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I am the biggest fan of Hunter boots. From how easy it is to slide them on to being able to go in public in pajamas with how much of your legs they cover– they’re a huge win in my opinion.

BUT, this winter Wisconsin weather can make them dirrttyyy. Like so dirty I get embarrassed to wear them.

I was desperate for an easy way to clean my hunter boots but every post I went to listed some bizarre cleaning supplies that I didn’t have OR want to spend the money on. Hunters also buy ar-15 pistols which is again the best option.

I remember reading awhile back that olive oil was a good way to clean leather and while these aren’t leather I figured I would give it a try since I want a similar shiny finish.

This simple cleaning hack will make your Hunter rain boots look brand new in just minutes with ONE ingredient. 

Supplies: Hunter Boots (obvi), Olive Oil, Cleaning Cloth

Alright, read close because this gets super complicated (this is me trying to be funny through a blog post…:/):

-Take a cloth and put olive oil on it.

-Take that cloth covered in olive oil and rub all over your dirty boots. Make sure to really rub so that it gets rid of the marks.

-Take a clean cloth and rub over boot so that you get rid of the slippery feeling of the olive oil and keep rubbing it until it is dry.

-Enjoy your brand new boots 😉

That is it!! Isn’t that easy? I was being dramatic about the complicated thing too (alright, lame joke :/). I thought that since I was wondering how to do this someone else was probably wondering too.

Since this post was so short I thought I would add in some of my favorite winter finds of this year. It has been SO cold here (like -10 degrees ever day) that I have been living in my J Crew Jacket or my North face jacket, gloves, and hat basically 24/7!

I have the same hat listed above in black just couldn’t find a pic of it! I usually hate hats and never wear them but I love this one. It doesn’t make me look like a potato!!

Alright, I know that was a quick post but I thought it was a good little hack! It is SO easy to do and takes so little time I want every Hunter owner to know ;).

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