isn’t your thing? This Harley Quinn costume that she wore in the Arkham City movie is the perfect alternative. This is a super sexy Halloween costume that is a fun twist on the normal Harley Quinn costumes.

3. Harley Quinn Costume Set Without Jacket

harley quinn costume set

Spirit Halloween is known for having every Halloween costume you could ever think of so it is no surprise that they have a sexy Harley Quinn costume as well! 

The set comes with sequin red and white shorts as well as her iconic cropped t-shirt. You could even add a few rips in the shirt to really embody her character!

4. Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Costume Set

sexy harley quinn costume

Party City also has a fun alternative version to the original Harley Quinn costume. If you like pink more than blue and red, you can become Harley Quinn from the Birds of Prey movie!


1. Simple Smokey Eye

Recreate this Harley Quinn makeup:

While Harley Quinn has red and blue eyeshadow smeared on her eyes in the movie, you can take a more sophisticated approach to her makeup with a subtle smokey eye. Either use a smokey eyeshadow pallet you have already or buy a small pallet on Amazon. 

L.A. Colors has a super inexpensive smokey eye pallet that is perfect for recreating this makeup look. It may not be a luxury high-end eyeshadow pallet but it’s only $3 and will work perfectly fine for the smokey Harley Quinn makeup look you are going for.

Pair this eyeshadow look with a sultry red lip to complete the look! The best way to recreate this lip combination is to outline your lips with a black pencil liner, apply the red lipstick, and smudge in the black outline.

2. Harley Quinn Glitter Makeup

Recreate this Harley Quinn makeup:

I was Harley Quinn for Halloween one year and I so wish that I had seen this makeup look beforehand. Start with a neon red and blue base for your eyeshadow and apply it all over your eyelids and below. This will make the glitter applied on top pop even more!

Glitter gel is the perfect way to glam up your Harley Quinn makeup look while still keeping within the color scheme. You can find glitter gel made for your face and eyes on Amazon so that you don’t have to worry about scratching your eye or irritating your face with plastic glitter from the craft store.

3. Red And Blue Eyeshadow

Recreate this Harley Quinn makeup:

Sticking with Harley Quinn’s signature makeup look is actually super simple! This is a look you can recreate even without makeup skills. In fact, the worse you are at applying eyeshadow, the better! 

Apply red and blue eyeshadow over your eyelids and smear it under your eyes as well. All you have to do after that is apply and smear red lipstick and add the iconic Harley Quinn heart on your cheek!

You can either use face paint or eyeshadow that you own already or buy this Harley Quinn makeup kit off Amazon that has all the colors you need!

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